Lost Ark Vykas Requirements For Normal/Hard Mode - How To Prepare For Vykas In lost Ark

6/15/2022 2:36:37 PM

Vykas is the new legion raid in Lost Ark. Vykas Legion Raid will be released any time soon in June. Are you prepared for the upcoming Vykas? We will be talking about Lost Ark Vykas normal and hard mode requirements and how you can prepare for Vykas to get 4 3 engravings.

Lost Ark Vykas Requirements For Normal/Hard Mode - How To Prepare For Vykas In lost Ark

In order to play Lost Ark Vykas in normal and hard mode, you need to have a certain item level. The reason why you will want to get the build even though it's temporary. Because eventually, you want to swap to 5 3. You want to get this build, because it lasts you from 1415 which is Valtan normal all the way through 1460 which is Vykas hard. 4 3 will be sufficient for all the content. You only need a 6 6 stone which is really easy to cut right now and is a relic stone. You only need 2 plus 9 books. You don't need legendary ones. 

Lost Ark Vykas Requirements

In order to access the Vykas legion raid, you will have to be item level 1430 for normal mode, and item level 1460 for hard mode.

Required Gear Score (Normal mode): 1430

Required Gear Score (Hard mode): 1460


How To Prepare For Lost Ark Vykas Update

4 3 Engravings Tutorial

For example, if you want to go first in tension, you can't have a class engraving ability stone. so if you have a 6 6, it'll most likely be on like grudge or adrenaline. You can just change it to your class. Something to keep in mind is that relic accessories that have class engravings right now are really expensive. Even when the only except the only engraving it has is class. It can have class accessory 5 and then broken bone or something else still be like 20000 Lost Ark gold. It's really important that you put one of the books on class engraving. In the second book, you can probably put on a grudge. Because this is the most expensive common engraving and this is a good idea. Because then you don't have to buy any accessories that have a grudge on them. After you have your first intention like that, class engraving. Because relics are so expensive we recommend you buy two legendary rings that have class accessories, and class engravings on them. Because the grudge is already filled out, you want to use the rest of the two nodes on the ring on adrenaline and raid captain. So now you have three accessories to fill out the rest of these notes.



This is a high-quality one. with 4 3 earrings which are actually fairly cheap. Because it's actually the same as a 3 3 kind of. If you buy 3 5 ring, it will be significantly more expensive. So going like this setup. It'll cost you a lot cheaper. You can do is something like all 3 3, you just have to buy relic ones for the necklace, earring, and the secondary earring. This will also be very cheap. Something to keep in mind again is that you will want to have high qualities on the two legendary rings. because they're cheap to get and you try to get a high-quality necklace because it has the most stats and it's the most effective. The quality of it will be the most impactful. If you're buying a 5 plus 5 ring plus 5 necklaces, it's very easy to find something that's really high quality. Because you only want one used engraving, the other one can be something like broken bones 3 and they'll cost like what maximum 500 gold for something that's really good.


5 3 Engravings Tutorials

If you want to get 5 3, you need a legendary book, you need a plus 12 book. A good time to buy legendary books is when the Thornspire is out. It'll give you two tradable common engravings and you can choose. Most people will choose something like grudge and sell it on the market. It's worth it to sell if you can get it early. Because the price will drop as people get more tradable grudge books and flood the market. That's a good time to buy the legendary book. So class engraving price won't change, it might even go up but the common engraving for sure drop when Thornspire is out. And that's when you can invest your money into a legendary book. If you're playing all DPS characters, our recommendation is to try to save up and buy a grudge. It's expensive but it'll last you forever. If you have spare money, you can try to buy the second most expensive engraving book after grudge that is shared by as many characters that you have on your roster as possible. Something like a keen blunt or crystal.



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