Lost Ark Relic Gear & Legendary Gear Guide - Best Valtan Relic Gear Sets For All Classes

6/17/2022 2:12:17 PM

With Valtan and Vykas coming to Lost Ark, it's time to make this guide for Valtan relic sets, and to find out what sets to use in which class. In this Lost Ark relic gear guide, we share recommendations for the Lost Ark best relic gear sets for each class.

Lost Ark Relic Gear & Legendary Gear Guide - Best Relic Gear Sets For All Classes In Lost Ark 

Relic gear is basically like the Argos gear but higher grade which you can start farming for starting from Valtan normal Vykas normal legion raids. At 2 sets when you land an attack on an enemy, it gives you a 15% boost to gaining your identity gauge. At 4 sets, it provides an 8% movement and attack speed buff to you and your allies for 16 seconds. At 6 sets, it gives an 8% damage buff to you and your allies for 16 seconds. Next, we check Lost Ark Best Valtan gear set for all classes.

Where To Craft Relic Gear & Legendary Gear In Lost Ark

Gearing after Valtan, find the legion commander gearcrafter. He will appear after the last update and he's interesting after you cleared Valtan. There are two sets here, the demon b strength and the whisper set. Don't worry about the whisper set, it's complete garbage, you have the demon beast set which basically gives you 10% more damage for over 12 seconds. It stacks up and then you have 10% more damage. If you don't get hit, you get it, you lose the stack, but you can regain the stacks. At 4 pieces. it's actually already 20% which means 20% more damage is equal now.


The ultimate goal for every class is basically to have a 6 piece set of one of the relics. The best thing you can do is to first run two times Valtan, in normal mode to get the two-piece set here, to get this 10% more damage. Because it's way better than the Argos set. You can get this at the uptime from this set can be one other percent. The Argos set can't be 100% uptime. Let's take the nightmare flower gear set as an example. There are demonic beast bones and stun of chaos the demonic beast bone, you get from Valtan and the stone of chaos you get from Valtan. But the pants, the gloves, and the shoulder pieces need wings. Wings you only get them from Vykas, but Vykas is not yet in Lost Ark. What you want to do is you want to get these pieces until Vykas releases and then with the release of Vykas, you want to get the other pieces. In the end, you have a 6 piece set from a nightmare or whatever your class needs. And what are the best Lost Ark relic gear sets for your class is something we are going to cover right now.

Lost Ark Best Relic Gear Sets For All Classes

Thanks to TheSandov's, we have detailed information about the Lost Ark relic set for all classes.

1.  Berserker - Madness


2. Berserker - Berserkers Technique (Awakening)


3. Gunlancer - Blue


4. Gunlancer - Red


5. Destroyer - Both Engravings


6. Sorceress - Both Engravings


7. Scrapper - Both Engravings


8. Striker - Both Engravings


9. Soulfist - Robust Spirit


10. Soulfist -Energy Overflow


11. Wardancer - ESE


12. Wardancer - First Intention


13. Glaivier - Pinnacle


14. Glaivier - Control


15. Artillerist - F. Enhancement


16. Deadeye - Enhanced Weapon


17. Deadeye - Pistoleer


18. Sharpshooter - Death Strike


19. Sharpshooter - L. Companion


20. Shadowhunter - P. Suppression


21. Shadow Hunter - Demonic Imp


22. Deathblade - Both Engravings


23. Bard & Paladin - Support