Diablo Immortal Best XP & Legendary Item Farming Spots Guide - How to farm to the best legendary item and XP

6/22/2022 2:09:22 PM

Click this guide to see the new best XP and legendary D2 item farming spot in Diablo immortal. So as more and more players get to level 60 and start grinding all the best old spots, places like library of zoltun kulle and other spots get crowded and not efficient anymore. So we will show you the best spots and what is the new meta that all of rank 1 players use and much more.


How to farm to the best legendary item and XP?

As you know, everything is random log base, so that's why you want to farm the best spots where you are likely to get more legendaries and more XP than in other places, and the top three best spots we found is first of all the mount zivane, and this is the best route that usually works amazing for most mobs, and the highest loot jobs, then afterward you want to go to the library of zoltun kulle, and this is the best route that usually you should take as the spot is the most popular one, so try to look out for a bunch of players, and we would recommend only being in these spots in the off times, lastly, you want to farm the Bilifen, this is the best and most optimized route that usually works the best the new meta that all top-tier players use is instead of farming one spot they rotate between them, and this way you can still farm wherever you want and you don't have to just be in one place where there are 40 other players rotating between different spots, it usually gives me about 10 to 15 percent more jobs and even more experience than just farming in one single spot.


We go to the library of zoltun kulle in the morning and grind for a few hours till players come online and wake up, then we rotate to the melts the vein, and farm for a few hours more, and then we finish the day with farming dungeons and billethen, and the higher paragon level you are, the higher difficulty you can do, so, for example, we only do farming in hell difficulty 3, the way you optimize your job rate and XP per hour is by doing this in a group, but if you can't, then you can do it solo as well, but it will be a bit slower.


Tips that help us farm is to change our sleeping schedule

Instead of going to sleep at 2 am and waking up at 10, we go to sleep at 10 pm and wake up at 6 00 am, and this way we can still grind when most people are still sleeping, then the second best thing to do is play a not very popular server, and if you have already a main in a popular server, then at least we did it for our two alts, so we created them in a different server, and my alts are having a bit easier time to farm gear, as the server doesn't matter if you are doing only PvE content, so this just works out perfectly, and then to optimize your runs.