Lost Ark Best Engraving For Every Class - 7 Best Legendary Engravings To Invest In Lost Ark

6/24/2022 11:34:39 AM

A lot of things have been going down in price in Lost Ark, including legendary engraving books which means this might be a good time to invest in legendary engravings for your account. Because of this, we want to talk about which legendary engravings you should invest in Lost Ark depending on how your account is looking. Because you need legendary engravings for your account and they are a huge power boost to help you build, your characters for a lot cheaper and make them a lot more powerful, so you want to get the best legendary engravings in Lost Ark.


Lost Ark Best Engraving For Every Class - 7 Best Legendary Engravings To Invest In Lost Ark

Once you are in the Valtan territory for your account, chances are you're going to be starting to think about legendary engravings. Picking up legendary engravings is important because, for your main character, it allows you to hit 5 x 3 engravings a lot easier. It also is going to allow you to juice up your alt to get them into a 4 x 3 engraving setup or a 3 x 3 grading setup for way cheaper and a lot easier. The prices of engraving books going down because the market is deflating means that this might be a good time to invest in these. Getting the right books for the type of roster that you play is super important. Because the more characters can use this engraving, the better it is. So we want to touch on the Lost Ark best meta engravings to aim for depending on how your account is built.


Why Invest Engravings In Lost Ark

The reason why in this Lost Ark legendary engraving guide we want to focus on meta engravings or even popular engravings is that having a powerful or meta engraving on your actual character sheet also gives you the benefit of saving you money on your jewelry. sure you can run something like a legendary spirit absorption or like legendary ether predator or whatever it is and those are still very good engravings. However those are not very expensive engravings and so investing in those books doesn't have the same amount of impact because if you run something like a cursed doll or keen blunt or whatever else, you are not going to be really saving a lot of money on jewelry, because you will still be trying to hunt for those engravings on your jewelry.


The purpose of getting these luxury engraving books especially when the market is going down is that you save money forever. Because these are very powerful engravings these are very meta engravings and so getting a lot of engravings that benefit the most amount of classes on your roster. This means that you will save Lost Ark gold forever on your roster when you build your characters.


Lost Ark Best Legendary Engravings

1. Grudge

Grudge is super powerful, everyone is waiting to buy grudge and there are a lot of people who are saving for the thronespire. It is already deflating and with the thronespire, hopefully, it starts to go down even more. Grudge works on every single DPS class.


2. Cursed Doll

The best option for your entire account that is not crazy expensive would be cursed doll. A lot of people hate cursed dolls because the healing reduction kind of sucks, it's really annoying to play around with. However cursed doll gives a similar power level to the grudge and everyone that plays a DPS class on every class benefits from the cursed doll. The only negative to it is obviously the healing reduction, which is why it's cheaper, and the fact that it increases your attack power means that this can be additive with certain other engravings. When an engraving increases your damage just by a percentage, it will always be multiplicative with everything else. However, when something increases your attack power, it will stack additively with other attack power boosters. It's not the end of the world though, because there aren't a ton of engravings that increase attack power to begin with. The cursed doll is a fantastic engraving to invest in because every single DPS class on your account will benefit from having this engraving.


3. Keen Blunt

Keen blunt is still kind of pricey, but it is going down. A lot of DPS classes benefit from Keen blunt. Any class that isn't able to generate a ton of crit damage from their tripods in their skill tree will probably be running keen blunt at some point because either they are going to be stacking the actual crit stack or they get crit from cards and from their armor and a bunch of other sources. But pretty much every DPS class likes the crit, even if they do not build crit on their sheet that means that they are getting crit from other sources. This means they will eventually want Keen blunt. Not every class can benefit from keen blunt, because obviously something like a sword is going to run keen blunt, but that is because those are classes that benefit from crit damage in their actual skill tree. A lot of classes do like Keen blunt, so this is one of the best Lost Ark engravings to invest in.


4. Adrenaline

This is an engraving that most classes actually benefit from. because it gives you 6% extra attack power and 15% extra current rate at level 3 when you're at full stacks. Most classes that can actually keep these stacks up will benefit from this engraving. Not every class wants to run this at level 3. To be honest, usually, if you're going for your 3 x 3 set up, 4 x 3 setup, or 5 x 3 set up for the first time, this is something that can be very powerful at level 3. This benefits pretty much every class that can actually keep the stacks going.


5. Hit Master

Hit master benefits players who have a roster that has a lot of characters that do not benefit from the front or back attacks. This gives you a massive damage bonus on a lot of your skills, but it requires you to play classes like sorc or gunslinger or even shadowhunter classes that do not have front or back attacks. If you're running like 3 x 4 characters that does benefit from that. Investing in hit master is huge and it's not very expensive and it is continuing to drop in price.


6. Ambush Master

On the other side of the coin, we have ambush master which is for classes that care a lot about back attacking. This benefits almost every single melee class like bard because most melee classes benefit from back attacks. Not every class is like a hyper-focused back attack class like death blade or like controlled glaivier where you're going to be running earth entropy and stuff. But most melee classes still want to always be back attacking. So ambush master is very powerful.


7. Raid Captain

Raid captain engraving obviously helps you get more damage based on your movement speed. If you play a very fast roster, this benefits you a lot.



That's kind of the idea behind this Lost Ark engravings guide, it's analyzing your roster and seeing what is the most crossover in the engravings and buying that engraving. We don't mention everything because there are things like supercharge or spirit absorption, these are much more niche engravings and not everyone is going to benefit from the precise dagger. But a lot of people will benefit from something like a cursed doll or an ambush master or raid captain. 

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