WotLK Healer Tier List (2022): Ranking Best Healers In Wrath of the Lich King

6/24/2022 2:19:00 PM

What are best WotLK healing classes & best healing specs? In this guide, we are going to be going through all 5 healing specs and doing a ranking tier list for the healers in Wrath of the Lich King so you can explore the strengths and weaknesses of each. Our rankings that we will consider the healing per second, shielding healing over time or hots and the utility provided for the raid.

Wrath of the Lich King best healer ranked

Wrath of the Lich King Healer Ranking Tier List (2022) - Best Healer Ranked In WotLK

When it comes to healers, it really is the player that makes the most amount of difference. Obviously, some healers are going to get better logs, better healing numbers, but that isn't really an accurate way to determine a healer's skill, a healer skill is determined by a number of very different things like keeping people alive, being one of them and you can't measure how many times a healer made an absolutely legendary clutch play to prevent the raid from wiping. You could easily clear all of the content in Classic Wrath with 5 of the least powerful healers considered by the community. 

A Tier Healers In Wrath of the Lich King

  • Holy Paladin

This is a kind of unique healer that has the ability to improve the specification and make the ability of better gear as the season goes on. Also if you compare the damage output with other healer you will see a great difference with this healer. And this is a sole healer that has the immunity through Divine Shield. 

All we have to do is spam holy light and because of a glyph that essentially cleaves the holy light too close by people by five yards anyway. They are very simply a pure unrelenting healing machine, especially as we have the ability beacon of light where all of our healing is duplicated onto another target. They also have great buffs as always, but they also have some really cool raid cooldowns like divine sacrifice that essentially reduces over damage ray takes by 20% for 6 seconds. They also now get sacred shield which is essentially a shield effect that just keeps refreshing itself. It's very powerful, but the whole paladin definitely has some drawbacks, definitely isn't the most mobile healer in the game, you have to just hard cast holy light most of the time. You can't really do that much healing while on the move apart from holy shock compared to other healers. You technically have no hot spells although your heels can have a chance to generate a hot, but it's not as good as druid hots. And the aoe healing of holy light is nice when everyone is stacked up or when you're healing the melee groups.

  • Druid

When everyone is spread out well, then you can away heal and only other classes can aoe heal like the resto druid. The new big spell for wrestle druid is wild growth, what it essentially is is an aoe heal on a very short six second cooldown, it's 15 yards, it’s much better at healing people when they're spread out or preemptively applying it before big aoe damage is going to be inflicted on the raid. We also have a new talent where the rejuvenation wow growth will give a target either rage runic power or energy based on their class, which can be a very significant dps boost because obviously resources normally equals more dps for every single class even the mana classes. Plus you can actually use this to generate like a full rage bar, full runic power bar before the fight actually starts. They also pretty much never have mana issues when they get good enough gear and they can keep loads of great hots on the tank. 

  • Disc Priest

We have a disc priest which has definitely become much more viable in Wrath, this is because power chilled has been both quite dramatically first of all the mana cost has been reduced by a lot. So you can very easily spam this, plus you get a lot of mana back actually when you use a power word shield because of a particular talent called rapture but this talon also does the exact same thing as the revitalized druid talent that gives energy runic power rage and manner. This means when a disc priest is blanket powered shielding by her as many people in the raid as they can, it means not only are they protecting them from a lot of damage, they're also increasing their dps. This makes the disciplined priest a very mobile healer because the majority of her abilities are instant cast. It's very rare that this priest is actually going to stop to hard cast some spells because the other healers are filling in that role when you have a whole paladin wrestle druid and a disc priest in your raid setup. You can really want for nothing when it comes to the healing situation and they also provide great cooldowns that they had in TBC like pain suppression which is essentially a shield wall and then obviously power infusion which you can use to get fire mages and affliction warlocks and other casters to cheese their logs. 

The only downside to discipline police really is how power shield cannot be repeatedly cast on a certain target because obviously has the weak and soul debuff which means bringing two disciplined priests is normally not so much of a good idea because you're just gonna waste a lot of potential healing. Also you can have the lowest priority on the ordeal legendary healing mace. The healing mace converts your heels into absorbs, the thing is a discipline priest, they're not really using heels that much, they're already using absorbs. So they don't get the maximum usage out of that healing mace.

B Tier Healers In Wrath of the Lich King

  • Holy Priest

Holy priest is a slightly worse version of a resto druid. Resto druid would have wild growth which is like an aoe hot. Holy priests have an aoe heal which is like an instant heal not hot. So they have a very similar aoe heal, but the holy priest just has less usefulness and less utility as a residue, it doesn't have that revitalized talon which increases the rate's dps. Also doesn't have innervates combat resist or but what it does have is light. They are really good at deep healing though, we have increased healing power on targets below 50 health, so if a heal catches a tank who's very low on health or obviously a dps, it will spring them back up better than the other healers. They also have the talent called guardian spirit now, what this does is basically a cheap death spell, you put it on the target and if that target dies in 10 seconds, he'll be brought back to life with 50% health. The issue with this is how do you predict that, how do you know whether when the tank's gonna die, how do you know when someone's gonna die, it's really difficult to get any good use out of this and trying to exploit its effect could be potentially quite risky and just end up with that tiger dying. The good component of this though is for the 10 seconds, but it's on the target will increase the amount of healing taken by 40%. So that is a great one to put on the tank. The holy priest definitely is still a really strong healer especially with the circle of healing great manner efficiency and just raw healing power.

  • Resto Shaman

They're definitely not as sought after as they were in TBC Classic. Bloodless and heroism is a raid wide buff now, not a party-wide one. Also all of the buffs that a resto shaman can provide can also be provided by other classes now, so they're not really seen as good. An elemental or enhancement shaman can also bring the spell haste totem as well. So now they have much less unique support, but they still bring great support abilities like earthshield that you just leave on the tank whenever he takes damage he heals up a little bit just makes tank healing much easier. Manatai totem is even more powerful now plus they can also remove curses now.

Obviously, we can't talk about Resto Shaman without talking about chain heal, the new thing to talk about other than it being insanely great at burst healing a raid up after great raid damage is with a glyph, it will affect one more target, so it's even more powerful. Now can also make healing streams slightly more powerful increased healing by 20% with a cheeky little glyph too and overall it is just slightly more powerful. The rest of shaman will shine on particular fights where cleansing totem and tremor totem can be used to great effect.