D2R Super Chest (High Rune) Farming Guide | Lower Kurast Super Chest Location & Dropping in Diablo 2 Resurrected

6/25/2022 11:32:28 AM

Loot Super Chests is one of the fastest and easiest ways to farm High runes and valued charms in Diablo 2 Resurrected, so in this Diablo 2 Resurrected guide, we present some tips on where to find the Super Chest and how to figure out which is the Super Chest in Lower Kurast. 

Diablo 2 Resurrected Super Chest Identification and Dropping Steps

Diablo 2 Resurrected Super Chest

In Diablo 2 Resurrected, the Super Chest contains a variety of valued items such as high runes, charms, and crafting materials. Usually, you can find Super Chests after Mephisto in Durance of Hate level 3 or in the Lower Kurast huts by the campfire, while the latter location is much easier to run because you even don’t need to kill any monsters and just run on the map until you find the super chest. But you definitely want to know where the Super Cheat is exactly dropping and how to distinguish it. If so, keep reading!

Lower Kurast Super Chest Location & Identification

There are many ways to distinguish where a super chest is in the Lower Kurast. Here is one of them: 

  • Find a campfire surrounded by a circle of torches, and then there are three chests in the upper left and upper right rooms of the campfire. There may be up to two stacks of campfires on a map (because you can actually find up to two campfires per Lower Kurast level), so there are 6 chests in total.

The drop of the super chest is very complicated. Let us introduce two concepts to identify:

  • 1. The concept of color judgment - the chest will first determine whether it is a blue item or a yellow drop this time, 95% and 5% respectively. Once it is judged, if the quality level of the next item matches blue or yellow, it will definitely be dyed the corresponding color, and will not be affected by MF. If the quality level cannot be reached, it will be downgraded.

  • 2. The concept of color detection - If the first dropped item (NoDrop is also included) in a TC drop is the color determined in the first step, then the detection is considered to pass, otherwise the detection fails.

Lower Kurast Super Chest Drop & Loot Steps

  • Step 1: Determine whether it is locked or not. The probability of locking is 0.19. If it is locked, the subsequent steps will call TC Act 3(H) Chest B twice. If it is not locked, call TC Act 3(H) Chest B once.

  • Step 2: Determine if the color is blue or yellow.

  • Step 3: Start calling the TC drop and perform color detection. If the color detection passes at any time (because the TC may be dropped twice after locking), the drop is over, otherwise, the TC drop process continues until a TC is dropped. If the test is passed or the test still fails after 10 TC drops, the test is terminated.

The dropping of the Super Chest in Lower Kurast is a very complicated thing, in fact, it cannot be detected by pure probability. The chest is affected by the setting mode. The drop of each box is a choice in a fixed mode. To be precise, it is 2 to the 16th power minus 2. Obviously, these modes cannot cover all the box dropping situations, so it will be It needs to be considered whether the explosion rate of a specific rune is increased or decreased based on the calculation.

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