Lost Ark Kungelanium Rewards | Requirements & Mechanics Of Kungelanium In Lost Ark

7/1/2022 2:51:35 PM

Vykas legion raid, Kungelanium guardian raid, the solo Thronespire dungeon, a new event island, new cosmetics, and more are coming to Lost Ark. Among the raid level 6 guardians, Kungelanium is the second. In this Lost Ark Kungelanium guide, we talk about the requirements, rewards, mechanics and tips of the new guardian raid.


Lost Ark Kungelanium Guide - Requirements, Rewards & Mechanics Of Kungelanium Guardian Raid

As the demon legions re-emerge and Arkesia descends into chaos, Kungelanium is awakened from his deep slumber by the rising tide of evil. Kungelanium, the ice predator joining Deskaluda, will face the formidable level 6 guardians in a guardian raid. Players will be able to take on Kungelanium after reaching a certain item level. As in other guardian raids, you can either do it alone or with a group of friends.


Lost Ark Kungelanium Requirements

Kungelanium raids require a gear level at 1460.


Lost Are Kungelanium Rewards

This Lost Ark Kungelanium guardian drops tier 3 relic accessories, ability stones and upgrade materials as well as uncommon items such engraving books, galewind, and the Kungelanium card.


Recommended Lost Ark Kungelanium Combat Items

Using some Lost Ark items will make killing Kungelanium easier and faster. Number one uses flare for finding the guardian. Number two and number three use a pheromone since this boss runs away twice and number four uses a corrosive bomb just for once since Kungelanium needs its shell to be broken by using weak point destruction skills. Your party will deal significantly less damage when his shell is not broken. Using a corrosive bomb just for once is enough to break his shell. So basically all members just have to use one item for each.


Lost Ark Kungelanium Mechanics & Tips

The thing about this guardian is that once you encounter him, you have some time to stagger him. So you got to make sure that everyone encounters him at the same time. You're not supposed to go in there alone. If you successfully stagger him you get more time to do damage. It fires something in the sky and that's an ice ball. A random person in your group will be aggroed and that follows. You should try to keep that ice ball far away or use the space bar to break it right away. It's better to pop the bubble far away because if this aoe, if the bubbles pop, it creates this aoe and that slows you. It's easy to get prepared for that mechanic. If you get hit by it, you get frozen. So make sure you dodge it. 


Once the Kungellanium shell is broken which means it's going to start taking more damage. So if you want to do a lot of damage by using your awakening. Usually, he tries to move to a different sob after his shell is broken and that's your cue for pheromone if you're number two in the party. When he goes into the ground, it's going to summon four icebergs, 12, 6, 3, and 9 o'clock. If you step on it, it's going to make it freeze. This is also an important mechanic. He fires another missile at the sky and it's going to create icebergs. And there's going to be a lot of aoes nearby the iceberg. So whenever he summons icebergs around him, you have to make sure that you get close to him. This is comparatively the safe spot. After these aoes are gone, he's going to create a huge aoe covering the entire area inside the iceberg. Make sure you break the iceberg and get out or you can just use zags if you're a sorceress.


After that mechanic that's your cue for a third person to use the permanent bomb. Other than the wiper mechanic, you should never step on it. You have to avoid it. Whenever Kungellanium guardian raid vibrates, he's going to slam the ground twice. If you stand in the wrong place, you get frozen. Make sure you stay in a safe spot in order to avoid the freezing mechanic.






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