ACNH Fireworks Festival 2022 Guide: Dates, Items, Raffle Prizes, Custom Fireworks, Changes in Animal Crossing Firework Show

7/1/2022 5:07:07 PM

Mark every Sunday in August on your calendar, the fireworks festival will be held on our Animal Crossing: New Horizons islands again, to make your weekend night more lively and brighter! Plus you get an exclusive fireworks show and free prizes from Redd's Raffle! In this guide, let’s go over every detail of the ACNH Fireworks Show 2022 for you. 

ACNH Fireworks Show 2022 Guide

ACNH Fireworks Show 2022 Guide - Dates, Items, Raffle Prizes, Custom Fireworks, Changes

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, the month of August is filled with new holidays and seasonal items. In addition to the celebration of the Cowboy Festival and Obon Festival, the fireworks season will also return

ACNH Fireworks Festival 2022 Event Dates & Times

Every Sunday evening in August, starting at 7 pm, we will find Isabelle and Red waiting for us in the plaza for the fireworks show and the Raffle! 

The days in which we will be able to participate in this event and, therefore, attend the fireworks show and get the prizes of the Volpolo lottery, valid for both hemispheres, are:

August 7, 2022

August 14, 2022

August 21, 2022

August 28, 2022

In the event that the activation period of the event has ended, you can access it again by practicing a journey through time, also called Time Travel, simply by changing the date of your console.

ACNH Fireworks Festival Items To Collect

Every Sunday evening, from 19:00 to midnight, we not only can watch the fireworks show but also can take part in the event activities to win free gifts and prizes. Below we will list all the items available at the Fireworks Festival, from which you can see how the event works on our Animal Crossing New Horizons island.

Free Bopper Gifts

Bulb Bopper

Flower Bopper

Heart Bopper

Star Bopper

ACNH Fireworks Festival Items - Isabelle Bopper Prizes

How To Get: During each fireworks show in August 2022, find Isabelle outside of Resident Services and talk with her, she will give you one of these Boppers for free. 

Custom Fireworks Design Patterns

10 different custom designs

How To Get: During each fireworks show in August 2022, talk with Isabelle in the plaze and continue the dialogue with “I’ve got a firework idea!”, then you are able to choose up to different custom designs at once and light your selected custom fireworks in the order as your wish!

Redd's Raffle Prize Items

In addition to these, also Redd will sell us a Raffle inspired by the popular Japanese lottery - the Ichiban Kuji, there will be a chance to win the different types of fireworks. Let's find out together the modalities of Redd's Raffle and all the prizes that we can win:

Prize 1: Red Sparkler (1-Time Use)

Prize 2: Blue Sparkler (1-Time Use)

Prize 3: Fountain Firework (1-Time Use)

Prize 4: Bubble Blower (1-Time Use)

Prize 5: Uchiwa Fan 

Prize 6: Pinwheel

Prize 7: Tweeter 

Prize 8: Blue Balloon

Prize 9: Red Balloon

Prize 10: Yellow Balloon

Prize 11: Green Balloon

Prize 12: Pink Balloon

Prize 13: Ramune-Soda Frozen Treat (3-Time Use)

Prize 14: Orange Frozen Treat (3-Time Use)

Prize 15: Chocolate Frozen Treat (3-Time Use)

Prize 16: Plain Cotton Candy (3-Time Use)

Prize 17: Melon Cotton Candy (3-Time Use)

Prize 18: Ramune-Soda Cotton Candy (3-Time Use)

Prize 19: Strawberry Cotton Candy (3-Time Use)

Prize 20: Boba Milk Tea (3-Time Use)

Prize 21: Boba Coffee (3-Time Use)

Prize 22: Boba Strawberry Tea (3-Time Use)

Prize 23: Boba Mango Tea (3-Time Use)

Prize 24: Boba Green Tea (3-Time Use)

How To Get:

Method 1 - During the event time, find Redd’s booth in the plaza and buy each Raffle Ticket for 500 bells, then you will receive one randomly selected festive prize out of the above 24 possible items corresponding to a raffle ticket number.

Method 2 - When a villager approaches you with a bubble during the fireworks show, they will occasionally provide you with one of these rewards.

Fireworks Show Clothing Items

  • Kabuki-Actor Yukata (Gray, Dark Blue, Fuchsia, White)

  • Morning-Glory Yukata (Aqua, Pale Green, Dark Blue, Aqua)

  • Casual Kimono (Green, Aqua, Dark Blue, Mustard)

  • Zori (White, Black, Pink, Light Pink, Red, Gold, Green)

ACNH Fireworks Festival Items - Clothing

How To Get: To help you join the firework show in a stylish manner, these Japanese firework festival theme clothes in multiple color versions will be available for sale in the Able Sisters Shop on Fireworks Show days, you can purchase them for a different amount of bells!

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