Wrath of the Lich King Best Tanks Warmane - WOTLK Classic Tank Tier List

7/5/2022 4:37:46 PM

Tanking in Wrath of the Lich King changes massively from TBC. What are the best tanks in Wrath of the Lich King? In this WOTLK tier list warmane, we talk about various tanking classes and the best tanks in the game.


Wrath of the Lich King Best Tanks Warmane - WOTLK Classic Tank Tier List 

Players have asked from tanks for more than just their tanking ability. They have asked tanks to do very high damage or pretty much all of the healing. Or they expect tanks to do vast amount of their own healing on themselves during raid encounters even on mythic difficulty. When it comes to the tanking in Wrath of the Lich King Classic, the best tank is the one that tanks the best. Not the one that has the most healing or the most damage. Next, we focus on the WOW WOTLK best tank class!


WOW TOTLK Best Tank Ranking

S Tier - Protection Paladin

Protection paladins are widely thought of as the Wotlk Classic best tanks and that isn't without reason. They have achieved death in the argent defender, they have divine sacrifice for the entire raid, strong personal defensives, a lot of stuns, and a lot of external cooldowns such as the hand of sacrifice. There really aren't too many things they can't do where paladins truly shine though in solo tanking situations. Such as on the bane of the fallen king fight and on small to medium packs and RDF heroic. Meanwhile, they're also incredibly easy to gear up. What's not easy however is actually executing them properly on the Wrath of the Lich King fight. If you're looking to be invited to every raid and to be extremely useful during the whole expansion, don't stray too far away from the protection paladin, the best Wrath of the Lich King Tanks Warmane.

A Tier - Blood DK

Dks are known for their single target threat which comes mostly from icy touch. You open the fight with seven icy touches and you can just go afk make a coffee for yourself and come back in a few minutes with the boss still being on you. Their aoe threat holding is also really good in big bags where you can throw down a dnd and spread your diseases on as many moves as there are. You will struggle on small to medium packs while learning the class in dungeons, but you shouldn't have much trouble once you get used to your desk. They also have incredible defensive cooldowns. With spells such as ibf, anti-magic shell vampiric blood, blood depth with the forced bonus, and the army of the dead. Not only are these cooldowns very powerful, but they also have extremely short cooldowns, so you'll never find yourself missing the death. They also provide a lot of utility to the raid as most DK tanks from the improved icy talents talent, which improves your full raid melee haste. Blood DKs are fairly simple to learn and extremely powerful. So if you're looking to be the main tank in Wrath, you won't make a mistake with the blood decay.

B Tier - Feral Druid

Feral druids are famous for their huge hp pools, but they suffer from a lot of the same problems as warriors. They're usually brought as main tanks, but they can't really compete with the DK's threat generation. So if you aren't geared as a bear, you'll probably struggle with those pesky mages trying their best to make you look like a fool. They do have powerful defensive cooldowns and survival instincts, transit regeneration, and short cooldowns such as bark skin and enrage. But the problem is they don't really provide anything to the raid that the cat doesn't. If you take a bear to rdf2, you'll have a blast as their damage is unparalleled by other tanks. Even though bears can do it all, you'll probably struggle quite a bit when learning them. Even though you won't get invited to many raids, once you master the bear and once you get the guild to recognize that, people will be lining up for you to maintain their raid.


C Tier - Protection Warrior

Protection warriors have their spotlight by being by far the best tanks in Classic and TBC. Warriors' defensive cooldowns consist of their shield wall, last stand, shield block, and blood rage which are by far the worst self-deaths in the game. This is because their cooldowns are just too long and even though they can be glyphed. Most of the time, you'll just get a weaker version of a DK's defensive with a longer cooldown. Another big problem with warriors is that everything they can do, a paladin can do better. Their utility is not that great and the only thing they're good at is for stacking sanders with devastation. But your fury warriors will do that anyway. One job they're famously good at is holding the little heads in the ruby sanctum, because they have the 40-second shield block and their aoe is stunned with shockwave. Unfortunately, you'll be really shooting yourself in the foot if you pick a protection warrior as your main.


Choosing the best tank class in Wrath is important. Above are the best tanks in WOTLK Classic. If you are looking for cheap WOW TBC gold, welcome to MTMMT.COM!

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