Lost Ark Vykas Gate 3 Guide & Rewards - Mechanics And Loots Of Gate 3 Vykas Raid

7/6/2022 5:21:40 PM

We talk about Vykas like crazy these days in Lost Ark. Vykas is the second legion raid arriving into the western version of Lost Ark. This is a Lost Ark Vykas gate 3 guide for the normal and hard mode, we will focus on the Vykas rewards and main mechanics.


Lost Ark Vykas Gate 3 Guide & Rewards - Mechanics And Loots of Gate 3 Vykas Raid 

Vykas is an 8-player Legion Raid in Lost Ark. It requires 1430 to enter, and 1460 for hard mode. It is generally agreed that Vykas is more difficult than Valtan because it demands greater coordination and accuracy. If you make even the tiniest error, it might be deadly. The third phase of the Lost Ark Legion Raid, Vykas, is the most difficult to finish thus far, and this comprehensive guide will help you succeed. There are quite a bit of mechanics to talk about in our Lost Ark Vykas raid gate 3 guide.


Lost Ark Vykas Gate 3 Rewards

Normal Lost Ark Vykas loots arrive at the conclusion of each phase, and you may gain more stuff by buying the bonus loot box for some extra Lost Ark gold. If you have defeated Vykas in Gate 3 normal mode, you will earn legendary gear materials, relic type accessories, 1 Vykas wing and 600 gold. If you have defeated Vykas in Gate 3 hard mode, you will earn 2 Vykas wings, relic type accessories, and 1000 gold.


Lost Ark Vykas Raid Gate 3 Guide

Charm Gauge

You will have a charm gauge during this encounter that you will need to be mindful of the entire time you're fighting. Depending on the progress of your charm gauge, you will either receive benefits or penalties. You will temporarily do less damage if your charm gauge is at 0%. If it is over 70%, you will deal and receive more damage. And some mechanics will only be visible to you during the fight. Finally, you will become charmed to turn against your allies if your charm gauge hits 100%. If the charm debuff occurs, you can remove it with hard cc or sleep bombs.


Golden Orbs

Golden orbs will also be scattered throughout the arena. When you interact with these golden orbs, a circle appears and it significantly depletes your charm gauge. You'll need these golden orbs for later mechanics. So keep track of their locations.


Slow Puddles

The first major mechanic we have is slow puddles. Vykas will teleport to the middle and create a danger zone and then try to seduce the entire group at 170 and 75 hp bars. Two players will simultaneously be marked at random with a brown puddle at their feet that makes them move slowly. These two players must move to the boss's left side and set down a slow path. When the charm wears off and the mechanic is worked out, wait for these players to dump their slow puddles before moving in so that the slow can apply to you too.


Swords & Clones

At 150 hp bars, Vykas will go invisible. Players that have less than 70% of their charm gauge remaining will see copies of Vykas. Swords are visible to everyone who is above 70. There will only be one sword position that is identical to a clone position. Players who can see the swords must ping their location. If a sword and clone ping overlap that is your safe spot and you must move there immediately.


Keys Input

At 135 hp bars, Vykas teleports to the center of the arena and summons blood to rain down from the sky. Your charm gauge will significantly rise as a result of this downpour. When this occurs, the group must move to a golden orb and remain there until your charm gauge reaches zero. After everyone has been stunned, the key input mechanic will begin. You must input the keys that show on screen twice. Depending on how many people fail this mechanic, different things can happen. Vykas is temporarily stunned if no one fails. If one to three players fail, Vykas receives a shield and unleashes an aoe. If more than 3 people fail, the party will be wiped out. The raid leader can also use nineveh here to do massive damage after the key mechanic is complete. Be prepared to dodge since additional attacks will also be launched after the mechanic ends.


Mass Charm

At 120 hp bars, all players must be charmed in order to avoid an explosion that Vykas will cast. Vykas will mark random players with charm puddles, so make sure to group up and stay in the puddle until your charm gauge is full.


Stagger Check

At around the 100 hp bars, Vykas teleports to the center of the arena and summons a charm puddle around herself. The more you step into this puddle, the more charm you'll have. A staggered bar and slimes will both appear simultaneously. The party must gather at a golden orb as soon as you notice this happening in order to lower your charm gauge. Once your charm gauge hits zero, move to Vykas and finish the stagger check. Use your whirlwind grenades to resolve this too. After passing the stagger check, make sure to use the time stop potion to avoid the slime explosions that will go off. You may also want to use wave for significant stagger damage on Vykas as well if the party staggers damage is low in general.



At 55 hp bars, Vykas will vanish and summon tentacles in pre-determined locations all across the arena. The objective here is to eliminate every tentacle before the mechanic ends. But you won't be able to deal any damage until your charm gauge reaches almost 70 %. During the mechanic, you will gradually lose charm. Make sure you get hit by the red orbs that spawn in the center if you need to fill it back up. Also, make sure you don't hit 100% when trying to recharge your charm gauge too.


Blood Orbs (Hard Mode Only)

The blood orb mechanic at 40 hp bars. Keep in mind that this mechanic will only happen in hard mode. Vykas teleports to the arena center and casts orbs at its 4 cardinal points. These orbs must be consumed by players in order to keep the party from being wiped. Players who devour the blood orb will be stunned and must repeatedly press the space bar to free themselves as well.


Final Phase

Group together at the final golden orb at about 11 to 5 hp bars to lower your charm gauge. When Vykas has two hp bars remaining, she will call pink clones. You're going to need to spread out and search for the real Vykas. When you find her, go to her, also refrain from facing the center clone. You will be petrified if you glance at the gaze icon that it will have above its head. A shock wave will also be released by the clone after the gaze mechanic is finished. Once the gaze mechanic is resolved, move behind Vykas to avoid the sword attack that she's going to be casting from the front. Wei should also be used here by the raid leader to deal stagger damage in this situation. The objective here is to get her purple stagger bar to zero before everyone's charm gauge hits a 100%.


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