Top 5 WotLK Raid Bosses That Tore Guilds Apart - Toughest & Hardest Raids In Wrath of the Lich King

7/7/2022 11:52:11 AM

Today we're going to be talking about the top 5 raid bosses that tore guilds apart in Wrath of Lich King, hardest raids ranked in WotLK. 

Top 5 Raid Bosses That Tore Guilds Apart In WotLK

Top 5 Raid Bosses That Tore Guilds Apart In WotLK - Hardest Raid Bosses Ranked

5. Mimiron

Mimiron is a healing intensive fight against a giant mechanized gnome, this fight consists of 4 phases where mimiron uses a different vehicle each phase. Phase 1 he enters the leviathan mach 2, phase 2 it's the vx double one and phase 3 he enters an aerial command unit and then in phase 4 a vehicle made from all three previous vehicles put together like a giant transformer. But what makes this fight especially hard is that there's an achievement called firefighter. In order to come to complete the firefighter achievement before the fight, you need to press big red button. This activates the self-destruct mechanism which gives the raid 8 minutes to kill mimiron before the raid wipes. Not only that, but the fight also changes in other ways too. All vehicles and bots in the fight get a whopping 30% increased damage and health and every 30 seconds, 3 patches of fire will spawn near random players in the raid dealing 10000 fire damage per second. The fire doesn't just sit there either, it literally follows you, these fires are going to continue to spawn throughout the fight too, hence the name the achievement being firefighter. The stat the strategy here is to stack the fires on top of each other, so there's enough room to kite otherwise if all the fires are spread out, you're gonna inevitably get hit by one at some point. This fight was so difficult that blizzard eventually applied powerful nerfs reducing the damage of the flames, reducing the bonus damage and health gained from the emergency buff and reducing the damage and range of a number of mimiron's abilities. After the nerf mimiron was so much easier to defeat, but for the players who had a chance to fight against pre-nerf 25 man firefighter mimiron, it was a fight that they'll remember as one of the hardest in Wrath.

4. Putricide

This fight requires coordination and presents a very unforgiving raid encounter which secures his place as number 4. This fight requires three tanks one of which actually takes control of an abomination. During the encounter slime pools spawn randomly and the abomination eats these oozes to gain ooze power, which is then used to snare adds that spawn. At the end of each phase, professor Putricide will use tear gas which stuns the whole raid for 10 seconds, but what really makes this fight hard is the combination of an ability called malleable goo which bounces at a target dealing 15k damage and slows the attack and cast speed of the target by 200% for 15 seconds. There's also choking gas bomb which deals 5k damage per second then explodes for 16k after 20 seconds and the choking gas reduces your chance to hit by 75% for 10 seconds. Now these are the main threatening abilities of the fight as you can imagine it does a lot of damage getting hit by these, but also during 25 man heroic there are some additional mechanics that are super deadly. Now the main one is unbound plague which increases in damage each second, it will kill a player within 15 seconds of being infected. It will then jump to anyone within 3 yards placing a debuff called plague sickness with each jump, which increases the damage taken of unbound plague by 300% being able to stack an infinite number of times. Instead of tear gas to change phases, the professor debuffs the entire raid with either oohs variable or gas variable, he then will spawn a volatile ooze and a gas cloud and players may only attack the ooze if they're debuffed with the ooze variable and can only attack the gas cloud if they are debuffed with the gas variable. All these mechanics require players to pay attention to their surroundings, not get hit by his abilities and not take all this damage which will overtax your healers and then on top of all that you have to make sure your dps is good across the board, since your rate is going to be split by either the ooze variable or the gas variable. So you can't really pick up the slack from any under performing dps 

3. Algalon

The raid destroyer, a name given to the boss by blizzard themselves. The observer can actually only be challenged if a player has obtained the celestial planetarium key or the heroic celestial planetarium key which in order to do that you need to gather four sigils from four bosses within ulduar which involves defeating them on their hard mode. That includes mimiron on hard mode who was already on this list of guild destroying bosses, on top of that, players only have one hour to defeat him per lockout starting at the first initiation of the encounter. This fight is pretty insane considering algalon is charged with resetting the planet, effectively cleansing it of all life if it is deemed corrupted. So you're against a pretty powerful opponent here. 

Algalon hits hard and fast for about 27k per swing, he also uses an ability called quantum strike frequently which does about 40k physical damage. On top of that, he uses phase punch which does only about 10k damage, but it phases the target to another plane of existence after it accumulates five stacks. That's when the healers need to be ready to heal the off tank who then picks up the boss and he hits super hard, so your healers need to be super quick and on top of their heels ready to heal up that off tank, also adds spawn called living constellations throughout the fight and also black holes, need to drag those living constellations in the black holes which kill them instantly. Algalon also uses an ability called big bang which does 90000 damage to everyone. This is going to kill most players and in order to avoid this, you have to have everyone run into the black holes except for one guy and this switches you to another plane of existence by going to black holes. But if everyone goes through the black holes, then he wipes the entire raid with an ability called ascend to the heaven which does a small amount of damage. This isn't all of his mechanics, but based on this you can get an idea that this is a very unforgiving fight and to top it all off you only have one hour to defeat him after your first initiation against him. Now you can know how Algalon the raid destroyer earned a spot on this list as one of the bosses that tore guilds apart in Wrath of the Lich King.

2. Lich King

In icecrown citadel, there is a buff which makes the raid easier called hellscream’s warsong which grants 30 increased health healing done damage absorption and damage dealt to the raid. Now the Lich King on 25-man heroic without this buff is considered one of the hardest raids in Wrath. The Lich King scores a whopping 100 million health and the encounter is known for being a long and difficult battle for survival. With a ton of different mechanics to remember throughout the fight and unforgiving abilities like defile which is cast on a player and after two seconds creates a huge aoe on the ground growing in size and damage, whenever it deals damage is responsible for many wipes. Because if placed in a bad spot, it is going to cause serious problems for the raid, not only that but phase 3 of the heroic version of the encounter involves the entire raid being sucked into frostmourne where they need to dodge shadowbombs falling from above and at the same time they need to destroy the spirit warden within 60 seconds or the whole raid dies. If any player dies while inside frostmourne arthas gains plus 200% damage for 15 seconds which could potentially lead to a raid wipe. So this is one of the toughest raids in Wrath of the Lich King.

1. Yogsaron

The fight against the old god doesn’t need to be fought alone though, 4 keepers of ulduar can be activated by taling to each before you start the fight. However, the difficulty of this fight comes from enlisting less keepers and with the less use, the better the loot drops. 

  • The other reason this fight was so hard was because the gear currently available at the time you reached this boss wasn't super powerful, trial of the crusaders where there was really a massive spike in power for gear, and pretty much made ulduar gear irrelevant. There are four achievements that can be achieved when fighting Yogsaron, each one for a different number of keepers helping, using three keepers grants, the three lights and the darkness achievement and so on for two and one and for no keepers the achievement was called alone in the darkness.

  • Another big reason this fight is so difficult without keepers is because every 10 seconds, Yogsaron spawns immortal guardians, these melee for about 25000 damage or swing against a plate wearer and can only be killed by the keeper thorim, so that means without any keepers, you're going to have to tank all these immortal guardians for the rest of the fight. However, they do deal less damage, the lower the health they have. So it's a good idea to damage them down.

  • Another reason this fight's super hard is because of a fight mechanic called sanity, you start the fight with 100 stacks of sanity and throughout the fight, you lose it through abilities, Yogsaron casts upon reaching zero stacks, you go insane for 60 seconds, Yogsaron will take control of you increasing your damage by 100% and health by 300% and when it expires or is dispelled, you die instantly and you can't be resurrected. The only way to regain sanity is from the keeper freya who creates sanity wells. But without freya, you literally can't get your sanity back and so you can't let this fight last too long or the entire raid will fall apart by literally going insane. This three-phase fight is filled with a ton of raid mechanics abilities and overall requires players to be very aware of their surroundings. Without fail, the majority of players will attest that Yogsaron was the hardest boss ever introduced in Wrath of the Lich King because with the gear available at the time and the role that the keepers played to help in the fight, doing it without them requires players to perform flawlessly and to this day, Yogsaron still ends up on most difficult boss lists even when comparing expansions outside of Wrath of Lich King.