Elden Ring Best Greatsword Build - High Damage Greatsword Build (Level 50, 100 & 150)

7/11/2022 5:25:30 PM

Greatsword is a great weapon in Elden Ring that can do much damage for you. Here we’ll go through the details of the best Elden Ring Greatsword build, featuring level 100 stats and equipment (weapon, armor, seal, talisman, spell, etc,), as well as how to adjust the build to work at level 50 and level 150.

Elden Ring Best Greatsword Build

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Elden Ring Best Greatsword Build - Level 50, 100 & 150 High Damage Greatsword Build

Build Overview & Advantages

This Elden Ring Greatsword build by Highly Tarnished is centered around Lion’s Claw Ash of War, the outcome is the greatsword with fire affinity using lots of physical and fire amplifiers, making it do amounts of damage on the Lion’s Claw, which is able to be cast three times after patch. When you start the animation, you can’t be staggered by a boss or enemy, it also sometimes dodges attack when leaping forwards and tracks onto the enemies, and it staggers enemies all while doing about 2.5 times damage of the regular R1 attack, so all this makes Lion’s Claw extremely spammable. 

This build is originally a level 100 setup, you can transition it well into the late game or early game versions. 

Elden Ring Greatsword Build Stats (Level 100)

50 vigor is very useful, we're going to be melee range most of the time, so we need as much vigor as we can, 24 mind is going to allow us to get like eight whacks of lion claw off, 29 endurance is what you need to use the Crucible Axe armor, if you're using a different armor, it might be a different value. You need 31 strength to be able to use the greatsword in one hand, it does not need to be much higher than that because it doesn't actually increase the damage that much when you've got fire affinity on the greatsword, 12 dexterity is also a requirement for the build, you need 12 to use the greatsword, then you put intelligence as low as you can, and we're gonna need 15 faith exactly to be able to use our spells and arcane low as possible. 

- Vigor: 50

- Mind: 24

- Endurance: 29

- Strength: 31

- Dexterity: 12

- Intelligence: 9

- Faith: 15

- Arcane: 9

Elden Ring Greatsword Build Equipment (Level 100)

For the best Elden Ring weapons to use, fully upgrade the greatsword, give it fire affinity and attach the Lion’s Claw Ash of War to it, don't be afraid to switch out the affinity to heavy, if you're going against a fire-resistant boss, just remember to switch it back afterward. For your left hand, you need a sacred seal, any sacred seal, but the Finger Seal is the easiest to get. For armor, this build goes with the Crucible Axe because you can get it quite early in the game, and also it has a really good defense-to-weight ratio, however, it's by no means core, just try and wear the heaviest damage you can. Next is the talismans, the most important one would be the Warrior Jar Shard slash the Shard of Alexander, which either gives a 10 or 15 damage increase to Lion’s Claw, but the thing is Shard of Alexander's much harder to get than the Warrior Jar Shard, for the rest of the talismans, you can choose the options that can increase your equipment load stamina HP and FP. In your Wondrous Physik, when you're chugging it, you need to make sure you have the Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear attached that gives plus 20 fire damage for three minutes, and you also need the Faith-Knot Crystal Tear, which gives you 10 faith for three minutes and allows you to cast Golden Vow. Lastly, the spells Golden Vow gives you some nice damage increase and damage negation, and then Flame Grant Me Strength gives massive fire damage increase and physical damage increase.

- Right hand: Greatsword +25 (fire affinity) with Lion’s Claw Ash of War

- Left hand: Finger Seal

- Armor: Crucible Axe Armor

- Talismans: Erdtree’s Favor +0/+1/+2, Warrior Jar Shard/Shard of Alexander, Faligreed Crest, Great-Jar’s Arsenal/Arsenal-Charm +1

- Spells: Golden Vow, Flame Grant Me Strength

- Flasks: Wondrous Physik with Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear and Faith-Knot Crystal Tear

Level 50 Stats and Equipment Recommendation

If you want to play this greatsword build at level 50, all you need to do is reduce vigor, mind, and endurance down, then swap your armor to the heaviest you can wear and still have a medium load, this build can have super high damage early on. Then you probably want to swap out one of your flasks for the FP flasks. 

- Vigor 25

- Mind 13

- Endurance 15

- Strength 31

- Dexterity 12

- Intelligence 9

- Faith 15

- Arcane 9

Level 150 Stats and Equipment Recommendation

If you are going to build a level 150 greatsword build for Elden Ring late game, you need to get at least 40 faith, and you want to use an Erdtree’s Blessing, which is a new spell, then switch our greatsword affinity to flame at which is going to make the sword do a bunch more fire damage. For the rest of the points, you can put some into mind, endurance, and strength, we are going to replace the Carian Filigreed Crest with the Old Lord’s Talisman to increase the buff duration. 

- Vigor 50

- Mind 30

- Endurance 29

- Strength 50

- Dexterity 12

- Intelligence 9

- Faith 40

- Arcane 9

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