Lost Ark Arcanist Guide - Release Date, Skills, Cards, Engravings & Stats Of Arcana

7/13/2022 10:03:04 AM

New class Arcana is on the way coming to Lost Ark. For the Western release of Lost Ark Arcana class, we have a new name "Arcanist". In Arcana/Arcanist is a close combat mage. Players are struggling if they are thinking about choosing the class, maybe just want to know what it does. This is the Lost Ark Arcana basic guide, we talk about the Arcanist release date, mechanics, identity, engravings, and combat stats.


Lost Ark Arcana Guide - Release Date, Skills, Cards, Engravings & Stats Of Arcanist

Arcana uses various card attacks. Whenever she fills up her identity gauge, she draws a random card from the pool. There are 12 different cards you can draw and each has different buffs and attributes. Therefore Arcana is one of the hardest classes that require many different decisions and each shorter counter. We do not recommend this class to people who do not prefer this kind of complexity. But if you get experience and get used to everything and naturally perform the strategies and mechanics accordingly, it is a very fun class. However, do think very carefully before choosing this Arcanist class in Lost Ark. It is very challenging.


Lost Ark Arcana Release Date

Arcana is going to come out on July 20th, 2022.


Lost Ark Arcana Skills & Mechanics

Arcana has yellow, blue, and red skills. Blue skills stack skills are in weekend damage but it provides stacks from 1 to 4 to the enemy. When enemies are stacked into 4 you can utilize your red skills luin skills to activate the stack. 

Red skills to your luin skills are your main DPS at max stacks. It is important to rotate your stack skills the blue skills to stack as quickly as you can. If you utilize the blue skills for your stacks, the enemy glows purple if they have full 4 stacks. This means they are vulnerable to full red skill damage. 

As for yellow skills, yellow skills are utility based. It's a normal skill that provides identity gauge gains for your future card draws. She also has something called return a very important yellow synergy skill that provides a 10% additional crit rate for your party. You need to make sure you always use this return skill before activating your red skill to have the additional crit rate and damage. The majority of the Arcanas use 2 yellow, 3 blue, and 3 red skills in her kit.


Lost Ark Arcana Cards & Identity

Arcana has a total of 12 cards which are drawn when she fills up her identity gates through her yellow skills. You can hold up to 2 cards and every 12 cards have unique attributes. New Arcana players tend to get overwhelmed by this. However for newbie Arcanas, just remember these important cards.

Wheel of Fate: You have a chance to increase your skill damage by 40% or don't crease any damage at all for 4 seconds.

Balance: For 30 seconds, you get 1 additional stack which is really good for your blue skills.

Eliminate: Which is one of the best cards that Lost Ark Arcanist has. Every skill that you land on one enemy will have a 100% crit rate and 50% crit damage.

Judgment: For 4 seconds, all your red skills will do 4 stack damage regardless of what stacks you have.


Lost Ark Arcana Engravings

Arcana's engravings are a little on the weird side. Besides the general DPS engravings, people go like grudge, cursed doll. Arcana uses hitmaster and barricade. However Arcanas do not have a shield, so they would either need to be shielded by supports or use a protection rune which to ruin the grand shield when the ability is activated. The reason why Arcanas do this is that they have no other DPS engraving options to utilize. She cannot use keen blunt due to her skills and identity cards having crit damage increase. She cannot use engravings like raid captain and increase mass either because she does not go swiftness. So they utilize 3 protection runes on all their red skills to maximize the efficiency of the damage engravings. However, there are no 3 protection runes right now. 

It is advisable to go hit master first. Hit master only provides damages that are not back or head attacks some of our counter skills are back and head attacks. But the red stack damage is considered non-head back attacks, so it's one of the best-slotted engravings. As for class engaging and persist grace, it gives additional 20% damage to stack damage. But at level 2, it only gives 25% and 30% at level 3. So it isn't as efficient to utilize all the diamond nodes. You can go to level 3, but utilizing other damage engraving is also recommended while keeping the class engraving at level 1. Therefore Arcana does not really have much of a choice in engraving. So the final build is always grudge, cursed doll, hitmaster, barricade, adrenaline, and emphasis grace at level one.


Lost Ark Arcana Combat Stats

As for the combat stats for this Lost Ark Arcanist class, you will need to go a lot of specs and then have some support on crit, because she lacks a lot of crit percentage.


Arcana is definitely an rng interesting class but the complexity is going to be very tough for you. So unless you're really passionate about this class, we don't quite recommend it. But it's good to try it out and see how it works. If you want to buy cheap Lost Ark gold, Mtmmo.com is going to be the best online store!

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