Lost Ark Best Arcanist PvP Build Guide: Skills, Rotation, Gameplay Tips & How To Play Arcana Build PvP

7/19/2022 3:42:50 PM

In this Lost Ark best arcanist pvp build guide, we will show you what abilities and awakening skill to get, what are the best killer rotations to use for 1v1 and 3v3 arenas, which stats you need to allocate for pvp, and the best gameplay & how to play arcane pvp build. So you would be able to get the best results and highest damage possible and much more.

Lost Ark Best Arcanist PvP Build Guide - How To Play Arcana Build PVP 

Arcanist is a mage class that uses dark magic cards. She has rng mechanics and her identity skill, this is definitely not an easy class to pick up and play, but if you know how to use it to your best advantage, then you will be able to do crazy amount of damage. In pvp, this class is very strong because she has really good zooming and catching skills. So if you're looking for the best and highest damage 1v1 and 3v3 arcanist pvp build, then this is the one for you. Read on and learn how to play best arcanist pvp build in Lost Ark.

Arcanist PvP Build Skills 

These are the skills & abilities you want to have and we show you the gameplay of arcana build pvp:

  • Dark Resurrection

Use 10 levels to select the mind enhancement intense card and fear of death. This ability will draw cards that summon a demon which will attack enemies and fear them for up to 3 seconds. And on top of that, this skill will no longer jump but instead it uses a quick attack and inflicts poison damage.

  • Unlimited Shuffle

Use 10 more levels to unlock the quick preparation, infinite lightning and predicted death. The skill will throw a stack of cards that do damage to the enemies for over 6 times and then the last hit will launch the enemy in the air.

  • Celestial Rain

Use once again 10 levels to select the vital point shark, enhanced shark and torrent. The skill will rain down a bunch of cards that do damage and when the enemies get hit, they will be slammed on the ground and receives stagger.

  • Stream of Edge

Use 10 levels to unlock the increased card thunder stream and perfect stream. The skill will open two portals that will attack all enemies in aoe range and when you act with the skill it will hit the target four times with the lightning as well.

  • Call of Destiny

Use 10 more levels to select the nimble movement dark destiny and concentration of destiny. The skill will show a card that does damage and launches enemies in the air. When we use this ability, it will increase our attack speed and outgoing damage for 15% for 3 seconds.

  • Spiral Edge

Use 10 levels to unlock the excellent mobility the nasty and quick pace. This skill will leap your character 7 meters forwards while drawing a card that does bunch of damage. This skill will give us a quick movement speed as well and overall it is a great mobility tool to escape or get into fights.

  • Dancing of Spineflower

Use 10 more levels to select the fatal flower knight bloomer and fatal thorn. The skill will throw a bunch of cards and you will be able to teleport 11 meters towards the targeted location. And then when you use it again, it will teleport you to your original location and then on top of that, those bunch of cards that we throw will deal damage up to 6 times and then the last card will do 4 times more damage than the previous ones.

  • Scratch Dealer

Use last 4 levels to unlock the excellent mobility. This will move our character 7 meters and deal damage. We can use the skill again to strike downwards and deal damage again. Overall, this is a quick and easy mobility skill

  • Prismatic Mirror

That summons a stack of huge cards that will do damage to the targeted location. Then afterwards you get to use smaller cards that will deal big damage as well. And then lastly the big cards will come together and then explode dealing huge damage and giving you two free identity cards.

Combat Stats

- Crit: 1

- Specialization: 0

- Domination: 249

- Swiftness: 750

- Endurance: 0

- Expertise: 0

Best Skiller Rotation

Let's take a closer look at your best killer rotation and we will explain why we use the skills that we do and in which specific order, so arcanist uses cards as her normal attacks, and when she does damage and fills her identity mirror, she will draw cards from her deck and depending on what type of card she uses she will get unique buffs for a short amount of time. 

So arcanist in general has three types of skills, yellow skills will fill your identity meter a lot quicker, so you get to use your cards a lot more often. Then the blue skills will stack on the enemies which can stack up to 4 times and you will usually want to use them. So then afterwards you can use the red skills and do big damage. Lastly, we have the red skills, these are your main damage dealers, so the red skills will remove the stacks that you got from the blue skills and depending on your stocks they will do huge amount of damage.

Here are the top 2 best rotations: 

1. We started with the unlimited shuffle because this is an easy spell that if you land your shot, you will be able to launch the enemy in the air, so then afterwards we use the dark resurrection which will increase our damage by 25% and summon a demon that will poison the enemy. Then we use the scratch dealer to catch up to the enemy and deal damage again. Right after we use the dancing of the spine flower which will increase our crate rate damage up to 75%. Finish it off with the stream of edge will deal big aoe damage, they are countess overall is really good at catching enemies and then doing bunch of damage. 

2. Start with a spiral edge which is a simple mobility spell to catch up to the enemy. Right after we use the celestial reign and stagger the enemy while receiving 25% outgoing damage buff, then we use the call of destiny to launch the enemy in the air. Then use the scratch dealer to do damage and lastly finish it off with the unlimited shuffle which is a big aov skill. So overall the second rotation is meant more for staggering the enemies and allowing your teammates to finish them off. These rotations are the best but most skills and have you use them will depend on your enemies and what they do. So learn what each ability does and with time. You won't have to follow just few rotations but you will be able to use skills depending on the fight. 

Gameplay Of Best Arcana Build PVP Lost Ark

Lastly, as for using identity skill, read each card's description and depending on which one you get, you want to use it in different times. Use the fortune card to reset the awakening for the second time, then for the skull, twisted fate and emperor card, you won't use them right after you act with the dark resurrection. For the other cards, use them right away whenever you jot a card because this build uses a lot of yellow skills, so you will get to use 3 to 4 cards in each rotation. So for you not to block the previous good cards, you want to use them as soon as possible.

This class is very strong because she has really good zoning and catching skills, so you don't have to always follow up your enemies with engages and damage, but a lot of times you can just leave your enemies to your teammates then as well few of your abilities are charging skills. So never just quickly use one skill and then move over to the next one, but instead you want to hold most of your abilities to the maximum or the highest damage possible, but only if the enemy is on the ground or in the air and then lastly remember that your abilities have very good stagger, so you should be stunning your enemies 24 7. 

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