Lost Ark Tytalos Raid Guide - Wipe Mechanics, Patterns & Tips Of Lost Ark Tytalos

7/21/2022 5:43:36 PM

In Lost Ark, Tytalo has an instant skill mechanic that will instantly kill you if you don't deal with it properly. In this Lost Ark Tytalos guardian guide, we break down all the patterns, mechanics, and tips so you know how to dodge them. Tytalos can kill you no matter how high your gear score is.


Lost Ark Tytalos Raid Guide - Wipe Mechanics, Patterns & Tips Of Lost Ark Tytalos

Tytalos is the final boss in the level 2 tab of the raids in the guardian raids. Guardian raids are an absolutely fantastic source for accessories as well as leapstones. Even engravings and ability stones if you are lucky. This guardian is designed to help you understand how to use debuffs to your advantage. After this Lost Ark Tytalos guide, you will know how to survive this annihilation pattern. This particular monster is a recommended item level of 580. And you will have to beat him in order to progress onto the later guardian raids. To finish this battle, you have to learn Lost Ark Tytalos mechanics and wipe mechanics.


Lost Ark Tytalos Battle Items

The recommended battle items are hp potions and a flare. Like any guardian raid, you should start with a flare to locate Tytalos at the beginning of the fight and when it changes to a different area. 


Lost Ark Tytalos Basic Patterns

Swipe & Spin

Tytalos brings his right arm up, then performs a slash in front of him. Then he slashes again with his left arm while spinning. Even though the spin motion may seem like he's attacking all 360 degrees, you are safe if you stay behind him. 



Tytalos crouches then spring out charging. When you see Tytalos crouched, get out of the line. If Tytalos is glowing blue during his charge, you can use a counter scale to his head to knock him down. 



When Tytalos gets up on two legs, he's about to stomp you. When he gets up, start running towards his tail and you should be safe. 



Tytalos's breath is easy to predict, he looks like he's sucking in the dust. Then he fires his narrow breath. Once he starts sucking in dust, he doesn't change directions, so just gets to his sides. 



Sand Storms

Tytalos will turn red for a second then summon these sandstorms. If you get hit by it, you will get a movement speed debuff. If you get three stacks of this, you will be petrified. After you become petrified, you cannot receive this debuff for 30 seconds. 


Lost Ark Tytalos Major Mechanics

After Tytalos runs away, he will have some more patterns. 



Tytalos gets up like a stump pattern, but you will see multiple circles showing on the ground. Tytalos will stomp three times and these circles will explode three times as well. So don't try to deal damage and dodge these first. 


Silence Ring

A large ring will form on the ground. Then when Tytalos looks up, multiple rings will fall in that spot. If you get hit by this you will get silenced. And when you are silenced, you can't use any skills including your dodge skill. So be prepared to run out of the circle if you see one. If you're too late, you can dodge out since your dodge is immune to this. You'll receive some damage but at least you won't get silenced. 


Guided Bombs

If you look under Tytalos, you can see the circle with random symbols. Then when Tytalos roars, this flashing circle will be summoned. This circle will be spawning bombs that follow you around. If the bomb is following you, instead of wasting your time running away from it, go give it a high five, then dodge away. When you touch these bombs they will stay in place and explode after a second. 


Sand Rolls

There are two different types of sand rolls. The first one is where all the sand rolls are rolling in the same direction. During this pattern, none of the sand rolls rolled right behind him. So this is a good time to get to his back and deal damage. The second type of sand roll is where all the sand rolls are rolling in different directions. This may seem like random directions but you just have to remember this. There are four rolls rolling out from his body and after these four roll away, his back is the safe zone. 


Lost Ark Tytalos Wipe Mechanics

If you get hit by this, no matter what your gear score is, he will die. There are two ways of surviving this. The first method is to become petrified right before he uses this pattern. After Tytalos uses this pattern, he will use two or three more patterns, then use his annihilation pattern. If you're not used to Tytalos, don't try to do damage after this earthquake. Start counting how many patterns Tytalos uses and prepare yourself to run into the sandstorm when red dust is flowing towards him. If you are petrified, you cannot be petrified again for 30 seconds. If you are petrified too early and Tytalos is about to use an annihilation pattern. Run away from him until you see the screen shake.


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