D2R Best Melee (Physical Damage) Builds 2.4 - Barbarian, Amazon, Assassin, Paladin, SS Builds

7/28/2022 5:01:57 PM

In this guide, we list different variations of melee builds and we basically compress multiple chaos sanctuary runes to determine or rank what is the best melee build in patch 2.4. Read and check best Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 melee builds. 

What is THE BEST PHYSICAL DMG BUILD in Diablo 2 Resurrected


Best Melee Builds In Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 - For Cows, Chaos Sanctuary, Pit & More

The Gear For Each Build

In order to have all the builds be somewhat on equal playing field, they all had the same inventory, so they had the unique class torch, any charm, no tomb of identify or hydrocube, so 3 max damage, 20 attack rating, 20 life small charms with 10 max damage, 75 attack rating, 45 to life grand charm. It is a perfect inventory, so very hard to achieve gear but it was the same for every single build. So whether it was shape-shifting druid, ranged ozone, throwbarb, roll and barb etc, they all had that same inventory and then we can use the same jewelry. So every single build here had high lords, a raven frost ring and a dual each ring, a string of ears belt, fortitude or enigma for some of the teleporting or non-teleporting variants and the best in-slot weapon for each choice. So it's shifted a little bit for the reaper's tall wolf or reaper's wolf whatever had ath reaper's toll, rolling bar was dual grief, but there were a lot of different iterations.

SS Builds - Reaper Wolf / Ebotd Maul Bear

You can do everything summon druid elemental damage as well as shape-shifting very cool all-around builds, sort of the jack-of-all-trades master of none, now there are two variations. 

  • The first was a reaper wolf, this is a fury druid using Eth Reaper's Toll, it has the advantage of being able to wield a pride mercenary in consistent reliable decrep rocks, that's one of the few things that people overlook with this build is that the consistency of the crepe rock is very powerful. Over the course of five chaos runs, every single build here is on player street difficulty. We averaged a complete clear speed time of about four minutes and five seconds, so that was pretty powerful for a build that can't really get around very well. You do have feral rage that is good but compared to teleporting variants, it's just not there. But imagine a teleporting wolf, you could get the times even lower and you'd probably get the best or close to the best of this group setup. Four minutes four minutes of five seconds average was pretty good.

  • The Maul Werebear is a little bit of a different story, so this is a very tanky character, uninterruptible attack, very high defense, great stun from maul and shockwave, but it's a very slow build, you don't have anything to run around quicker. You can't teleport great strength and mobility, but we average five minutes across the board for five Maul Werebear runs the chaos sanctuary. So definitely a little bit slower, but it was interesting that the river wolf was about a full minute faster than the werebear counterpart.

Barbarian Builds - Throw Barb / Frenzy Barb / WW Barb

Throw Barb: In patch 2.4, it has been significantly improved the way you can recover throw quantity through the throne mastery. It's a lot better build now doing, back-to-back runs with the pride mercenary setup and a faith mercenary set up. A far as the clear speed results go, the throwbarb pride mercenary setup over 5 chaos runes we averaged about five minutes and 40 seconds, that's significantly slower than the druid setups and the throwbarb with the faith mercenary setup which this is interesting because a lot of people haverunch numbers and they said that they think faith is the best, actually had about a 13 second average clear speed longer.

  • Frenzy Barb: This was a really solid setup actually maxed out berserk to add additional magic synergy damage to frenzy. We averaged a three minute and 35 second run time over five runs and the two other counterparts that tested was a standard whirlwind barbarian setup using fortitude.

  • Whirlwind Barb: Just switched the armor and used enigma for teleport. So averaged about four minutes and 15 seconds for a running whirlwind barbarian and three minutes and 12 seconds for a whirlwind teleporting barb. So basically have now two better ranking characters than the shape-shifting druid setup, so whirlwind tele barb is now the highest rank so far and frenzy barb's slightly below that. The movement speed from frenzy would definitely outperform a fortitude whirling bar, but then that teleport repositioning with whirlwind it actually was a hair faster than frenzy and the throw counterparts were definitely subpar. But there is advantages attacking from a range but they definitely perform significantly worse than the whirlwind and frenzy counterparts.

Amazon Builds - Strafe / Multi Shot / Fend

The amazon herself is using a faith rune word and then we are pairing that with an act who might or a mercenary with pride, so you get the concentration and then when e talk about a winfor setup, that's when the amazon is using winforce. Then we have an act one faith mercenary. So we covered those different build setups with strafe, multi shot and then finished everything up with fend.

  • Strafe: Average about 4 minutes and 30 seconds, using guided arrow for single targets and then just strafing with this combination again for four minutes 30 second average time, then the eighth setup was slightly faster about 15 seconds on average. Probably over the course of like if you were to do like 20 or 30 runs, you would probably end up with the same average time, but it was interesting that was four minutes and 30 seconds for a strafe winfor setup and then four minutes and 15 seconds for strafe base setup.

  • Multi-shot: The faith setup was about four minutes and 23 seconds average over five runes, it's very similar to the strafe setup the multi-shot winfor setup will be very similar as well. This was not the case all those range setups were very similar, but the multi-shot windforce setup averaged three minutes and 43 seconds over five runes. So very similar except for multi-shot windforce seem to perform the best. When you're comparing a melee build like a shapeshifting druid, you're a lot more susceptible to the effects of the crap slows you down and versus arranged multi-shot set up where you can hang way back and destroy monsters before they get a chance to cast a crap on you. So there is a little bit of an advantage here for range setups.

  • Fend: This was a build that nobody ever played because there was stupid lock animation between the dodge, evade, skills, but that was fixed in patch 2.4. So it's a relatively cheap build with a decent hard-hitting spear, you can get pretty good damage and we averaged with defense on four minutes and 53 seconds. So similar to a Maul Werebear slower than a reaper wolf but then slower than frenzy and whirlwind setup. So the zealot version of an amazon is significantly slower than the top tier ranged counterparts.

Assassin - Dragon Talon

The second last build is the worst performing build and that is the dragon talon. Don’t jump into the martial arts like phoenix strike because that sort of blends the line of elemental damage or melee. But if you are just kicking from the boots only dragon talon, it was okay go with a setup that netted you one of the fastest uber times and that is using an affinity mercenary, storm lash, so you're kicking very frequently, you're procking static fields, so you get decent aoe. This was the worst performing build, but for ubers, it's very good perform builds, similar to a spider, spider does very well in ubers. But if you're doing single target smiting knocking back monsters account sanctuary, you would expect a very slow time. 

Paladin - Zealer

Go over a fortitude charging version because the enigma version we don't think teleporting versus charging and then sacrificing the damage there'd be too much of a clear speed difference there, similar to a teleporting variant of a frenzy barb, so just only cover a running or charging zealot. Average three minutes and 45 seconds, so very powerful character using grief fanaticism hard-hitting mercenary.

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