Elden Ring DLC Leaks: New Mounts, New Factions, Hidden Hints & When Can We Expect A DLC

7/28/2022 6:14:50 PM

Elden Ring was a huge hit for from software sitting at 13.4 million units sold as of may 11th which is why it's very likely that we'll see a DLC in Elden Ring at some point in the future. And while there's no official info yet there are hints currently in the game for new areas and good content that has been recovered that could also be related to a potential expansion. So if you're excited to hear more about the future of Elden Ring, then this guide would really help you out, we cover Elden Ring DLC new leaks, Elden Ring DLC release date, new mounts, new factions, and more!

Elden Ring DLC Leaks & Rumors - New Mounts, Secrete Content, Hidden Hints, Release Date

While fromsoft usually releases one or more big paid DLC expansions, there might be a chance we also get some free extra content for Elden Ring as well. We've seen that prior updates introduced new quest lines, but another thing we might see drop as free content are the colosseums. There's been a lot of talk about these currently inaccessible buildings, you can already find three of them in the game but all are currently locked meaning we are unable to enter. And a lot of people have speculated these are meant to be pvp arenas but their true purpose remains unknown. However, youtuber Sekiro Dubi explored these some more also looking into the files that are related to them. One interesting thing here is the fact that there are two enemies that were at some point supposed to spawn in the middle of one of the colosseums, which are named in the files as gladiator large an old lion of the arena. Especially that final name sounds like a boss which have a theory about we'll get to that in a bit. Sekiro Dubi also recovered files for a point of grace called stormville colosseum and we have one of these colosseums placed pretty close to stormfield castle. To this adds further proof that they were at some point supposed to be part of the game. What's even more interesting is that they've also found a file in the game that references a reception desk which is where you go if you want to enter in this colosseum to set yourself up for a fight. So while these are currently not being used, we will be able to enter them at some point in the game's life cycle. It could be part of an expansion but prior to Elden Ring from soft light to place those in areas that are completely separate from the main game's map. These will be opened up as a free update and will allow us to either duel other players or re-fight bosses we've already defeated. Maybe even add some new bosses into the mix too which is where that old lion of the arena comes in. 

Sekiro also added the ability for players to re-fight already defeated bosses as free DLC and considering it's a relatively easy way to reuse assets and give fans something that they want, there's a high chance we could see this happen. It might even be the case that both theories are correct with maybe each of the arenas having a different function, one for pve fights, one for pvp jewels and the final one may be for larger scale pvp fights. 

Elden Ring DLC Leaks

Maybe you heard about the fact that Bandai Namco got hacked recently and after that an image resurfaced with all their plans for financial year 2023 including a potential Elden Ring DLC. However, this image was already making its rounds way before the hack with people already discovering that the tekken logo found here is actually from an april fools fan video which makes it very likely that the Elden Ring DLC leak is fake too. The one thing that does seem somewhat realistic is the release date.

Fromsoft On Future Of Elden Ring

We at least know fromsoft isn't done with the game yet, halfway through June, the official Elden Ring twitter tweeted a thank you message to the fans, noting that we appreciate all the discussions surrounding the game and are working on further improvements for updates going forward, which is something they've been doing since launch with many bug fixes and balance changes added to the game but also some new features or those new questlines. We also know from software is currently working on multiple new projects with different directors as miyazaki himself confirmed in an interview with the Japanese website for gamer. He also said:”as director, I'm already working on the next title which we already know isn't Elden Ring related thanks to that interview. So there's a high chance that one of these other directors he mentioned is currently working on a DLC for Elden Ring. 

DLC Entrance Found

A likely spot for this DLC to start was actually found by streamer and speedrunner elijahs who explored an area that fans have been curious about for a while now and found something strange and also interesting. There's a specific spot on the world map covered by a giant, cloud, which isn't all that interesting at first but then you realize it's in the middle of all the divine towers we can find in the game. And when elijah used a glitch to reach the spot on the map, there was a perfect square shadow in the middle of the water which is very strange to say the least. And the area covered by the cloud is pretty small for an entire expansion, this might very well be the spot we use to enter a new region, because if you look at how fromsoft has previously handled their DLCs, each area has been completely separated from the main game.  Dark Souls 1 had us travel back in time,  Dark Souls 2 teleported us to the realms of three different kings,  Dark Souls 3 had one DLC inside of a painted world and one inside another kingdom far off and bloodborne took place in a nightmare inside of a dream.

Elden Ring DLC 2022

Anyway, it's very clear that fromsoft doesn't like to be held back by what they've previously designed and rather start with a clean slate even for an expansion. Looking at further trends in their DLC, most of them also added major story elements regarding characters we'd already met earlier like Artorias in  Dark Souls 1, Bloodborne and Gael in  Dark Souls 3. And this is where things get really interesting as there is one character in Elden Ring that has a lot of questions surrounding him still which is Miquella.

Miquella DLC Theory

If that name rings a bell you've probably met his sister Miquella who speaks very highly of him as her armor description reads. Currently, his body is sitting inside some sort of cocoon in the bull's arena for mogu who kept that Miquella in the hopes of using him to ascend to godhood. Either way, we kill Miquella but are unable to interact with Miquella after. But if we go back to the round table hold, Gideon has even more information on him as he tells us “Well I wonder what comes next. If he continues his slumber within the cocoon, all will be well. But perhaps it would be safer to destroy it. Miquella is the one thing that remains a mystery to me”. 

So we have a very major character who is hyped up to be even more fearsome than Ranni and Miquella currently in a slumber but with Gideon clearly afraid of what happens when he wakes, which is already a great build up to add him as a character in a potential expansion but there is even more if we look at good content. Because Miquella apparently also went by a different name that of St. Trina. Good dialogue has an npc who flat out states this which since it's called content doesn't mean it's true but even now there are many clues in the game that imply they are one and the same person. 

Elden Ring DLC Release Date - When Can We Expect A DLC In Elden Ring?

If we look at the release date for prior fromsoft DLCs, pretty soon the longest time between a game release and an expansion was for  Dark Souls 1 as Artorias of the abyss DLC released 11 months after the main game. So by that standard, if we look at Elden Ring’s release date which was the 25th of February, a late Elden Ring DLC release would likely hit at the end of the current year or early 2023 at the latest, which would also mean we should expect an announcement soon with gamescom being a candidate as we saw the big gameplay reveal for the base game on a jeff keeley stage as well. But it is important to keep in mind that Elden Ring being an open world game might mean an expansion takes longer to develop too. As the game took almost 5 years to make whereas development time for Dark Souls 1 and 3 was only 2-3 years for example. 

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