D2R New Endgame Farming Areas Level 85 - Diablo 2 Best Spots To Farm Level 85 Loot

7/31/2022 8:18:14 PM

In this guide, we are going to be taking a look at the new patch 2.4 and the game looting areas end game level 85 areas. These are areas from where you can basically find any gear in the game, the best quality gear griffin's eye. All the end game gear can be found in these areas and these are new to patch 2.4. 

D2R New Endgame Farming Areas Level 85

Underground Passage Level 1

In hell difficulty, this is now a level 85 area. We've got some lightning immunes, we got some cold immunes, this is legit full-on level 85 farming, this is like farming the pit, farming chaos sanctuary, you can find any good gear in this game. So this is area 1 underground passage right off of the stony field or the dark woods whichever way you want to go you can get there from either direction.

Spider Forest

We are looking for the stony tomb, there are two levels in the stony tomb, both of those are now level 85 areas. So we got some undead in here, immune to lightning. So this nice little build, this is the frozen orb slash nova source on, she's just a damage output machine, she's absolutely beasty, just great great for frozen orb damage and also great nova lightning damage. So it doesn't really matter, this build is actually so capable in all of these unless we're going to encounter cold and lightning immune, so basically all of these areas that we're going to probably go through today are going to be very stoppable by this particular build.

Great Marsh

We're heading to the arachnid lair, this is a convenient spot because it's going to be right there off of the rack, after off of the spider forest waypoint that will bring us into the spider cavern or rather not the spider cavern the arachnid layer, the place that we always avoid because there's nothing to do here normally when you're questing through the game. It's the other one you want, it's the spider cavern. But now the arachnoir has a use, has a purpose. We've got some lightning immunes, we've got some poison immunes, we've got um a very nice and stompable spot.  Anyway, this level 85 area is a very easy spot to run around, there's not too much mazy stuff, monsters are super duper predictable, you got a bunch of lightning immunes can absolutely destroy this area. 

Flayer Jungle

We are looking for the swampy pit, there are three levels to the swampy pit. So this might be a little bit scarier almost got killed already depending on your build, depending on just how quickly you're able to get those guys before they get you, they're very squishy, they'll die really quickly. But the little chargey dolls, they can be problematic and dangerous it can be very scary. For the most part, it's just those surprise burst damage hits that could become problematic. 

Difused Fame

This is one of the areas that you would go looking for the tomb. This used to be a level 84 area, so it was also capable of dropping almost the highest level loot if not the highest level loop before it's now a level 85 area. And you're gonna be a little bit more sketchy in these areas, these areas draw random spawns amongst a few certain types like stoney are pit vipers and whaling beasts and scarab beetles. They're gonna take a little bit longer to find than some of the other areas and they're going to be quite small, a little bit dangerous, a little bit harder to find. There may be a couple other spots within the cross bazaar as well, the other such areas, the rune temple, the forgotten reliquary, basically all those little little stair spots that led you on your normal quest through curious bizarre to find the tomb. 

Sewer Level 1 

This is another spot, this is now a level 85 area as well. We got some lightning immunes as undead seem to like to be lightning immune and we got magic and cold immune. We got some bramble mitts, some poison immunes, this actually is going to have quite a lot of mobs in it and quite nice sized packs of mobs as well. You can have certain certain monsters like what are those little shocky bats or that can sneak up and surprise you. 


We are looking for that glowing red portal of abaddon, the place where you used to never go because there was no real good reason to, that is now a cool spot to make a level 85 area where is it somewhere around here in the frigid highlands. Then we go abaddon, it can be a little bit buggy, a little bit glitchy. We got some cold immune hell witches, they are no match for lightning, we got some poison immune horrors. This place is a little bit hurty with those hell witches.

Pit of Acheron

We have different monsters in here, it looks cool, you get to get to farm this neat looking hell area. This area feels a little bit stronger than some of the other, this area might be great because you could just turn all those fireballs into healing, so that might be a really great way to farm this unless those do magic damage.

Glacial Trail

You can find the drifter cavern, this used to be level 84, this is now a level 85 area and we got cold immunes in here. So bring anything except cold damage and we got some moon lords, this area always felt hard like the drifter cavern and the other cavern where you rescue onion draw on the blank here especially for sorcerers with that little damager thingy on her head. This is not a great spot for sorceress but maybe some other classes.