Lost Ark Class Popularity For 1370 & 1415 - Best Tier 3 Classes In Lost Ark 2022

8/6/2022 6:40:45 PM

How the popularity of the classes in Lost Ark? Lost Ark is a very different style MMO people play multiple characters they have a full roster, but they do tend to have a main. Thanks to DrybearGamers who have been doing this since launch trying to find a good way to measure the class popularity for the class pick in Lost Ark. In this Lost Ark class popularity list for 1370+ and 1415+, we break down T3 classes that people like the most.


Lost Ark Class Popularity For 1370 & 1415 - Best Tier 3 Classes In Lost Ark 2022

In this Lost Ark class popularity guide, we are going to rank the best classes based on auction house activity, how many people have a character at 1370 plus, and how many characters people have a character at 1415 plus. In 1370, you expect them to be buying relic, legendary accessories, and gems. Then at 1415 plus, you'd be looking at legendary engraving books, relic accessories, and then things that help support the higher-level gems. To see what you'd expect a player to be doing at around 1370 and around 1415 we've split up the Lost Ark Class popularity. Below you will see the percentage of classes showing activity on the auction house and in-game at 1370 plus and classes showing activity at 1415 plus.


Lost Ark Class Popularity 1370+

Sorceress - 12.23%

Paladin - 7.27%

Deathblade - 7.24%

Glaivier - 6.98%

Shadowhunter - 6.98%

Berserker - 6.81%

Bard - 6.12%

Arcanist - 5.81%

Destroyer - 5.68%

Gunlancer - 5.54%

Scrapper - 5.54%

Gunslinger - 4.61%

Artillerist - 4.53%

Striker - 4.11%

Wardancer - 3.47%

Soulfist - 2.78%

Sharpshooter - 2.51%

Deadeye - 1.82%


Lost Ark Class Popularity 1415+

Sorceress - 10.82%

Deathblade - 7.67%

Gunslinger - 6.58%

Gunlancer - 6.38%

Berserker - 6.30%

Shadowhunter - 6.02%

Bard - 6.01%

Paladin - 5.57%

Glaivier - 5.30%

Artillerist - 5.22%

Wardancer - 5.05%

Scrapper - 4.96%

Striker - 4.84%

Arcanist - 4.28%

Sharpshooter - 4.14%

Soulfist - 3.88%

Destroyer - 3.70%

Deadeye - 3.28%


Lost Ark Most Popular T3 Classes 2022


The first thing that stands out to us is the Arcanist. When we saw Destroyer come out very weak launch granted. Destroyer did not come with a power pass so it was difficult. This time around Arcanist was significantly better. Arcanis is in the top 8 percentage for classes at 1370. So people use their boost on their Arcanist. People are interested in that mage class and they're wanting to play it, but then as you transition over into 1415 granted it hasn't been that long yet. You'll see Arcanist down towards the bottom. Arcanist is already more represented in high-end tier 3 than Sharpshooter, Soulfist, Destroyer, and Deadeye. So if you look at other regions the trifecta at the very bottom is almost always Deadeye, Sharpshooter, Soulfist, and Destroyer a little bit higher. Not that many people are maining um Sharpshooter, Soulfist, Destroyer, or Deadeye. They're very underrepresented. What's shocking to us is how many people actually got their Arcanist passed and showed good representation in 1415 plus.



For 1415 plus and 1370 plus, the queen of Lost Ark class popularity has always been this way and we don't think it's ever changed. The sorceress has been in the number one spot on the Lost Ark class popularity list. She is easily the queen of popularity. She's standard deviations away from the rest. She is the most popular class in western Lost Ark. People wanted a traditional caster, she fits that through and through and people really enjoy playing her.



For mains in the later end of tier 3, relic and descalute. Beyond going into legion raids, Deathblade is also super popular. So you're going to see a bunch of people playing that.



Gunslinger on the Lost Ark popularity 2022, these aren't too surprising. But what is interesting is you're going to see a lot of people with Gunslinger mains but very few people with Gunslinger alts. Either you're 100 in with Gunslinger so you can see a really high pick rate in the representation in legion raid territory. But for alts and below she's actually a lot lower. She's on the bottom 7 of the list for 1370.



Gunlancer has always been in the middle, very average moderate pick rate. Mostly because he's a very unique playstyle he's slower. The dodge goes backward and you have to plan things out and use your defensiveness more than any other class in the Lost Ark. People either loved it, especially if they were someone who loved a tanky play style from other RPGs and MMOs, but you can see that there actually is a large representation of Gunlancers in the 1415 plus. Because this is an auction house activity, there are going to be some downsides to it. We really wouldn't expect Gunlancer to be this high up in the 1415 plus. If this is people have a high popularity and a high engagement rate with choosing Gunlancer as their second main as their first alt after their first. 

So it seems like people got their character to 1460, 1475, and 1490, they're parking it waiting for the clown to come out. Based on where people are right now in the game they've been playing regularly. These numbers have been shifting based on what people are intending to make the second character that they heavily invest in. Gunlancer is a strong DPS class that can cleanse not even bards can cleanse without a rune. They have a shielding, they have a taunt, they have a pretty decent movement and they can kind of eat mechanics very easily. Once you get used to their movement and their tankiness they don't have much trouble dealing with movement.



Berserker has been very subtle and slow. The trifecta at the top Lost Ark class popularity west since launch has been Sorceress, Deathblade, and Berserker. Berserker and Deathblade fought for the second and third slots. But Berserker has been slowly ticking their way down the list in popularity, again this could be people parking their mains at a high level and then not wanting to make more. As the difficulty of the encounters goes higher and higher, you'll notice this right away with Valtan and Vykas. But Berserker specifically even if you have high swiftness or you're playing a high swiftness build with mayhem, you still have long animations locked in place relatively slow and you can get caught a lot which not everyone's going to like. However, it’s still one of the most popular classes in Lost Ark.



Glaivier had so far the best launch of a new class in western Lost Ark. Everyone loved Glaivier, super popular everyone made one. It's just the lance, the Glaivier, the pole arm, people love that stuff. But we're seeing a little bit of drop on the 1370+ Lost Ark class popularity list. Most people have a Glaivier alt something that they've honed up to middle tier 3. But as you move over to the 1415+ Lost Ark class popularity list, people start committing more resources to hone and gearing those classes, Glaivier starts to fall down. And we've been seeing this pretty consistently over the last few months. It could be the same thing as Berserker that you have to work hard and there's a lot of planning in your movement. Maybe people are not willing to try control because control has high swiftness. Even if the control has high swiftness, it's still a back attack build. You have to get behind the bus, you have to be constantly chasing their tail, so it's been dropping down a little bit.


Bard & Paladin

Bard and Paladin are just slightly above middle for mains for a long time. The reason why is because most people feel like there's not enough of them in queue times when they're trying to make groups for raids is obviously the 12% that they have representation-wise in your main classes. Together that is half of what you'd expect. If you expect every party to have one support, 25% of the player base needs to be playing support. But only 12% are maining that either one of those. Paladin is super high in the alt list. It seems there was a high interest in Paladin initially. But as far as pushing that character all the way up to current content has slowed a bit. Though there are still people that are die hard.



Shadowhunters getting some love. They're finally getting a demon form that's coming into Korea soon. An updated demon form that's not just static, it'll actually be your character's personalization plus an additional effect. Shadowhunter seems to be steady like solidifying where it is. It was actually in the top 3 and 4 for a while and was going neck and neck with Deathblade slipped a little bit, as people found other classes to play or whatever. But if you have a Shadowhunter on your roster whether it's your main or your alt you play it regularly. 

Shadowhunter is one of the best alt classes you can make. Because if you run demonic impulse, they're very cheap. You only need two good gems. The stats are straightforward and they don't really need crazy amounts of tripods to make it work. You can just pump those gems and then be powerful. So it's a nice alt to have. If you have a Shadowhunter on your roster, you tend to play her regularly whether you play her as the first second, or third, she's in your thoughts.



Artillerists bump up. Artillerists used to be on launch in the bottom 4 or bottom 5 for the 1415 plus. When they announced the quality of life changes for the Artillerists patch where you can cancel the laser, you can dodge out of the barrage mode, they give them some nice buffs and cleanups, and they move their stagger around so they weren't hit by retaliation mechanics as much. Once they did that, Artillerists actually saw a nice 2 or 3 spot bump.



Wardancer is very similar to Artillerist. You're either a Wardancer die hard or you're not that interested. Wardancer started low and then it's been slowly climbing up as people reach completion of their relic set and they get more and more income, more horizontal content to give them skill points, and more modifiers, Wardancer just starts to feel better and better. Wardancer really comes alive in 1460 and beyond, as people reached that, they started loving their Wardancer and giving her more attention.



Scrapper is a bit of a Cinderella story. She was one of the bottoms on launch she was the bottom. The first month or two of launch, Scrapper was the least popular Lost Ark class across the board. Maybe because people just didn't have an interest or maybe when you don't know how the game works, Scrapper just isn't that intriguing. Since the changes they've made when they did a nice balance, giving them a bunch of damage, they also removed some of the damage modifier requirements, made one of the ultimates easier to land, and more. 

So since that changed, people have been investing in their Scrapers. If you look at the relative positioning, people have more Scrapper alts than our people meaning Scrapper. But she's still loved, she's still played as a main. You'll still see her regularly. She's a ton of fun to play, super strong, and a good bet for most people based on what we're seeing here.



Striker was about the middle of the pack for Europe and South America, but Striker was super high for North America in the top 6. However, it has been steadily dropping down and maybe Striker is settling in as just above that bottom trifecta in different rotations as an alt buried down at the bottom 5 and as a main at bottom 6. Even Arcanist is actually creeping up on the Striker in representation in 1415 plus activity. Maybe esoteric build doesn't feel as good and death blow has a lot of gear requirements. Once you get the death blow build to work and you have good gear, Striker is one of the best feeling classes in Lost Ark. Just across the board popularity-wise hasn't been sticking with people as long.



Almost no Sharpshooter alts, very down towards the bottom just above Deadeye and not that many people maining Sharpshooter. Most of your damage is Sorceress, Deathblade, or Berserker, you just don't see that with Sharpshooter.



The same goes for Soulfist. What's interesting is that Soulfist is about the same position for alts and high-end current content.



Then the same thing for Destroyer. What's cool though is Destroyer has come up a lot. Destroyer as an alt and maybe people use their Punika power pass, they got with Arcanist on their Destroyer instead since Destroyer didn't get one on launch. So they're boosting up the Destroyer, but the changes that they got, plus the changes that might be coming to gravity training and some of the little buffs to rage hammer. Maybe people are just feeling more comfortable with mechanics like they've cleared all current content, they've killed Vykas, they've killed Valtan, they've killed Argos a million times and they want to try something slower to see if they like it. 

Arcanist has more representation in 1415 plus than Destroyer who has been out a month longer. Destroyer seems like a fun alt and we are curious to see what the new changes if they go through in Korea and come to us, will do to the popularity of Destroyer.



Deadeye or Devil Hunter in other regions is very low, and Deadeye in western regions is at the very bottom. He's been fighting with Soulfist and Sharpshooter for the bottom 3. It seems like as the game goes on, Soulfist came up 1 or 2 spots, Sharpshooter kind of sitting there, and then Deadeye has been kind of just chilling at the bottom. Deadeye has fewer locked animations than Gunslinger and tends to only use pistol and shotgun for enhanced weapons. The pistol is only used for pistol ear but is very back attacked reliant. 

With a bunch of tripods that force you to not only back attack. If you are in point blank range, you get a damage bonus, so Deadeye has to move in, get right inside the tailbone and do their damage, then get out and it can be super risky. You can die a lot. If you are Deadeye, Deadeye is exceptionally powerful when played correctly probably one of the strongest classes in Lost Ark.