Lost Ark Best Alts Packing Spots: 1370 or 1430, Which is the Most Profitable Item iLevel For Alts?

8/9/2022 10:22:12 AM

Did you ever ask yourself where you should park your atls and stop honing so that you can just sit there and just enjoy the gold that your atls produce every week? That question came up to us quite frequently, and it seems pretty obvious that the higher gear score we get, the more Lost Ark gold we earn. It seems pretty simple and straightforward but in this guide, we want to share two recommended parking spots (most profitable item level to hone) for your alts with comparing cost and profit.

Lost Ark Best Alts iLvl Park Spots

Best Alt Parking Spot 1 - 1370 Item Level 

We recommended this parking spot for the players that didn't make alts due to the fact that they don't enjoy doing dailies on multiple characters or simply just don't have a lot of time and that parking spot is 1370.

With the recent honing buff that we had with the drawing update, it became actually so easy to hold from 1302 to 1370. The honing cost is only about 3754 gold in an average case scenario without using any books. We recommend this parking spot for players that hates alts or don't have a lot of time for dailies.

Why Hone 1370 Item Level on Your Alts?

You actually don't need to do your dailies on these alts, a 1370 alt will make 2 900 gold every week just from clearing Argos phase 1 and Oreha hard mode, and on top of that, you don't even need to be actively playing your character when you are doing these weeklies, that's right you can just buy buzz to clear them. Now considering that the boss for Argos cost about 1700 gold and 200 gold for Oreha hard mode, you would still make 2 900 gold every week with being AFK, and will also get accessories and a chance for a legendary book from Argos phase 3, great on leapstones from Argos blood, all these things with being AFK with zero engravings, zero legendary accessories, etc. 

Of course, if you want to do your dailies, you need to have your engraving set up right but, as we said we recommend this parking spot for players that don't have a lot of time or don't want to invest time for dailies on 6 characters, so just ignore dailies and enjoy the sweet easy gold every week that these alts will make for you.

Best Alt Parking Spot 2 - 1430 Item Level 

We recommended this 1430 parking spot for any players that has a lot of time to play and also enjoy playing alts. 

Now a decent amount of players that actually stops there and we can understand because the stronghold research only helps from 1302 to 1415. 

Why To hone Past 1415 To 1430 on Your Alts? 

1430 gives you access to the second legion commander best bubba boss in the game, which is of course Vykas obviously your income of gold increase as well as really accessory drops, a 1430 character will be able to earn 9300 gold a week. What's interesting here is that the honing cost from 1415 to 1430 only cost 9692 gold in average case scenario, not using any juices. This is actually so cheap, but we have to figure out how long it will take for this hone to be profitable. 

Lost Ark Best Alt Parking Spot 1 - 1430 Item Level Honing Profit

As you can see here the blue bars are the gold earned by a 1415 character doing weeklies and the gold earned accumulate each week right, it's pretty much the same for the red bars but that will be for a 1430 character that has been hone from 1450, this might be a bit confusing. So basically a 1430 character starts from negative gold because it did spend gold to get there from 1415 right which in this case is 9682 gold. From week one to five, the blue bars are higher than the red ones. On week 6, we can see that the blue bars and red bars are both equal, and on week 7 the red bars start to become higher than the blue ones and that will continue all the way to week 21 and more. So what does that mean and in simple words the horning from 1415 to 1430 is not profitable in terms of weekly gold income from week 1 to week 5, but starting from week 7 that honing becomes more profitable than just saving the gold and farming your weeklies on a 1415 character.

Now 7 weeks might seem a lot for you but trust us it's really not, and to be fair if you are not going to quit the game in the next few months, this is actually a very low risk high return investment.  So let's wrap it up, if you have a few 1415 parked alts get them to 1430 and make about 10k gold every week for each one of them.

Why Don't Hone Item Level More Than 1430 on Your Alts?

Here is the same graph for 1430 characters against a character that has been honed from 1430 to 1445, as you can see it takes more than 19 weeks for it to be profitable, so if only took the fact that honing alts should be profitable.

Now of course you get some extra advantages from honing to 1445 such as a guaranteed legendary book when you kill the legend cow in hard mode, but let's be honest we don't trust RNG copium in comb of gold, same goes for 1445 to 1460, 21 weeks are not even enough to make this horning profitable, this is actually so bad and not worth the gold to be spent, but if you don't care about efficiency and just want to play your alt in the legion cow and legend boba on hard mode, then that's a good one. Anyway having fun is the most important.