Lost Ark Mayhem Berserker Build Guide: Stats, Gems, Skills, Engravings, Card Sets & More

8/10/2022 5:17:09 PM

Today in this guide, we are going to be talking about the berserker build in Lost Ark. We show you the berserker mayhem, gems, engravings, runes, pet bonus, skills, rotation, card set, etc.

Lost Ark Mayhem Berserker Build Guide - Updated Berserker Mayhem Insane Build

Is the berserker still good after the nerf?

Yes, he is, you are doing less damage but does that mean the class is dead? Not at all, however, before it was not that important to make proper rotation because the damage was so high that whatever you did in the past you was dealing too much damage already. But now you really have to do proper rotation. Two months ago, when we played berserker, we were all-time mvp like there is no way people will beat you when you play berserker mayhem in the old days. This thing was unstoppable, it's simple when you was entering a group and you see a berserker, you knew it was impossible to get mvp unless you are berserker yourself. Now the class is more balanced and he's doing the same damage as the other class.


  • Crit: 1467

  • Swiftness: 479

The primary stats you will need is critical, it will give you more overall damage. For the secondary stat, you will need swiftness, swiftness is the way to go, it will give you more attack speed, more move speed and cooldown reduction on your skills. You need 75% crit and 25% swiftness. If you want to reach this, it's very simple, you need a necklace with crit and swiftness and all the other accessories and crit primary stat there is also some players that plays with 50/50. They play 50% crit and 50% swiftness. But if you new to the game, learn the normal way, so 75% grit and 25% swiftness. 


There is a skill on the berserker that you need to know. This skill is red dust. This kill is not here for the damage but it's for the boost. If we take a closer look on red dust tripods, we can see that vital point hit is a tripod which increase our crit rate for 6 seconds and this tripod is very important because when you use red dust, you will crit no matter what and this is also why you need to use red dust before any damage skill on your rotation. If you don't use red dust before main damage skills, you will lose a ton of damage and this is the difference between someone knowing berserker and someone else would just press the buttons. There is also another tripod which is exactly the same one than red dust tripod, but this time it is on chain sword, you have also vital point hit which increase our quit rate. But this one is like the baby tripod, it is only for 3 seconds, you can do 2 skills in 3 seconds or even 3 skills depending on the skill you use and if you have a bard in your group or not. Bard can boost your attack speed, so for the rotation there is plenty way to do a proper rotation. Starting by red dust, then finish strike, tempest and sword storm and sometimes press uz and then you can use shane's word and you can cast strike wave shoulder charge, you can use this skill as a filler because you play with quick recharge on it. 


  • Strike Wave: You can take wave, limit break, earth flip with this setup, you will have way more damage for single target which is perfect for guardian raid. for chaos dungeon, you can take quick prep, cerberus and blaze wave. These tripods are very good if you want more area of effect for mob packs.

  • Hell Blade: You can take leap, deadly blow and hurt flip. What is interesting about leap is you can jump and this will help you in many situations for example, when you need to reach a zone, this is a very good tool for it for cows dungeon, you will take the same setup except leap, you can take training results which is better because it has more area of effect.

  • Chain Sword: Vital point hit, swift attack prep and if you have enough skill points, you can take quick prep which reduce the cooldown of the skill by a lot. This skill is very important because it has the tripod which increase our crit rate. But in addition, you have also swift attack prep which increase of attack speed the attack speed is very good on berserkers because their skills need to be charged and the more attack speed you have, the more the skill will be charged faster.

  • Sword Storm: Use quick prep there because this skill has 30 second cooldown and you don't really need attack speed on this skill neither crit, because if you use red dust or shane sword, no matter what you will crit for the chaos engine.

  • Shoulder Charge: You have two choice, you can go with excellent mobility which will increase the charge distance or you can go shield. This tripod can protect you from some bus mechanics, it really depends if you feel comfortable with the class or not.

  • Red Dust: Damage amplification, vital point hit and red wave. Vital point hit is very important for the crit rate, but damage amplification is also important. It is the same setup for chaos dungeon.

  • Finish Strike: Tenacity, weak point detection and lights out. Tenacity gives you immunity when you are doing the skill and this is very useful on many boss.

  • Tempest Slash: Quick prep, weak point detection, driving hit. Take quick prep because focus tripod is only for berserker technique and nibble movement is a tripod which increase the animation speed, but we don't really need it.

Lost Ark Berserker Tripods

Awakening Skills For Berserker Mayhem Build

  • Chain of Vengeance

This is an aoe awakening, it has good damage and he can clear mod packs in a second. You can use this awakening in chaos dungeon, it is very strong for that. In addition, in chaos dungeon when you kill an elite mob, you have instant golden reduction on your awakening.

  • Berserker Fury

This is not an instant cast, you need to charge it but it will make way more damage than chain of vengeance. Something also important with burserker fury is that the skill has destruction on it. This is not the case for the other awakening and in addition, this is a weak point level 2.


  • Damage gems

  • Cooldown gems


Chaos Runes:

  • 1 Rage

  • 4 Galewind

  • 1 Bleed

  • 1 Quick Recharge

  • 1 Rage

Raid Runes:

  • 3 Galewind

  • 1 Bleed

  • 1 Quick Recharge

  • 1 Rage

  • 2 Overwhelm


  • Mayhem

  • Master’s Tenacity

  • Keen Blunt Weapon

  • Cursed Doll

  • Raid Captain

  • Grudge

Card Set

There’re four sets that you can play on berserker:

  • We’ll Meet Again

  • Forest of Giants

  • Light of Salvation

  • Lostwind Cliff

Pet Bonus 

Stay with the critical bonus because we have main stat as critical, it will give you 150 critical because it's 10% of your total amount of critical.

Relic Set

Which relic set you will use on your berserker? The nightmare flower relic set is very good on berserkers simply because it gives 50% attack speed, but also you will not have mp problem because with this set, you can recover your mp very fast and this is a problem when you reach some eye level with berserker is that you have mp problem. This set is combines mp recovery and attack speed which is insane for berserkers. Also the 4TH set and the 6th set give also move speed which is very good if you play red captain.