Lost Ark Fastest & Cheapest 1415 to 1490 Honing | Everything About 1415-1490

8/11/2022 5:42:06 PM

In Lost Ark, It seems like a better investment to push SH from 1415 to 1490 for access to relic chaos, guardian and raid. Check this guide and we are going to be covering everything to Lost Ark 1415 to 1490. 

Lost Ark 1415 to 1490 Guide

  • After Punika or South Vern

After you end the whole story is important for South Burn, you'll have at least 1302 to 1340 gears. With this gear, you gotta make 1370. From this gear until you reach 15. Hold the skill.

  • What to do With 1302 Gear

Don’t go more than 15, you gotta make succession with Argos gear. When you reach 1370, go to Argos and make Argos gear with the loot from the Argos raid. 

  • Argos gear can be bought at Auction

If you have some spare gold or Pheon, you can buy Argos gear in auction too. Might looks cheap, but actually it cost Pheon as well. Try this if you really have a spare pheon.

  • After You done to change Argos Gear

When you made it to switch your gear in Argos, hold this Gear in 215. But you are allowed to hone those gear into 17. When you made it to reach 17, you can directly access to join Bolton horn and Vykas. 

  • Minimum Condition For Valtan Hard

If you are a first timer in Lost Ark, go to valtan normal first, but if you want to just skip it, hold these gears into 17. In order to access valtan hardmode, you need at least 3333 engravings. And at least all level 5 gems and to use lost wind cliff +12 awakening. Lights of salvation +12 a wakening won’t help. So unless you don't have 18 of those cards set, use the lost wind card set 12. So both on hard minimum gear spec at least level 5 gems, 3333 Engravings and 1445, and also do the skill tripod 2. 

  • Support Character Condition 

However, supporting character has a little less pickier than other class, so try the supporting character if you don't have spare gold or pheons. 

  • What do you do with Valtan, Vykas Loot

So what do you get from the valtan and vykas? So you get 2 relic mats. For Covetous Wings, Demonic Beast’s Bone. With these mats, you gotta make a relic gear. You can make this relic gear in the city, make this one and do the succession just like it did in Argos gear before.

  • Vykas Hard

Finally, you made it to the vykas hard. In Korea, we called this section as traffic section. It has a holning matters, you need math for honing and you gotta pass this vally of death. 

  • Kakul Saydon (1475)

Kakul Saydon is a 4 player raid, so it can be a little picky. You're gonna need at least two or higher level 7 gems. 

  • Minimum Condition For Kakul

In Korea, we mostly 3,3,3,3 engravings or some of the class with some efficient class engraving. You are allowed to set 333321 setting. If you have a 18 slide of evolution card set, use that one. Otherwise just use the lostwind cliff.

  • How do you set 33333

Some of you wonders how do you set 5-3 engraving. In order to make that, you need 14 or higher ability stones, one legendary Engravings and one Epic engraving needed and how did you get that legendary engraving?

  • Where to get Legendary Engraving

Legendary engraving randomly drops in lots of content in Lost Ark, sometimes in Guardian raid or in chaos dungeon, and other variety contents Lost Ark are hard to get.

  • Legendary Engraving is Cost Much

33333 setting is actually hard because legendary engraving books is expensive, you want to catch up the guy who got there first, use a lot of money or be patient and try to think this as a marathon contents. 

  • KaKul Loot

What do you get from the kakul raid? With these item, you can upgrade a relic set effect with this route, you can enhance the side effect with this route. 

  • Brelshaza (1490)

The Brelshaza will take some time to get updated in NAU. In order to access Brelshaza, you need 5 3 engraving and you need light of Salvation 18 awake and level 7 gems for every skill.

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