Elden Ring 1.06 Best Spells - Best Early Game, Long Range, Middle Range & More Sorceries

8/12/2022 5:39:34 PM

Sorceries in Elden Ring have always been amazing even at the start, but now to the recent patches a lot of the lesser known sorcerers have been buffed in power. What are the best sorceries and spells in Elden Ring Patch 1.06? Here we will cover all the best close-range spells including release spells, medium-range spells, with a very nice area of effect for enemy packs, the best long range spells to easily snipe those, and the ultimate boss destroyer spells.


Elden Ring Patch 1.06 Best Sorceries - Best Spells For All Contents In Elden Ring

When it comes to class, an astrologer is still the best choice by far. Your starting stats are great with a heavy focus on intelligence which we need anyways. Your starting spell selection is also the best including what's pretty much one of the best areas of effect spells in the game that can actually last you to the end game itself. As for the keepsake as usual go with the golden seed, the extra flask charge matters a lot for a mage character early game. Next, we check all the best Elden Ring sorceries after patch.


Elden Ring Best Early Game Spells

The best spells your sorcerer can get for each situation should truly handle everything even without summons whereas with the best ones against normal enemies. Start with the best Elden Ring medium-range spells as these are pretty much your bread and butter sorceries that you use for most of the game against most of the enemies. Medium range, they actually have a quite decent range. The first one is rock sling not only can you get this extremely early pretty much at the same place you get the very powerful meteorite staff. But this spell can carry you quite far there are actually many advantages to this spell. 

First, the damage is physical, even though it scales based on your intelligence and staff. What this means is against many of the enemies in the game that are highly resistant to magical damage. This spell will do full damage. Second, it inflicts very high poise damage if all of the balls hit the enemy which is pretty easy to do by just spamming rock sling you can easily break the enemy's stance which then lets you hit them with a critical hit. If you go for a melee weapon or just give you a window to heal or spam even more spells as they recover. Lastly, the enemy artificial intelligence doesn't really know how to properly dodge this spell. Whenever you cast it the enemy will attempt to dodge which doesn't help them because the balls hit them regardless as they will seek the enemy after that.


Elden Ring Best Long/Medium Range Spells

Best Elden Ring medium range spells we have the ever so useful glintstone pebble and its upgrade great glintstone shard. It is true that glintstone pebble is just a start. It does remain useful for most of the game. The range's descent, the fp cost is low and the damage is pretty good. When it comes to great glintstone shard, it was actually buffed in one of the recent patches. So that it can properly compete with glintstone pebble, it does cost a little bit more fp 18 instead of 11 for nice boosting damage. Here's when you should consider using either glintstone pebble or shard. If you can one-shot the enemy with a pebble then by all means use the pebble to defeat them. However, you'll notice that some enemies can only be one shot with a great glintstone shard and this is where it shines. After all, you don't want to waste time casting either of these twice.


Elden Ring Best AOE Spells

The best area of effect spells that actually also have a medium range. The first one is the ever-so-powerful glintstone arc. This is also a starter spell for their astrologer, but honestly, it is by far the best area of effect sorcery until around the end game. Even in the end game it still remains quite powerful. Glintstone arc not only has decent range, but the arc itself also travels far away and can pierce through multiple enemies. Lastly, the damage is quite good and the fp cost is pretty low. 

For the second best area of effect Elden Ring sorcery 1.06, we have adula’s moonblade. This spell unleashes a very powerful great sword arc at the enemies that do travel a bit as well just like glintstone arc and can pierce through enemies. the reach of the sword is also very wide and because it is a frost spell it can actually inflict frost's bite upon the enemies for even more damage and also as a way to reduce their defenses. the only downside of this spell is that it takes quite a while to get. It requires you to be at the very end of Ranni the witch's quest.


Elden Ring Best Long Range Debuffing Spells

Let's talk about the best long-range debuffing spell in Elden Ring, especially against bosses. Ranni's dark moon does have a somewhat slow casting time, but the moon itself that you throw at the enemies can travel for a pretty long path. Once it hits the enemy, the damage is very powerful. But most importantly it also reduces the bosses or any enemy magical resistance by 20%. This doesn't mean that you deal 20% more damage. Rather that it's going to reduce whatever magical defense value they have. The end result however is that you will inflict a lot more damage. 

Lastly, this is also a code spell that can inflict frostbite on the enemy. with repeated casts usually, 2 to 3 casts are more than enough even against bosses. It is to handle Melania's first phase, a boss that spawns somewhat far away from you by just spamming Ranni's dark moon. Also whenever your character is inside the moon, you'll be floating which makes you immune to ground-based attacks such as enemy stones. Against bosses you always want to start by casting this, you can also get Ranni's dark moon at the end of Ranni's quest.


Elden Ring Best Boss Destroying Spells

Speaking about bosses, let's now cover the ultimate boss-destroying sorcery in Elden Ring. The infamous and ever so powerful comet azure. This spell was already extremely powerful back on release and it has remained unnerved ever since. So for patch 1.06, it is still at full power. This spell alone can easily trivialize almost all of the bosses with just a single cast. However it's not just a matter of casting it, it's important how to properly use it. Whenever you first cast it the spell costs so much fp that it seems kinda disappointing, you won't really do much damage. 

This is why the first thing you should do is empower your wondrous physik mix with the cerulean hidden tear which makes your spell cost 0 fp. So basically you have infinite casting for 15 whole seconds, more than enough to destroy everything with comet azure. You can get this crystal tear by defeating the boss at the Minor Erdtree to the east of the Road of Iniquity grace at the MT. Gelmir region. Now that we have infinite up for comet azure, we need a way to ensure our comet strikes the enemy. The problem with this spell is that it doesn't have any hyper armor. 

What this means is any strike that the enemy hits you with even a light attack is going to stagger you out of the casting, making your spell fumble and you'll pretty much have to restart against the boss. Because by the time you recover, you have wasted your infinite fp buff. There is a very easy way to avoid this however and it is all thanks to the ironjar aromatic consumable.


Elden Ring Best Hyper Armor Casting Spells

While under ironjar aromatic, you actually have infinite poise. You cannot be staggered at all unless you get hit with some attacks that always stagger you regardless. Some enemies and bosses have these, but for most of their attacks you won't be staggered which means you can remain cast in comet azure even when being hit. The only downside of ironjar is that it basically makes your roll into a fat roll, so the slowest off road no matter your equipment load. However, you can easily overcome this penalty by just equipping a light weapon like a dagger with the bloodhound step ability. So you can retain your fast dodge with the best investability frames possible.


Elden Ring Best Spell Damage Buff

As far as spells to increase your damage, we have the very powerful terra magica. Whenever you cast this, your character will create a magical sigil so long as you are standing inside of it or for a few seconds. After you leave it, you'll increase your magical damage by a massive 35%. The increase is simply huge and can make quite the difference. Because the sigil is quite long, you want to cast terra magica right outside of the boss's fog wall. Then you enter the boss's room and can resume your combat azure. So ideally for bosses, you want your terra magica drink ironjar aromatic, quaff your infinite fp flask, enter the boss room, and then you can begin with comet azure for a very powerful alpha strike.


Elden Ring Best Close Range/Melee Spells

Now that we know how to easily destroy bosses, all that's left to do spells-wise is to talk about the melee range spells and some of them can be quite powerful. Mages aren't as frail as you might think on Elden Ring. The first one is the ever so useful carrian slicer and it is actually quite stacked. The magical sword comes out very fast after the initial cast, you can quickly chain it for as long as you have enough fp. The fp cost is super low and the damage is very high for all this spell can do. 

For the second best Elden Ring 1.06 melee spells we have carrian piercer a spell. When you use this, you basically conjure a big great sword-like spear that you use to impale the enemies with. The range is actually deceptively high, but most importantly if you charge this spell, it will actually knock most of the enemies with low points down, including low poise bosses like Melania who you can easily stun lock for quite a lot of free hits. Also, the piercer as the name itself implies can pierce through obstacles and enemies. We also have gavel of haima, a spell that was recently buffed in one of the latest patches. 

It is pretty similar to carrian piercer, except you conjure a big great hammer to bonk the enemies with and this will also result in most enemies that have low poise being knocked down by the spell. Notice that if you alternate your casts with your steps by dwell building them, you first cast with the right staff and then the left staff. You can keep on chaining the spell forever until you run out of fp.


Elden Ring Best Budget Spells For Melee

For our truly last best close-range Elden Ring spell, we have rock blaster. Sorcery was heavily upgraded to a patch. This spell is basically a budget version of comet azure if you may. Whenever you cast it, you can keep on channeling it for repeated amounts of damage. When you finally release the spell, it will unleash a huge burst surrounding your character for the area of effects damage. The downside is that unlike comet azure well, it is very close range. On the other hand, unlike comet azure, this does have a decent amount of hyper armor. This means that you can take on some hits without being staggered out of it. Also, the intelligence requirement is super low and you can get it very early.


Elden Ring Best Sniping Spells

Let's cover the best sniping sorceries in the game, loretta's great bow, and loretta's mastery. Both of these spells work pretty much in the same way, you conjure a magic great ball and then fire at the enemy. The beauty about these spells is the insane range. It doesn't get any better than that, you can truly hit enemies from the other side of the screen. Also remember that if you free aim this spell, you can actually increase the range even further. 

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