WotLK Pre-Patch Guide: 7 Things You Should Do On The WotLK Classic Prepatch

8/15/2022 6:49:22 PM

The Classic Wrath of the Lich King prepatch just hit the PTR servers, which means it should go live very soon, in a couple weeks most likely, and a few weeks later followed by the expansion itself which will release on September 26th. In the meantime, we get to try out everything that will be coming with the prepatch on the PTR servers, there are some insane stuff that you can do during the prepatch, some of it you might need to prepare for. In today’s guide, we’ll show you 7 insane things you can do on the Wrath of the Lich King prepatch, from broken classes to insane ways to make gold.

WotLK Prepatch Guide: 7 Things You Should Do On The WotLK Classic Prepatch

1. Broken Classes

The first and the most important thing to most people which will be absolutely insane on the prepatch is how broken most classes are. Most classes are completely nuts to play on the PTR, and you will love it. The most obvious example of this is fury warriors. If you’ve been actively raiding, you can put a couple two handed weapons in the bank because if not, start working towards that. Fury warriors on prepatch with two two handed weapons are just insanity. And it’s not just fury warriors, most classes get some crazy new toolkits and those were definitely not designed to be used in TBC content, which is why playing just about anything feels so fun and broken right now. 

There’s death knights, never seen a level 70 DK in Sunwell? You’ll see a bunch in prepatch, and they absolutely blast. Here’s a log of a prepatch sunwell on PTR. This goes to show how absolutely broken each class is and what happens when you give the Wrath class toolkits to fight TBC content with. Some crazy stuff happens and it’s insanely fun. So when Prepatch drops, do any raid and look at your numbers tripling overnight, it will definitely be a sight to see, and it won’t last for long, so you don’t want to miss that. 

2. Fast Leveling

For a couple weeks now, everyone in Classic TBC received the Joyous Journeys, this applies to anyone below level 70 and allows to gain 50% more experience from all sources. This on it’s own is a pretty big deal and will have you level up considerably faster that you normally would. But what you probably don’t know is that this buff will persist through the prepatch, it will disappear once the expansion releases, but for the whole duration of the prepatch, it will still be there, and the thing is, the prepatch itself will also bring its fair share of speed increase to leveling. Just like it was the case in TBC, when Wrath releases, Blizzard wants you to get to max level and experience end game about as fast as you would have in Classic or TBC. There are 10 more levels now, so this means they need to make going through Azeroth and Outland faster, and they did that in original Wrath by many means. Decreasing the XP needed for each level, increase the XP each quest gives, making a lot of quests faster to do by changing them from elite to solo quests and so on, and all of that will be coming with prepatch. So that, combined with the Joyous Journeys buff, will mean that leveling through Azeroth and Outland will be fast. Just leveling through the starting area, you can clearly feel a big difference. Now that combined with the buff will mean that you’ll be able to skip entire zones probably. For example, no need to go to Kalimdor as a human anymore, you could go from Elwynn to Westfall to Redridge, Duskwood, STV, etc and next thing you know you’re level 70. So when the prepatch drops, leveling will be insanely fast and people can definitely take this change to level as many characters as possible, if you ever thought about trying something out in Wrath, level it in the prepatch, it’s the best time to do so. 

3. Gold Opportunities

It’s no surprise that gold early on in Wrath will be very valuable, there’s a ton of gold sinks at the start of Wrath, from your double specialization, to your flying skill, your dalaran ring, tundra mammoth and so on. So every penny you can save will be a huge help. Here’s a mistake you definitely want to avoid doing, not just during the prepatch but also throughout Wrath, never ever buy your fast flying skill that being Artisan flying, the 5000 gold one, from Shadowmoon Valley, if you do you’ll be spending the full 5000 gold price tag on it. Instead, head to Honor Hold or Thrallmar and right there you’ll see the new mount trainer sitting there. The special thing with this trainer is that his faction shows Stormwind or Orgrimmar, meaning you will be eligible for reputation discounts from him, and that includes Artisan flying. If you’re exalted, this will bring the price down from 5k gold to 4k gold. 1k gold is a big deal for a lot of people but not much for others. You’ll be saving with this one trick across all your current and future characters, especially you’ll want to level a bunch of character in prepatch. You’ll be saving a ton of gold with this one tip, so remember, always buy your skills from Honor Hold or Thrallmar.

4. Dailies

Dailies during prepatch will still give the same amount of gold. Originally, when TBC transitioned to Wrath in 2008, every daily in the world saw its gold cut by a considerable amount, we’re talking 75%+ less gold. And this makes complete sense, you don’t want players to be doing Quel’danas across 5 million characters and just drowning the economy in generated gold. It seems like you still can in the prepatch. Naturally, once Wrath releases, the prices will go down, and that’s clear looking at the beta, but this is another - take advance of it while it lasts situation here. 

5. Wotlk Food & Water

To finish up, here’s some miscellaneous things. First off, for some reason innkeepers across the world look like they’re selling Wrath quality food and water, and this food and water is gonna mean you’ll be fully recovered in the blink of an eye after a pull, stack up on it and take advantage of it. This honestly feels like drinking a potion, or rather 3 potions at once. 

6. TBC Prepatch Active

Next, if you go to Blasted Lands, then head to the Dark Portal, you’ll see that the Burning Crusade prepatch event is active in there, the quest that allows you to get the Tabard of the Protector. This was not the case when original Wrath released, this tabard was only obtainable during the two weeks that the TBC prepatch lasted and whoever didn’t get it ever in retail, it seems like Blizzard wants to give players another chance to get this for some reason. This is very weird and it might just be a bug, but if it’s not, go ahead and get this tabard because it will be going away forever. 

7. Teleport to Dragonblight

And finally, here’s a super funny and insane bug that the community discovered. If you log into TBC, go to Naxx, log out, then copy your character to the PTR, then log on the PTR, your character will spawn in Dragonblight, and you’ll temporarily have this No Man’s Land that says you are where you should not be. This is very funny, if Blizzard doesn’t fix this, then you will be able to teleport directly from Azeroth to Northrend using this method once the expansion drops, just log off in Naxx before the expansion releases, log back in and you’ll be teleported to Dragonblight. 

And this is a bigger deal than you think, because this time around, a lot of people have an incentive to reach max level first, the Realm First level 80 achievement. This bug is gonna make or break your speedrun there, so if Blizzard doesn’t fix this, you’ll see a lot of people logging off in Naxx before the expansion releases. 

These are 7 crazy things that you can do on the WotLK Classic prepatch, the way classes feel is definitely the craziest part of the prepatch, and it will be a lot of fun to do Sunwell with 25 players who have a toolkit they’re not supposed to have. 

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