Elden Ring Best Fire Bleed Build 1.06 - Most OP S Tier Morgott's Cursed Sword Build

8/16/2022 5:58:44 PM

Want to deal more damage than the rivers of blood in Elden Ring? Well, we bring to you the most op fire bleed build after Elden Ring patch 1.06. This build is not only going to take down foes really fast and with a punch, but also is going to be dealing with two things blood loss and fire damage. We are going to be moving really fast taking down anyone in Elden Ring.


Elden Ring Best 1.06 Build - Most Overpowered S Tier Morgott's Cursed Sword Build

Let's dive into this op Elden Ring fire bleed build after Patch 1.06, we are going to be focusing on one weapon and that is the morgott’s cursed sword. Due to the latest patch 1.06, because in this patch the curved swords were pretty much-made op and we just want to bring the best Elden Ring bleed build, so you are able to take advantage of that. Now, we are going to show you what exactly you guys need to do so next to make the s tier morgott’s cursed sword build.


Elden Ring 1.06 Bleed Build Equipment

Swords - Morgott’s Cursed Sword

This sword now not only deals a lot of damage, but it also is a lot faster. It increases the movement speed of strong attacks and charge attacks, two different unique attacks make this weapon a very op. Not only are we going to be taking care of fire and also bleed, which also puts this weapon into another tier and we're talking about s tier. It reduces the time, it takes for rolling to become possible after an attack. Meaning if someone hits you you are going to be able to roll out and pretty much deal with an attack much faster, much better. Overall this weapon is just going to be an amazing weapon. Let's put this into an s-tier Elden Ring bleed build.


Helms - White Mask

using the white mask because we are going to take advantage of the morgott’s's cursed sword, which is going to be the passive effect of causing bloodlust buildup of 85 is a lot.


Seals - Dragon Communication Seal

With the dragon's communion seal, all is arcane scaling. It is also going to be making it really nice and effective the way we are going to be optimizing this.


Armors - Fingerprint Armor

The only reason why we are using this weapon is two reasons. It's because of the poise, it gives you about 36 poise altogether which is not bad. If you are able to get it to 50, it's even better. But keep in mind, this is 150 level Elden Ring bleed build. Moreover, it gives us more robustness for this type of armor which is amazing.


Talismans - Shard of Alexander, Carian Filigreed Crest, Ritual Sword Talisman, Lord of Blood’s Exultation

Shard of alexander is going to greatly boost our attack power. You can get this by completing the entire Alexander quest line and you are going to be able to acquire him.


Using the Carian filigreed, because this is going to lower our fp consumed by skills. And one thing that this morgott’s cursed sword does is that it does take a lot of fp. Right now it's at fp cost 15, if we were not to be using this talisman, it's going to be 20. So we are going to be saving a bit on the fp in which we are going to be using this weapon skill a lot, so we've got to make sure we have plenty of fp to be able to use that. One of the ways you can get this is by purchasing from the War Counselor Iji. You can also purchase it from the Twin Maiden Husks at the round table hold after you offer the ladies bell bearing.


The next talisman is going to be the ritual sword talisman. The ritual sword talisman is a lot better than the fire scorpion talisman, even though the fire scorpion talisman does work better with this build, because it helps with the fire, unfortunately. Unfortunately, the sword itself is not a full fire like the rivers of blood, so we are not taking advantage of that second hit, it's just a skill it's not a second attribute. So we are going to be using this because it's going to raise our power by an additional 20% which is a lot. By using this talisman, you increase at least 100 points in the damage that you're dealing with just about anyone. This one is going to be located in the Lux Ruins in a chest after defeating the boss Demi-Human.


We are going to be using the following talisman which is going to be the lord of blood’s exaltation because we are taking advantage of the bloodlust vicinity increases attack power. This one drops from the Esgar, Priest of Blood in the Leyndell Catacombs.


Consumables - Flask of Wondrous Physick

This is going to temporarily boost our fire attack which is going to be the flame shrouding cracked tear. This one is going to help with the skill of the weapon itself, this cracked tear is going to help us, especially with the unique skill of this curved sword which is the cursed-blood slice. It says brace then charge forward to deliver a downward diagonal slice. The bloody trail of the blade is followed by a burst of flame. So we are going to be taking advantage of the cracked tear for an additional 3 minutes is going to help us.


Then next is going to be the stonebarb cracked tear. This one is going to temporarily make stands break easier. If you have any issues with any boss or any foe and they don't go down very easy, that cracked tear is going to help you take down bosses and bring them down to their knees a lot easier. So now the morgott’s cursed sword can be acquired by the remembrance of the omen king. Once you defeat him the sword, is going to be yours. This one is very nice because this weapon not only did this strong move get improved because it's a lot faster now and also the light attack as well. On top of this, if you are running you are going to be having a different move to the weapon itself, which is going to make it very op.


Spells - Flame, Grant Me Strength, Golden Vow

To make this even stronger to an s tier level, we are going to be using flame, grant me some strength. This one's going to go perfectly with our flame shrouding cracked tear. Because for 33 minutes, we are going to be op and that is going to increase the fire within that incantation. Then next we are going to be using golden vow which is going to give us a buff in our offense for an additional 3 more minutes.


Incantations - Lightning Spear

We are just going to be using the lightning spear just in case we need to keep any foes from far away or if they're shooting us with any spears or any arrows. Then we are able to just use that and take them down. But mostly this sword is the one that is going to be doing the damage the fire bleed damage that you want now.


Elden Ring 1.06 Fire Bleed Build Tips

For pvp at 150, the best thing you can do is remove the ritual sword talisman and add the following talisman which is going to be the bull-goat’s talisman. Because this one's going to provide you with more poise, it's going to allow you to exchange damage or exchange hits with your opponent. The next one is what we would do is remove the carian filigreed crest and add erdtree’s favor, because it's going to raise your maximum hp stamina and equip load.


Elden Ring 1.06 Fire Bleed Build Attributes

Vigor - 35 

Mind - 30

Endurance - 20

Strength - 15

Dexterity - 45

Intelligence - 9

Faith - 25

Arcane - 50

Arcane and dexterity are pretty much almost the same. This sword really progs fire and bleed much better when you have it at 50 when you do it at 80. It really doesn't help that much, you're not gaining much out of it, but you are actually gaining more if you have an arcane dexterity put together build for this sword. It just works wonderful, it's a lot faster, it deals more damage and overall the weapon is just more op for the Elden Ring patch 1.06.


Morgott’s Cursed Sword Vs Rivers of Blood In Elden Ring 1.06

This morgott’s cursed sword better than the rivers of blood? Yes, it is after Elden Ring update 1.06, this sword becomes very op and it does replace the rivers of blood. We have done an intensive intensive test of the rivers of blood update 1.05 versus the 1.06 and 50% decrease on damage for the rivers of blood.