Lost Ark Gravity Training Build Guide (After August Balance Patch) - Engravings, Skills, Gems & More

8/17/2022 6:03:51 PM

In this guide, we are going to cover the new Lost Ark gravity training guide after the August kr balance patch. This guide will be helpful when the balance patch happens in the west in the future.  Let’s get started on the August Patch Version.

Lost Ark Gravity Training Guide After August Balance Patch

New Gravity Training

A new tripod for gravity training came out called gravity charge and all the purpose skills except gravity compression have it. It increases more identity gauge whenever you use that purple skill with 3 cores. If the tripod level is 5 full swing and seismic hammer gets increased by 15%, others get increased by 13%. Second of all, the gravity training engraving changed at level 3 crit rate and damage of gravity mode increases by 30% and 20% each, which is same as the previous version. But now, it also increases additional identity gauge by 70% whenever you use the purple skills. Moreover, for every third auto attack in the gravity mode, it does additional shock attack. To there are three factors that increases the amount of identity gauge by a lot. Specialization stat, gravity training, class engraving and the new gravity charge tripods. The auto attacks in the gravity mode now applies 12% armor brake party synergy. When start to bonk the bob, you can see the armor break debuff below the mob's hp, and for every third attack, shaockwave will happen.

The goal of this new build is to fill up the max gauge with one rotation by using 4 purple skills. If you have around 1725 specialization with level 5 gravity charge tripod only on one purple skill, then that maxes out the gauge perfectly. But this figure is impossible in the west since there is no bracelet which comes out with the brochure lesion rate. So the next best option is to run gravity charge tripod on two purple skills. The higher your specialization is, the better your damage is since spec not only increases the amount of the gauge restoration, but also increases damage of all the purpose skills and gravity mode as well. So you wanna main specialization and sub crit for the gravity training build.

Lost Ark Gravity Training guide

Gravity Training Engravings 

  • Gravity Training

  • Master Brawler

  • Barricade

  • Grudge

  • Spirit Absorption

Spirit absorption increases the amount of auto attacks you can do in the gravity mode. You can run cursor over spirit absorption since it did similar dps in the training room. But if you think about the slowness in the real raid, spirit absorption will definitely help a lot. For 3x3 engraving, we would recommend grudge, barricade and gravity training. For 4x3, add either sphero georgian or master browser.

Gravity Training Skills 

  • Heavy Crush with Bleed Rune

  • Power Strike with Overwhelm Rune

  • Gravity Force with Rage Rune

  • Endure Pain with Focus Rune 

Gravity force is really a good skill in gravity training build since you can max out the cage by using it twice in a row. To have a fast synergy skill, we recommend power strike over dreadnought as a counter skill. Three purple skills are most likely fixed, earth wave which is the new skill that replaced one man army, perfect string and seismic hammer. Seismic hammer is the strongest purple skill in gravity training build thanks to this new tripod that increases 40% of the damage at level 5. So you wanna run full dps tripods with galewind rune. Perfect swing is the second strongest skill with hour of slaughter tripod. Hour of slaughter doesn't require charging time and having short animation is good for gravity training since majority of the dps comes out from the gravity mode. You want to run full dps tripod with galewind rune. Earthwave doesn't do a lot of damage, but it has a very short animation, you want to run the gravity charge tripod on this skill with overwhelm rune. Gravity charged tripod. You pick either from air feeder, full swing and neutralizer. It's really a preference, but we recommend full swing since it has short animation with the shortest cooldown. For the rune, you want to run galewind rune for all three of them. For the priority of the tripod, go for the gravity charge and dps tripod on all the purple skills. 

Check how much specialization is required based on skills and level of the tripod for the gems:

  • Lv5 Earth wave & Lv5 Full swing = 1500 spec

  • Lv4 Earth wave & Lv4 full swing = 1530 spec

  • Lv1 Earth wave & Lv1 Full swing = 1626 spec

  • Lv5 Earth wave & Lv5 Earth eater or Neutralizer = 1515 spec

  • Lv4 Earth wave & Lv4 Earth eater or Neutralizer = 1544 spec

  • Lv1 Earth wave & Lv1 Earth eater or Neutralizer = 1640 spec 


  • Attack Gem on Seismic Hammer

  • Perfect Swing

  • Full Swing

  • Earth Wave

  • Cooldown Reduction Gem on Seismic Hammer

  • Perfect Swing

  • Injury Pain

  • Gravity Force

  • Power Strike

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