Elden Ring Golden Order Build Guide (Level 159): Best Talismans, Weapons, Armors, Spells, and More

8/22/2022 5:24:59 PM

In this guide, we are going to be showing you the most overpowered Elden Ring golden sword sage build at lvl 159 with the best weapons, armors, spells, talismans, stats, and gameplay. This is sort of a spin-off of the sword sage build using golden order incantations and this is an NG+ build. So if you’ve been looking for a pure faith build that specializes in golden order incantations, this build is really the best choice for you!

Elden Ring Golden Order Build Lvl 159 - Best Golden Sword Sage Build In Elden Ring

Best Goden Order Weapons

  • Coded Sword

The first one is the coded sword, which is an interesting weapon because it's one of two weapons in the game that does 100% holy damage. Holy damage is not one of the best types of damage in the game because most of the end game bosses like melania, Elden beast, godfrey, malacath, all of these enemies resist holy damage. So this build, one of the reasons that it's NG plus is it performs much better and the beginning of a playthrough rather than the end of a playthrough. So as you begin NG plus, you should be fine with this Golden Order build. But we also have some options to take care of holy resistant enemies.

  • Sword of Knight and Flame

The backup weapon for this build is the sword of knight and flame and that's one of the reasons we named it the golden sword sage because that's the weapon we used in that build. What's really great about the sword of knight and flame is that it scales both with intelligence and faith and we have a good amount of both of those in this build because golden order incantations require intelligence and faith in order to use. And we're also using the golden order seal which gives incantation scaling by increasing intelligence and faith. So this works out really nicely for this build and gives you a good option for those really holy resistant enemies that you can still take care of rather easily.

  • Golden Order Seal

This is probably one of the best seals in the game in terms of overall incantation scaling, it has very high potential because it scales with two stats very effectively. But the sweet spot for this is 45 inch and 45 faith.

  • Blue Gold Kite Shield

The other shield to use for this build is the blue gold kite shield and that's because we already meet the requirements for it, we have 12 strength, if you don't have 12 strength with a different class, taking the shield getting up to 12 strength in order to use it. If you want to take this build up to 16 strength in order to use something like the brash shield and get a little more guard boost out of it, you absolutely can. 

Golden Sword Sage Gameplay Tips - How To Build a Golden Sword Sage

You have two different swords that deal with different damage types, you have shield that has barricade shield on it or perry and you have a seal that can cast buffs and offensive spells. You really start to see that this is a very jack of all trades build. It's tanky, it has decent damage but not the best and it has good buffs and it has offensive spells, it's not s tier in every category but it's like b+ in every category. So if you're someone who likes to mix up their styles of play or likes to have something in their toolkit for every scenario, maybe you like to do block counters, maybe you want to cast spells on this enemy because it's easier to kill them from range or maybe you just want to go and do a wielding on one enemy, there are a lot of different things you can do and it really makes this build a ton of fun to play.

Armor For Golden Order Build

For armor pieces, use radiant gold mask on and that's because it increases your golden order incantation damage by 10%, the golden order seal does the same thing, not only does it have very good incantation scaling but it increases your golden order damage by 10%. So you're gonna get the two boosts to golden order damage from these. For the rest of armor, using the veteran set and that's to give us very high protection as also very high poise which will allow us to tank through hits. 

- Radiant Gold Mask

- Veteran Set

Best Golden Order Build Talismans 

When it comes to talismans for Golden Order build, they're going to change up depending on whether you're using sort of knight in flame or if you're using the coated sword and sometimes they'll change a bit depending on how you're facing. This is kind of a jack-of-all-trades build, so sometimes you may want to lean into unblockable blade because it just works really well for a certain boss and you want to put something like shard of alexander on to boost that damage.

  • Scared Sorption Charm: It boosts damage with spells and attacks, when you're at full health, you're obviously getting a boost to all those as well.

  • Ritual Shield Talisman: It gives you extra protection when you're at max health, because you're stacking so much defense, this means that when you get hit at full health, you take very little damage or much less damage than you would which means if you have a heal over time up like blessing of the urgery, it will get you back up to full more quickly because you didn't take as much damage to begin with. Then you'll get that defensive boost again and you also get the ritual sword talisman buff again.

  • Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman: For the same reason, it gives you extra physical damage which then reduces the damage you take between golden vow, those two talismans and the armors that you're wearing you have very high protection.

  • Flock’s Canvas Talisman: It increases your y incantation damage, not bad option here if you plan on spell casting in a fight.

  • Shard of Alexander: If you'll find yourself using unblockable blade a little bit more, it depends on how much you get hit with what style of play you like to use, what style play you're using at the moment, but you can really swap in different ones of these depending on what you're doing. 

Spells & Incantations

  • Golden Vow: It increases defense and attack.

  • Elden Stars: It gives you a good long range option in terms of spells. It'll actually shoot up above you, so it can go over things if you're behind an obstacle and still hit enemies that might be trying to range you down. And once you throw it up, you can just attack while that thing is going off.

  • Discus of Light: This is really your bread and butter in terms of your ranged option with this build, it actually hits fairly hard because we're using the golden order seal and because we're using the special helmet. It does about 5-600 damage usually when it connects and then 5-600 hundred damage when it comes back.

  • Litany of Proper Death: It is very situational, you're only going to use this really on undead prevents them for resurrecting, it's got a huge like 180 degree-ish arc that will just absolutely wipe out most undead enemies.

  • Triple Rings of Light: It essentially throws out like 3 rings that then come back to you, it's good with dealing for aoe except that we have ratagon's ring of light, so what we use this for is for enemies that like dodge around a lot, like black knife or godskin apostle that are gonna dodge your initial discus of light toss but they can't dodge triple rings of light.

  • Radagon’s Rings of Light: It is an aoe that you can cast from horseback and if you hold it down, it increases its range. This thing has a really good range too. It knocks down enemies, so even if you don't kill enemies, you typically knock them down and then you can just cast it again while they're getting up and finish them off in two casts.

Level 159 Golden Sword Sage Stats & Attributes

- Vigor: 50

- Mind: 33

- Endurance: 27

- Strength: 12

- Dexterity: 12

- Intelligence: 45

- Faith: 50

- Arcane: 9

Guess you ask