WotLK Classic Easiest PvP Classes - Top 5 Best Beginner Specs for PvP in WoW Wrath of the Lich King

8/26/2022 7:17:27 PM

Here we talk about which are the easiest class specs for PvP in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. Our criterium for this guide will be the class number of spells and their mechanics in the first place, main focus will be on new players that want to step into the world of PvP and there are clearly some specs that requires less skill than other.

WotLK Classic Easiest PvP Class

1. Retribution Paladin 

This is one of the most popular specs among the starters, this is surely one of the least mechanically demanding specs in-game. If you're a starter in PvP and PvE, doing some casual leveling in battlegrounds, Paladin may be the perfect class for you. 

Offensive Skills - There are just a few offensive abilities like judgment, crusader strike, the divine storm followed by castable spell exorcism which can also be an eastern cast thanks to The Art of War talent - that talent is something retribution paladin rely on a lot because it gives you an instant flash of lights too. So imagine just running around with clicking 3 DPS buttons and spamming flash of lights whenever it becomes available. 

Defensive Skills - However there are some defensive spells and it may look a little bit confusing when you see all of them at the first time, the thing is you can use just one of them at a time and all other defensive abilities become unable to use for some period of time, so all you really need to think about is which one single defensive spell do you need in a certain moment.

When we talk about defensive cooldowns we have to mention divine shield which makes you immune to everything and it is just dispellable with two spells in the whole game. Next to divine, we have a lay in hands with 15 minutes cool down which heals you for the amount of your maximum health, only paladin has such two defensive spells in the entire game and that will help you a lot in world PvP facing different enemies in the open world and make you very hard to beat in 1vs1 fights, especially on lower skill.

Anyway, don't get too excited, on average to higher skill, you have a lot of problems facing casters, so keep that in mind before picking this class, but when it comes to simplicity, truly one of the least kill-dependent specs in-game. However, when it comes to the arena, you won't be sitting with your arms crossed and pressing 3 same buttons.

Role in Arena Comps - Like every spec in the game, the paladin has its own role in arenas which is mainly a supportive DPS role, you need a friend macro for each healing or defensive spell which means partner macro for instance flash of light, sacred shield, handle freedom, handle protection plans and even healing macro for your partner pet if he is the hunter. On top of that, you have a role of using rap tense and stunning proper time and fearing enemy demon pets with turntable, but it's still not that hard to catch up with all these minds when you still have three DPS spells and 20k armor in the divine shield, but you need to know that your role won't be the same as playing solo world PvP. If this somehow looks a little bit hard for you in arenas, you can simply play brainwashed version of rhetoric called Prague paladin, that way you use two DPS spells, and your support for your role becomes superior with higher heals and better durability. In solo PvP, this is surely the most brain-dead spec you can play a whole expansion maybe next to combat rogue.

2. Combat Rogue

This is also known as a one-part spec, there is an ultimate ability called Killing Spree which deals an insane amount of damage in 2.5 seconds, this isn't only a PvP ability from combat road but if you fail to land your enemy somehow survives more than 35% health chances that you lose that fight are increasing drastically. That's one of the reasons combat rogue is built mostly around a single ability which makes this pack very brain dead for PvP, somebody is mainly played in PvE, but we cannot say it's not a viable spec because it can deal some insane damage and hit some decent ratings into DPS comp, as it requires very low skill to be played.

In fact, there are some abilities and talents like Improved Kick, Improved Sprint, and Throwing Specialization, they are very useful for PvP, but it's not boring to build your combat road around surviving because it's extremely low mobility and no preparation. 

On another side, if you talk about Kareena's, this spec goes just in double DPS comes with for example enhancement shaman or beast mastery hunter to make biggest bursts possible, sap and blind on one target, and full burst with killing spray in both another one, everything more than one vanish is almost guaranteed last for combat rogue, which means even in arenas your role is nothing but a zero dignity spec.

3. Shadow Priest

If we had to choose at least one caster to be in the top 5 easiest PvP specs that must be a Shadow Priest because it uses damage over time as a source of damage with two or five eastern cast spells, that's a huge plus for a caster and beginners - do not actually cast many spells and avoid the chance of being interrupted. Because if you're a new player and it's a silence on your school, you're pretty much dying without making any damage. On top of that, you have an insane CC with silence horror, and fear which allows you to open and cast all of these spells without having any interrupting problems against the majority of casters. On the other side, the defense's our biggest shield in-game, instant heals castable kills and disparaging that decreases damage you take by 90%  in six seconds, which makes it easy to kill other enemies. With some changes of pristine red to WotLK like improving the warring plague, you can just farm 3 to 4k plague is in later rat with trinket procs after you cast your other spells with CC chain.

While leveling, we don't remember killing priest with any other class than Rogan DK, other casters might have fewer spells and bigger damage, but shadow priest always seems like the easiest among all because you need the least skill to kill ratio, other cases need much more control and knowledge to beat up priest.

When it comes to the arena as you can probably assume, you have DPS and support you roll, but it's harder than playing a paladin. There are more offensive spells than we have with ratri Paula and you can really shine if you have them all on target in the same time. You don't only have to heal or DPS, but to make wise choices between using your CC spells as offensive or defensive depending on the situation.

Shadow priests can do a lot in arenas and climb high ratings, but comes with this pack need a lot of synergies and CC practice with your partner where one failed blind or silence can cost you a match. So this is surely the easy spec for arenas like it's mechanically for world PvP but still, it seems easier having three CC spells and time to react and put some dots than watching out for the air and polymorph breeze stun and fear and cast a lot of other spells in the same time.

4. Beast Mastery Hunter

The fourth easiest PvP Specs is the beast mastery hunter with normal talents without readiness. What makes the beast monster a lot easier than the other 200 talents is sort of damage, this is the only hunt aspect that relies on the pet and his damage more than weapons and abilities. You can send your pet to the enemy and just run and poke around with your range. 

It's good to mention that you can tame some pets that are unavailable for the other two specs: 

  • One is a chimera with permanent slow and it can be insane again for both, casters and melee classes in world PvP and BGs where you can kite keep yourself out of enemy range and deal some awesome damage with pet;

  • Another one is a core hound, that pits lava and reduces caster casting speed by 25%. These two pets allow you to face both manly and cast your enemies without problem, but this isn't the best thing about this spec. 

There is a Bestial Wrath and The Beast Within which makes a huge difference in lower to mid-skill fights, in fact, this spell enrages you and gives your pet 60% to 70% bonus damage. On top of that, both you and your pet become indestructible and immune to stun fear horror, sleep slow, polymorph, and all other effects for 10 next seconds. For that time, you can pretty much destroy enemies with just that button, especially casters who in most cases don't know how to deal with it on that skill level. However this is not a single button spec like combat rogue, but mechanically pressing one button to increase your damage and damage of your pet, and to make you immune to all magic effects at the same time is enough for beating random people in the world.

We don't say it's overpowered in dueling because on the high skill it is possible to counter it in different ways, but if something is easy and effective to play that must be a beast mastery hunter.

5. Enhancement Shamam

There are a couple of things that make this class overpowered and same time easy for starters.It's the ultimate ability that summons tools to fight for you and they deal damage kill and give you some bonus mobility, scale great attack power and last for 45 seconds, this is the most overpowered ability for 1vs1 fights. There is Maelstorm Weapon talent that stacks up to five times and give you an opportunity to instant cast one of your healing your damaging abilities like Lightning Bolt, this is an insanely overpowered talent where you can just summon bulls and start chasing the target, and you will gain your maelstrom stacks but just by hitting the target, you can choose between some bonus damage or 5-6k eastern kills. 

From that perspective, we would call enhancement shaman the advanced version of a retribution paladin when it comes to isolated fights. If you meet a caster that is on the same level - low to average skill level, you will kill it 100% of the time because you tremendously have to deal with enhancement shamans on that skill. It showed that you have two to three damaging spells to use when you summon walls, but there are some more tests with totems and autumns that make nightmare for casters because it's hard to cast any spell against enhancement. But even when they manage to cast it, you can redirect that spell to Grounding Totem and make it worthless till the next interrupt comes. 

There is a Tremor Totem with that remote all fear and charm effects on you and your wolves, which is a pain for priests and warlocks. All of that make enhancement shaman very hard to beat from start to advanced gaming level. 

When you see a target, you can click your wolves, drop a set of totems depends on enemy you face and start hitting then use male stone procs for instant heal or bonus damage and drop some stone coke totem to absorb damage, that will be enough in most cases when you meet some random player in the world.

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