Lost Ark Pet Ranch Cookie Shop Guide: How To Get Legendary Pets & Spend Cookies

8/31/2022 5:07:20 PM

Pet ranch was added in the Lost Ark patch update on August 24, 2022. Basically, the pet ranch is a little farm inside of your stronghold. Today we're going to talk about traps in the Lost Ark cookie workshop for your pets. If you're trying to get a legendary pet, these are traps to look out for.


Lost Ark Pet Ranch Cookie Shop Guide

To unlock the pet ranch in Lost Ark, you have to do a quest in Nahun’s Tome with the butler. You do have to have stronghold level 150 and 1 pet which is not really hard to do. Then you are able to put your pets to work making cookies so that you can sell those cookies to buy stuff. Eventually, you can level up your pets, which means you can take your epic pets all the way up to legendary pets. What’s more, you can take your rare pets all the way to legendary as well.


How To Get Legendary Pets In Lost Ark

They need to be proper pets at least if you want to upgrade your purple into legendaries. Legendary pets give another bonus. Right now with purple pets, we have two bonuses and with legendary pets, you can have three. There is something to take into consideration here it will take you a lot of time unless you do the good things. 



You need 30 tokens if you want to upgrade your purple pet into a legendary pet. And you can have those tokens only in the chest, the pet sitter chest. You can have up to 10 tokens in one chest. 



Something else that you will need is expertise, you can gain expertise by placing your pass to produce cookies. You can place up to 3 pets and they will produce 3 cookies every 10 minutes. With the cookies, you will buy the precious chest that you need if you want to upgrade your purple pet into a legendary pet. In addition, one chest is 500 cookies, and remember that you need 30 tokens. If you don't have rng this is kind of yikes. You can also gain more expertise with the pet expertise potion for 90 cookies. This is just if you want to accelerate the process. Because if you want your pet to be a legendary pet you will need to have a full bar of expertise. You also gain expertise when your pets are producing cookies. However, don't get too excited because you gain 55 expertise every 10 minutes.



For the morale, you recover 3 morale per minute. When you place a pet on a pet ranch, morale is the energy you need if you want to produce cookies. If you place a pet in a cookie workshop, 300 morale is consumed every time you produce cookies. So every 10 minutes, this is why when you place a pet on a cookie workshop, the morale is going to be at zero in no time even if you place a pet that is full morale. 



But there is a solution for that and it is called vitameow. You can obtain vitameow by exchanging them on an NPC. You can exchange vitameow with a report gift and the ratio is purple, 3 vitameow, legendary 20, and relic 100. The third bonus of your pet is insignificant, so don't bother to take all the reports gift for vitameows.


Lost Ark Cookie Shop Tips

1. Pet expertise potions.

Do not buy these. Because you are going to need 30 of these pet growth tokens to reach legendary. So once your pet reaches max expertise, you need 30 of these. So if you're buying expertise potions and dumping them on your pet max it out. You're still going to have to buy these pet sitter chests. They're rng, there's a chance that you can obtain one of the following items from the chest. So the tokens aren't even guaranteed and you need 30 of them.


2. Expansion Ticket

You can't use it on a pet unless it's legendary. Same with the customization ticket, you can't use it unless it's legendary. So if skins are a priority for you and you want the skins before the legendary pet. For whatever reason still do not buy these even after you've purchased the skins that you wanted and you want to eventually start working towards your legendary pet. If you are working towards a legendary pet, do not buy these traps.


The idea behind this is pretty much your pets are going to have tons of expertise on them before you even get 30 pet growth tokens. It takes 13 days to get a pet to full expertise if you train them off cooldown when they are rested. It would take having 10-12 pets and moving them every 8 hours to even get close to 30 chests during this time. You would then have to pull at least 1 growth token out of every chest.


3. Legendary Card Pack

You can buy one a week, but one pack is equivalent to 7 sitter chests. You are probably not going to even touch the card packs until you get your first 30 growth tokens out of these sitter chests.