WoW WotLK Classic Best Race Class Combinations (Horde & Alliance)

8/31/2022 12:05:41 PM

In WoW WotLK Classic, the number of Race/Class combinations is much smaller than in the current World of Warcraft. For example, Humans can no longer be Hunters. In addition, the Shaman is reserved for the Horde while the Paladin is reserved for the Alliance. This changes, however, with Burning Crusade, which brings the Blood Elf and Druid races, which give access to these classes once exclusive to either faction.

WotLK Classic Race Class Combinations

It is also necessary to keep in mind certain elements, such as the disappearance of certain classes and races, the lack of possibility of changing breed, or that the Druids had at the time 3 specializations (and not 4). 

Best Race/Class Combs To Choose in Wrath of the Lich King Classic

In absolute terms, take what you want, and you will have fun. But in practice, some combinations are slightly more efficient than others... Here are several tips, keeping in mind that if nothing is indicated, your choice can be made on any breed.

Best Race/Class Combs on WotLK Classic Alliance:

The Hunter is often a Night Elf because of his higher basic agility.

The Demonist will often be Gnome thanks to his intelligence bonus.

The Warrior will often be Human thanks to his racial sword and mass skills, especially if you get Thunder Blade, Blessed Sword of the Seeker. In PvP, or even often in PvE, the Dwarf will be an excellent choice.

The Paladin will be Human more often.

The Priest will be able to be Human thanks to his spirit bonus, but also Dwarf because the latter receives a spell to be immune to a spell of fear.

The Thief will often be Human because of his sword specialization if you play PvE. In PvP, take a Night Elf.

Best Race/Class Combs on WotLK Classic Horde:

The Shaman will often be a Troll if you play care or DPS remotely because of Berserker. In melee, it will be more of an Orc. In PvP, take a Tauren instead since it can stun and benefit from more endurance.

The Hunter will be a Troll because of his racial talents (Berserker and bow specialization). In PvP, on the other hand, it will be rather an Orc thanks to Solidity.

The Demonist can be an Undead or an Orc of your choice.

The Warrior can choose any class, each with advantages in certain situations.

The Mage will be a PvE Troll because of his Berserker or an Undead because of the Will of the Reprobates.

The Priest will be a Troll, again because of Berserker, or an Undead following the existence of Will of the Reprobates.

The Thief will be an Orc given the power of Bloodthirsty Fury, but the Troll remains a great option. In PvP, it will be more of an Undead.