WotLK Best Classes For PvE & PvP - Comparing All 10 Classes In Raiding, Arenas, Bgs, Leveling

9/1/2022 5:43:28 PM

We are so close to be able to play the WotLK, have you already decided which class to pick in the new expansion? Here we share with you an amazing class picking guide, helping you find the right class. We go through all 10 classes in Wrath of the Lich King and rating them in PvE as well as PvP, telling you the biggest strengths to playing them. All these classes are compared in raiding, arenas, bgs and leveling. 

WotLK Classes Picking Guide - How To Choose The Best Class For PvE & PvP

1. Paladin

  • 3 Role types (DPS, Tanks, Healer)

  • All specs wanted in raids

  • Best PvE tank in the game

  • Maybe the best PvE healer

  • Insane gold farming with prot

  • Very powerful open world abilities

  • Free/reduced mount

  • All specs PvP viable

  • Potential legendary weapons

The paladin is an excellent overall class in Wrath the Lich King. They excel at all three role types with protection and holy being top tier in the raiding environment throughout the entirety of the expansion, and retribution bringing great damage with endless utility for your party as well. When it comes to leveling, you do have some insane potential to aoe farm as protection paladin. But generally, other than that they are middle of the pack in terms of overall speed solo leveling. What makes paladins so valuable is the sheer amount of support and utility they can bring to the party. With endless buffs and shields making them always wanted in raids and dungeons. They also equally dominate PvP as much as they do PvE with holy being a strong candidate for the best PvP healing spec in the game with multi-target healing beacon of light, as well as holy shock and instant cast flash of lights, allowing them to almost never cast. Retribution paladins may not bring the most damage in PvP, but they definitely make up for it with powerful defensive party damage mitigation and utility to keep their teammates alive and the group pumping away. The paladin class could be considered easily as one of the best classes in WotLK, by just how well all three specs perform in all forms of content allowing you to play any role in a fun and engaging manner no matter which way you look.

2. Druid

  • 3 Role types (Dps, Tank, Heaer)

  • 4 specs total

  • Battle resurrect in raids

  • Free/reduced flight form

  • Most versatile class in the game

  • Top 2 leveler in the game

  • Stealth with cat form

  • Very high skill ceiling

  • Massive damage with feral 

The druid is known as being the most versatile class in the game, this class also has all three roll types in 4 specs overall to play, making them a fantastic choice for people who love a variety. The druid is one of the fastest solo leveling classes in the game with having the ability to have almost zero downtime in between fights moving at an incredibly fast pace. The druid is crucial to have in a raiding environment with feral having the ability to tank and DPS very well, boomkin to bring great damage and cast or hit percentage buff, restoration bringing increased overall healing to the raid and the class as a whole being allowed to use a combat resurrection makes them invaluable no matter the spec you choose. 

In PvP, all the specs are viable but balance struggles with having to be paired with specific classes in arena to excel, but they make up for it with how well they perform in battlegrounds with the amount of spread pressure they bring with starfall in all their dots. Feral druid is very strong particularly in the early phases due to their massive ferocious bites and very high consistent burst damage with their new offensive cooldowns. Lastly, resto druid is the king of healing on the move and just being plain hard to catch with how slippery they are, making them fantastic for an arena environment. The druid class is known for being one of the best classes overall in the game with all their specs being viable, fast leveling speed and the ability to get free flight form is a major bonus as well.

3. Priest

  • 2 Role types (Dps, Healer)

  • 2 support specs

  • Amazing utility in raids

  • Strong leveling with shadow

  • Maybe the best PvP healer

  • Ideally all 3 specs can be used in a raid

  • Amazing duelist with shadow

The priest is known as being a very powerful support class, with it being the only class in the game that brings two different healing specs. The priest overall makes for an excellent solo leveling class with the shadow spec, giving them amazing healing and consistent DPS while having massive mana regeneration, allowing them to have little to zero downtime while leveling in between mobs. In the raid environment, priest is above average in both healing and overall dps, with holy bringing great raid wide healing and disciplined priests having very strong mana regeneration and single target healing and shields. Shadow priests is no slouch in the raid environment either, they bring great DPS early on the expansion and a massive amount of utility with vampiric embrace and replenishment which will generate health and mana for your party. In PvP, shadow priest brings by far one of the strongest 2v2 comps in the game, with shadowpriest and subtletyrogue, endless cc and very high consistent pressure making them both a very good match together. Disciplined priests being strong with their absorbed shields and high consistent healing with penance makes them great in arena as well. The priest overall performs very well in battlegrounds also because they bring immense pressure to multiple targets with shadow and great party-wide healing with holy. The priest is an amazing caster to play in wrath if you're looking for a class with great utility and party setups rather than just being so flashy all the time.

4. Hunter

  • Leveling class

  • 3 strong DPS specs

  • Very mobile class

  • Can solo difficult quests

  • Amazing DPS in raid with marksman

  • Overall very strong in all forms of pvp

  • Very high skill ceiling

  • Mortal wounds for PVP

The hunter is a very powerful DPS class in Wrath of Lich King, it is by far the most efficient leveler in the game, with having a very simple leveling rotation, never being in any danger due to their pet having aggro and low gear dependency. In a raid environment, hunters are very exceptional, with marksmanship and survival constantly dancing between s tier and a tier throughout the entirety of the expansion. With the raw damage from marksmen and debuffs from survival, making them always wanted. When it comes to PVP, marksmanship is going to be your primary specialization, due to the highly buffed marksmanship spec, it brings amazing bursts utilities and defenses while all being a very mobile range class that feels like it's impossible to catch if skilled enough. There are even some comps with beastmaster 300 that pairs them with other classes like unholy death knight and shaman to use bloodlust to buff everyone and their pets by a massive amount. The hunter is a powerful class overall in Wrath, but when it comes to PvP, their skill sealing and multi-managing aspects could be a turn-off to most. But if mastered, can make them a very deadly opponent overall.

5. Rogue 

  • Maybe the best class fantasy

  • Can go stealth

  • Cheeky gold farm methods. Pick pocket, stealth farm nodes

  • Very powerful DPS in raids

  • Great in all phases

  • Overall very strong in all forms of PvP

  • Very high skill ceiling

  • Best for open world ganking

The rogue WotLK is another great DPS class, it may not be a fast leveler but they make up for it with the amount of tricks they have up their sleeves in many scenarios. Throughout the expansion rating, the rogue is a very strong DPS class. Assassination is particularly strong in the early phases due to not being so gear reliant within venom and their poisons completely bypassing armor. But by phase 2, combat rogue starts to scale completely out of control with how much damage they deal in single target and multi-cleave. Everyone knows how strong rogues are in PvP, but rogue has one of the highest skill ceilings in the game and if played correctly, they can beat almost anybody in under the right circumstance. Subtlety rogue is going to be your go-to in PvP throughout most of the expansion due to the sheer amount of control the class has, paired with on-demand bursts that is needed to take out enemies fast. They are proficient in solo capping points as well as defending the flag room and capture the flag. The rogue is overall an amazing dps class at Wrath of Lich King and super fun to play if played properly.

6. Mage

  • Teleport across the world

  • Fire mage insane late game

  • Great at gold farming

  • Very powerful dps in raids

  • Frost mage has best control in the game

  • Has an answere to almost every situation

  • Easy leveling

  • Great in dungeons 

The mage in every expansion is a solid class overall. No matter what, there is always one spec that is going to be viable in PvE and one spec viable in PvP. If used effectively, mage can be one of the best levelers in the game with the amount of mobs they could pull at once from the massive amount of aoe damage they bring solo. When raiding early on, the arcane mage is a single target powerhouse and will dominate in phase 1 on certain short duration fights. But slowly but surely throughout the expansion, fire mage creeps up and becomes by far one of the heaviest hitters in the game. By being very reliant on critical strike to cast instant pyroblast, they do need some time to scale but it becomes evidently worth it in the end. In PvP, frost mage is going to become your go-to mage spec by being the class with the most control in the entire game with polymorphs, endless slows and roots and they even get massive burst windows with shatter combos and their new spell deep freeze. Mage can fit in almost any team comp and is an absolute insane class for 1v2s. Overall, the mage has a super safe DPS class with all three specs being great in some time period throughout the expansion, making them versatile and fun with different and engaging rotations.

7. Warlock 

  • Very good at leveling

  • All specs viable at something

  • Great at gold farming

  • Soulstone, healthstone, debuffs

  • Affliction has amazing dispel protection

  • Summons

  • Very high raid DPS

  • Great in dungeons 

Warlock is known as being by far one of the strongest solo leveling classes in WotLK Classc, being very similar to hunter and its pet polling aspect. In a raid environment, warlock is primarily going to be your go-to option, with the debuff limit now being unlimited and they scaling so strong with all their dots, and they also have a very powerful executability and drain soul to targets below a certain percentage health threshold. There are some phases also where demonology can be strong due to their specific raid buffs and very heavy aoe damage and cleave as well. In PvP though, destruction warlock has some of the highest burst damage in the game, pairing chaos bolt with conflagrate. Using this in tandem with the powerful elemental shaman class makes them a nasty one-two punch combo in arenas. There's nothing wrong with some powerful damage over time though, affliction warlock brings a wide variety of multi-dotting and dispel protection and it makes them an absolute menace to deal with. As the expansion goes on, they become more and more scary later on down the line with them acquiring more and more gear. The warlock is a very scary range caster class around the Wrath of the Lich King, with 3 super fun DPS specs, it's no doubt they could be anyone's main character.

8. Warrior

  • Arms is s tier in pvp

  • Low skill curve

  • Amazing with a healer

  • Potential legendary weapon

  • Very strong mortal wounds

  • Multiple stances

  • Best DPS late in expansion

  • Great in a group 

The colossal melee dominating warrior is a fantastic class to play in Wrath the Lich King. Their leveling speed may be a bit slower than others, but they more than make up for it later down the line with their raid performance and arena strength. Protection warrior may not be the best main tank anymore and it's quite unfortunate that the mighty truly have fallen with them being the worst of them all. Warriors have a very slow start in the raiding environment, but as the expansion moves along, fury warrior slowly starts becoming the strongest DPS class in the entire game, with the acquiring of some armor pen pieces and having the potential to get the legendary weapon shadow mourn, their damage actually just becomes unparalleled. PvE may be tough for them for a while but PvP is a completely different story. Arms warriors are ester throughout the entirety of the expansion in arenas due to how much consistent pressure and healing debuffs they bring, pair them with the holy paladin in 2v2 and you easily have one of the easiest learning curve destruction comps in the entire game. The warrior may not be as powerful as it was in TBC, but by the end of the expansion they become absolutely colossal and unmatched overall.

9. Shaman

  • Best utility in the game

  • Best burst damage windows

  • Amazing class fantasy

  • Can be melee/ranged dps and healer

  • Fantastic off healers

  • Bloodlust in arenas

  • Great in a group 

When it comes to leveling, the shaman is going to be about middle of the pack. When it comes to raiding with the shaman, you have to know your value which is the best utility and buffing in the entire game. When it comes to raw damage, you don't bring as much as the other classes, but having access to bloodlust and endless totems to boost you and your allies, makes you an invaluable asset, everyone would want and need. When it comes to restoration healing, you are also middle of the pack healers in both tank and raid wide healing also. But in PVP, things do change, elemental shaman is known as one of the best PvP classes in the entire game with having the number one burst window in the game, pairing lava burst and chain lightning and having crazy utility also. Enhancement is great for melee cleave comps particularly with unholy death knight to buff all their pets with heroism. When it comes to shaman, they could easily be one of the biggest most underappreciated classes due to them not dealing massive raw damage or healing in a raid. But they do make up for it by being the biggest support class of them all.

10. Death Knight

  • Level 55 start

  • Free mount

  • All three specs are available

  • Tank and dps gear are similar

  • Frost and unholy are amazing dps in raids

  • Easy skill curve

  • Blood is very easy to play

  • Unholy’s pets are very strong

The brand new death knight class is no slouch comrade the Lich King. They may be the new kid on the block but they are phenomenal overall. They also start at a whopping level 55 which helps the leveling journey tremendously. In PvE, frost death knight and unholy death knight dance between s and a tier throughout the entirety of the expansion. Frost is fantastic for single target dps and unholy is great for multi-target cleaving. The blood death knight is also an amazing tank class with having powerful defensives and by far the highest single target threat generation in the game. When it comes to PVP, death knight is amazing. Unholy death knight in particular is ester throughout the entirety of expansion with bringing amazing burst cleave damage and powerful defensives to keep them moving and feeling unkillable. The death knight is an amazing class if you're looking for something a bit lower skill curve and strong in the melee department.

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