Best WotLK Pre-Patch Farming Spots & Locations - Top 6 Gold Farms In Wrath of the Lich King Classic

9/2/2022 6:49:31 PM

"What is the best way to make gold in Wrath of the Lich King Classic" is a common question asked by people in the community recently. Now in this guide, we can solve your doubts, we list the top 6 best gold farming spots & locations in WotLK pre-patch, helping you make the best use of your time to fast make gold in Wrath of the Lich King Classic! 

Best WotLK Prepatch Farming Spots & Locations - Top 6 Gold Farms In Wrath of the Lich King Classic

In any WoW series game, a very common question is how to farm gold easily and fast. So, with the release of the WOTLK pre-patch, players are now farming gold for all the uniques and epic gear WOTLK offers. There will be 6 different gold farms of varying different degrees of accessibility based on what classes you are playing, but most of these are going to be available to anybody. Now read on the article and find the best way to make gold in WotLK pre-patch! 

Note: The guide is compiled by a famous Youtuber - The Tired Llama.

Best WotLK Gold Farming Spot 1 - Rhino Meat

The first land that we're going to talk about is one that you will have access to the moment you get up to Northrend and that is going to be the rhinos in Southern Borean Tundra that you can find both as a skinner to skin the mobs, but also for their rhino meat. These mobs are in large packs, are mostly neutral mobs and drop these rhino meats very frequently, which depend on the prices on your realm and how many people are looking to get their cooking up on day 1, could actually prove to be very lucrative if done very early but because of the fact that it is such low level mobs for Wrath of the Lich King and they are basically where you first arrive when you get to northrend, this is going to be a highly accessible farm. 

Best WotLK Gold Farming Spot 2 - Chunk O Mammoth

One that hopefully will drop off quite as hard however while we're still on the theme of cooking based material farming is going to be the Chunk O Mammoth that you can farm in Sholazar Basin. Now these mammoths aren't quite as plentiful as the rhinos were and are a little bit more spread out, but they do seem to drop a chunk of mammoth every single kill. With these being more beast, you do have the ability to maximize your profit by also having skinning and there are a fair few mining node locations nearby as well if that is the profession with which your character has. These mobs are in shoulders are basing which is one of the most popular zones in the game, as well as also being in the mid 70s range, it does mean that you are probably going to be encountering a lot of competition for these mobs and a lot of people will be leveling through this zone, meaning that they will pick up a lot of these Chunk O Mammoths as well simply while leveling and there are alternatives as well to this farm. So before you engage in this particular farm, you will want to see if it is one that is going to be lucrative for you based on the price of the mammoth meat on your realm. However, if the price is good, then this is a pretty good location for getting that meat.

WotLK Prepatch Best Gold Farm 3 - Crystallized Fire

There is a cave in the northern parts of storm peaks, that has these little wind elementals that actually drop crystallized fire. This cave is quite small and a bit out of the way, so hopefully it will reduce the amount of people that are going to be coming here to do their farming. However, these mobs prove to be very fairly easy to kill, as well as also dropping a lot of crystallized fire. So if the rates on your realm are good, then this would be a very lucrative farm indeed. One thing that is potentially irritating about this farm is that the mobs in the cave if you engage them from a distance will charge and stun you. However, if you have a means of avoiding this or if you have a means of using it to your advantage using second wind on the warrior to get healed by the mobs when they do this, this farm is very sustainable and potentially very lucrative.

Best WoltK Farming Location 4 - Relic of Ulduar

Keeping with the theme of consistently high value items, next we will be taking a look at relics of ulduar and how you can farm them from the captive and exhausted vrykul up in storm peaks. Now these mobs are neutral, so you can pull them in sizes that are suitable to your capacity for killing them, there are a few other mobs that aren't neutral in between themselves, but nothing here is particularly hard to kill. And the drop rate on relic of ulduar seems to be pretty good. With all that being said, the best thing about this farm is that relics of ulduar are likely to keep their value for quite a while through the expansion as sons of hodir rep which is what you get from handing in these relics is going to be an absolute must for anyone looking to read. Once people have done the sons of hodir reputation, they are most likely going to have access to the ability to increase their reputation on their alts which will diminish the long-term value of the relics of ulduar. However, there will always be people who need to get that reputation done and as a result, this should stay fairly steady throughout. These mobs being humanoid does mean that they also drop an awful lot of greens, greys and cloth along the way as well, meaning there's also that consistent value there as well.

Low Level Gold Farm In WotLK - Frostweave Cloth

This is one of the best locations for farming the cloth in Wrath of the Lich King. This is going to be very lucrative if you have a character that can both farm the mobs that drop the frost weave cloth, as well as also that character being a tailor to get additional drops. The mobs that you will be fighting are on a balcony where they are fighting one another, meaning that you can engage them freely at your own will as and when you should so desire. And they drop cloth very consistently while not being particularly difficult mobs to kill. This is going to be a very valuable farm if you have access to tailoring even if it is not on the character that will be doing the farming, because things such as making new bags for people is always going to be one of the most lucrative ways of making gold in WoW. The farm is very consistent and will be getting a lot of other greys and greens, because these mobs are humanoid. But they do drop freckle bones. These bones are banned on pickup, so you won't be getting any gold for them. However, you will be able to turn them in at an NPC on a repeatable quest that will be able to give you short-term buffs, you will be able to use while in icecrown. Depending on the character that you're farming with, there are going to be a lot of these that are going to be able to increase your farming output. Be it by increasing your damage or giving you mana or health sustain, so that you are able to fight more consistently. Making this farm even better than it already was!

WotLK Gold Farming Spot 6 - Frostweave Cloth

In top spot for WotLK pre-patch, we're going to be taking a look at solo farming. This is something that is going to not be available for everybody and it is going to be slightly more difficult than most of these open world farms, but it comes with a few upsides as well. Most notably is going to be the fact that you do not have to compete with anybody else for mobs. Now the mobs here are actually dropping gold at a roughly equal rate to the mobs when you are soloing them at level 80 when you're killing humanoids in around that level. It is a considerably more fun farm to do. People enjoy doing dungeon films and soloing things that were designed as group content, you will be able to improve your standards with this farm and make more and more WotlK Classic gold throughout. Anyway, this farm has the potential to help other people out with their capacity to get through the dungeon for drops and or quest completions.

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