WOTLK Best Tanks & Healers - Wrath Of The Lich King Tank & Healer Tier List & Ranking

9/5/2022 3:32:24 PM

What are the best tanks and healers to choose when Wrath of the Lich King releases? Today we're going over the best tanks and healers for Wrath of the Lich King. This best WOTLK tanks and healers tier list is under a 3.3.5 client and this is all done from the perspective of Classic Wrath. 

Classic WOTLK Best Tanks & Healers - Wrath of the Lich King Tank & Healer Tier List

Both tanks and healers play an important role in Wrath of the Lich King. We're going at this with perspective and hope that when Classic Wrath arrives, we are being delivered a product that is in a pre-nerf state. We're not talking about custom buffed private servers right now, we're not talking about post nerf, we are going to go at this with the approach of people who want to have the discussion of what's going to be the best tanks and healers for Classic Wrath. We're going to start with the best tanks in Wrath of the Lich King because this part is going to go real quick.


Classic Wrath of the Lich King Tanks Tier List  

S Tier On WOTLK Tanks Ranking


For s tier, you got your protection paladin. protection paladin is going to be the best tank and the entire expansion. By far they are probably the best at every single fight for every encounter in pretty much every situation. You're never going to not want to protection paladin. You're going to want a protection paladin to be the core main tank of your 10 men and you're going to want your protection paladin to be your absolute main tank for your 25 men. They're extremely broken. They are the tankiest of all the tanks, they have a really good threat, they have amazing cds with the hand of sack, raid sack. Your ardent defender is literally like hacking. It is a modern cooldown that has arrived early for the protection paladin where they get this cheat death and arden defender is just busted. They're too strong and if you ever get your hands on playing a protection paladin, the rotation is super easy and you will feel so in control of the raid and the environment that you're in. 


A Tier on Classic Wrath Tank Rank

Blood DK

Your dk tank is your a tier tank, your next best tank in WOW WotLK. They are 100% without a doubt the absolute Wotlk best tanks for single-target threat, super good for single-target threat. They can't be beaten on that at all. The icy touch spam is just broken, it scales way too hard, it does way too much threat, it needs to be fixed. But because we're being delivered a product that's 3.3.5 and we get an overpowered high single target threat ability with icy touch. So your blood dk is literally good for that one reason. On top of all that, their kit is solid, icebound fortitude possibly the best defensive in the game except for maybe shield wall from your protection warrior.  There is so much self-healing involved with your blood dk. Most importantly, you get a hysteria which is basically like the physical DPS version of a power infusion. Your blood dk is going to be amazing for single-target tanking, it's going to be really good for two-target tanking. For three target tanking, they kind of struggle there. you definitely want more of like a protection paladin to fill that three-target tanking roll. If you want big aoe packs, your blood dk actually shines better. 


B Tier On Wrath Classic Tank Rankings


Next into our b tier on this Classic WOTLK tank list is going to be our feral, including guardian druid, feral druid, and your bear. The bears are pretty decent, they're okay, and they are super beefy. None of the tanks will have as much health as a feral druid that's for sure, extremely beefy and you want beefiness in your tanks in Wrath. Single target threats are pretty good, aoe threat isn't left much to be desired and they don't really have very good cds. They're not bad, they do bring a good buff, and they bring innervates and battle rezzes. They're definitely useful, you're definitely going to want to have your feral DPS have a bear-off spec for your 10 men. But if you're trying to organize and create a guild and optimize for situations and prepare for Wrath classic, we would never recommend a bear. T


C Tier On Wotlk Tank Rankings

Frost and Unholy DK

There are builds where you can go frost and unholy for fun if you want to do that. They're going to fall under c to your tank. Frost is going to be more of your heroic tank, unholy has its weird niches and raids.


F Tier On Wotlk Classic Tank Tier List


Protection warriors are just not in a good place in Wrath. In Wrath Classic if you're building a roster and you have someone who wants to play protection warrior, you need to make sure that you are not that you are setting expectations clearly with your guild. Because having a protection warrior in your main tank rotation is a recipe for disaster. They will do perfectly fine in tier 7 and tier 9. In tier 8 in uldar, they will get absolutely demolished early on in icc. They are way too squishy, they don't bring a lot to the table in terms of cds. They do have a really good shield wall which is great. And protection warriors are without a doubt the absolute best block tank. But other than that you don't want one and you don't even want one for your 10 men. The threat isn't even good either, so don't waste your time.


Wrath of the Lich King Classic Healers Tier List

S Tier On WOTLK Healer Rank

Holy Paladin

Holy paladin has to be the best Classic WotLK healer. Your holy paladin is insane in Wrath of the Lich King. It's a lot like your protection paladins and holy paladins are the two single biggest carry classes of your entire raid. If your best players are on your protection and your holy paladin, you're going to be set up really well. Obviously, you want like some really good players on your warlocks as well, but your protection pound and the holy pound will control so much of your raid environment that you really want these two characters to be reliable players. It's just way too important if you're going to approach a fight at all especially thinking about Wrath classic. We're bringing in the speed-running community. The speedrunning community is going to do everything it can to increase the pace and go fast. If you're going to solo heal any fight in Wrath. Nine times out of ten you're solo healing with a holy paladin, maybe a disc priest but it's probably a holy paladin. Plus on top of that, holy paladins get to benefit the most from val’anyr when that comes out. Your healing spells have a chance to cause Blessing of ancient kings for 15 seconds allowing your heals to shield the target absorbing damage equal to 15% of the amount healed. Your holy paladin is going to do so much healing with its holy lights. The value of that shield is actually going to be way higher than if any other healer were casting that spell. since holy paladins are spamming holy light, your raid is getting a lot of really good valuable absorbs from the val’anyr. So your holy paladin is absolutely incredible.


Discipline Priest

Disc is an s tier healer, you put it in the a tier just to like overemphasize the fact of how strong holy paladin is. But truthfully like your disc is an s tier healer, their kit is just so good in Wrath. They do so much absorbing, power and fusion is a really good deep offensive cd. Your pain suppression is an amazing defensive cd, you got healing him, mana him, your shadow fiend is great for getting mana back for you, and the rotation's super easy. You're sending out prayer mending and you're powered shielding everyone. They are just absolutely incredible and for really big tank damage heavy fights, your disc priest is going to be able to put up a ton of absorbs on your tanks. They're just incredible. If we were ever going to take just two healers to a speed-running run, it's going to be a holy paladin and a disc priest. You don't take anyone else those are your two.


A Tier On WOTLK Classic Healer Tier List

Restoration Druid

Restoration druids are incredible. They are awesome for blanket healing with spamming rejuve on the whole raid and they throw out a bunch of wild growths and it's actually kind of a DPS to increase to have your residue and the raid. What they bring is not a power infusion but they do bring revitalize. Your rejuvenation and wild growth spells have a 15 chance to restore 8 energy, 4 rage, 1% mana, or 16 runic power per tick. So keeping that up on your ferals, your rogues, your warriors, your dk's, and keeping that up on all your melee is actually a DPS increase for all of them. That's why you want to have a restoration druid, they have absolutely the best mana management of any healer. They almost never go home, they are able to provide innervates for other healers that's how efficient they are. And their rate of healing is just phenomenal.

B Tier On WOTLK Healer Rankings

Holy Priest

They are in contention as a fifth healer in this raid comp. The holy priest is actually really strong. The holy priest does a great job of filling a lot of different roles except for tank healing. They are really good at blanket healing, they have good burst stealing, and they have good cds, guardian spirit is a really undervalued cd. They're many efficient, they're extremely mobile and mobility is really important in fights in Wrath. Their kit genuinely feels like it was constructed and made for Wrath of the Lich King. If you ever get your hands on a good holy priest kit and play it out and have them geared and everything, when you play Lich King it feels like every global you make was made for the incoming damage. The holy priest is an amazing healer.

Restoration Shaman

Restoration shaman is great honestly. They scale fantastically, just as well as a holy priest. They start off early having some mana issues, but the more and more haste and gear that they get, the more they're going to be pumping. They have consistent burst healing which is kind of rare. You have burst to steal from your tank healing with a holy paladin and then your holy priest kind of ramps up with the burst ceiling. Meanwhile, your restoration shaman can just kind of standstill turret and just blast big burst healing. They struggle with mobility the same way that a paladin would where they don't really have a whole lot of options at their disposal for mobility. So fighting like a firefighter is going to be miserable for a restoration shaman absolutely miserable. We would recommend a restoration shaman to be your core fifth healer for your raid and for your guild. But keep in mind they are a little rough early, but once you get them some gear, they're going to shine and they will take off for you. They probably scale better than any healer in the entire game. Once you get to icc your whole, your restoration shaman is going to explode.

That wraps up the best healers and tanks in Classic Wrath of the Lich King. If you are looking for cheap WotLK gold, mtmmo.com sells cheap and fast gold.

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