How To Max Out Honor In WotLK Pre-Patch | WoW WotLK Classic Fast Hornor Farming Tips

9/7/2022 6:28:26 PM

You need to farm as much honor as possible in the Wrath of the Lich King Pre-Patch so you don't fall behind. Luckily there are so many changes that will help you get honor faster than ever, plus Blizzard has even drastically lowered gear prices. This is the guide to get your honor and your gear maxed out in WoW WotLK Classic.

WotLK Classic Fast Hornor Farming Tips

What's New With Honor Farming in the WotLK Classic Pre-Patch?

Honor gains are much faster and more based on individual performance in WoTLK Pre Patch. Honor farming goes from a chore in TBC to an absolute breeze in Wrath and in the pre-patch, season 4 brutal gear has been heavily reduced in price. If your gear is fresh, we would highly recommend picking up key pieces like the season 4 weapon, this gear is so good you may well be using it at level 80. It's also worth noting that in our testing we no longer received marks from the battleground, but your saved-up marks from TBC still exist, so save those for turn-ins at level 80.

How To Farm Honor Fast in WotLK Classic Prepatch?

Let's get into the best way to farm honor in the Wrath of the Lich King Pre-Patch:

  • Your goal should be to reach 75k honor on all your characters before Wrath launches, this will mean you can pick up at least one PVP piece at 80 for free. Remember that if you get your honor to 75k, don't spend your marks since you can't go over the 75k cap. Speaking of honor, no mark rewards means that the battlegrounds you play should depend only on honor gain per hour. At level 80, there's also the random battleground which did give some bonus honor on the beta but there aren't any bonus rewards at 70. 

  • If you have a premade, doing random battlegrounds is still great for variety and for honor; but without a pre-made, you'll be getting farmed in the graveyard pretty often; if you're flying solo Alterac Valley will be the most common battleground of choice. 

  • We also recommend the pre-patch routine includes the PvP daily call to arms, on the beta at 80 the honor gain was over 5,000, sadly at 70 the bonus honor from the daily is pretty low only 838. 

  • After the daily, queue up for Alterac Valley and pulp games, if a few friends log in you'll hit the random battlegrounds as well. When Wrath launches you will definitely add wintergrasp to your rotation. 

  • Just like the horde will be smacking the alliance in Alterac Valley, and don't forget double weekends are still very much a thing you can check the in-game calendar to see which battleground is giving out extra honor each weekend.

  • One last farming note is that the Tarakar Towers daily isn't really worth doing anymore, battlegrounds just give so much honor.

Best Gear To Get With Hornor in WotLK Classsic

Let's talk about PVP gear, you'll need level 80 to buy the new gear from vendors, which means the only gear you can buy at 70 is from TBC, this does mean that if your gear and your honor are maxed out, you are all set. But we would highly recommend buying season 4 gear if your gear is weaker. It's just so easy and fast to farm max honor right now and season four gear will hold up solidly even at 80 while you pump up Wrath Classic. 

So now you know all about PvP honor farming in the pre-patch, are you planning to go into wrath with max honor? 

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