WOTLK Pre Patch Leveling Guide - 5 Best Ways To Level Up In Wrath of The Lich King Pre-Patch

9/8/2022 10:03:51 AM

In Wrath of the Lich King, boosting has been nerfed, everyone will need to manually level. But there are so many tricks to massively increase your leveling speed. What are the best ways to massively speed up leveling in Wrath of The Lich King pre patch? In the WOW WotLK pre patch leveling guide, we talk about the fastest ways to level your characters in WOTLK Pre Patch.


WOTLK Pre Patch Leveling Guide - 5 Best Ways To Level Up In Wrath of The Lich King Pre-Patch

If you came across this WotLK pre patch leveling guide, probably you are planning to level a character for Wrath of Lich King Classic. Maybe death knight, or even multiple characters. After all, Wrath is an alt-friendly expansion. In the Wrath pre patch event, you can level twice as fast and make it way more enjoyable. Now, we check gear, professions, and buyable items to get the max level in a fraction of the time. 

1. Upgrade Your Gear

The first way to speed your leveling up is to gear up. Any level 60 can apply TBC leg enchants like runic spell thread, that extra stamina and damage are absolutely huge and you can't afford to miss it. Speaking of enchants fully enchanted white armor should last until at least level 30. One big enchant you need to make sure you get is minor move speed on your boots. Just having that extra speed will save you hours of travel time. Meanwhile, fiery weapon enchants on melee weapons will have you destroying mobs. Casters can enjoy their 30 spell power enchant for their weapon as well. Just remember that non-soul binding items like skinning knives can be reused on multiple characters.


2. Main Yourself Items

The best thing you can do is to check the auction house regularly for weapons and armor. Buy anything and everything that's cheap and a future upgrade. Since nobody can boost anymore, greens and blues will hold their value very well. Stock up on things like healing potions, scrolls, buff potions, and grenades. Can you imagine how much easier leveling will be on a warrior if you're using iron grenades on every mob pack? One last thing about mailing stuff, don't forget to get some bigger bags as well. Mailing yourself plenty of big bags will reduce trips to town. Plus it's a whole lot more fun to level when you don't have to play inventory tetris. 


3. Best Professions To Speed Up Your Leveling

Profession wise engineering should be your absolute priority. Both grenades and sapper charges are completely busted at low levels. The other profession that you are prioritizing is herbalism. Lifeblood will speed up leveling significantly. Even at 150 herbalism, you'll be getting 480 healing per 3 minutes. Plus herbalism is the perfect profession to make gold. Speaking of professions, don't forget first aid. You can actually use heavy runecloth bandages below level 35, which means you can heal the full in seconds. 


4. Rested XP

The next way to speed up your leveling is to alternate characters. One leveling tactic is to actually hold out for the rested experience. Keep in mind that rested XP is more valuable at higher levels since it increases at a static rate across all levels. In your 50s and 60s, you'll save significantly more time by having a full level of rested XP compared to say a level 10.


5. Pre Buy Cloth

Pre buying the clothes for all the cloth turn-ins will really give you some free XP. In your 5 major base TBC cities, you can turn in wool, silk, mage, weave, and runecloth. If you do all of these turn-ins with the 50% XP bonus, you'll get almost 150 000 XP for free. 


We've covered some of the best ways to speed up your leveling in Wrath of the Lich King prepatch. If you more WotLK Classic gold, visit MTMMO.COM.

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