WotLK Classic Pre-Patch Brutal Gladiator Gear: Cost, Benefits & How to Get

9/8/2022 4:23:54 PM

In this guide we are going to look into the Brutal Gladiator gear in Classic Wrath of the Lich King (WotLK) Pre-Patch, focusing on the PvP gear cost, benefits, and how to get these items. 

WotLK Classic Pre-Patch Brutal Gear Cost & Price

It has been announced that you can buy these Brutal Gladiator items for honor in the WotLK Pre-Patch. So the total cost for a full set is going to be 70K. The chest, head, and legs are 15K, gloves are 12K, and shoulders are 13K. You can also purchase other Brutal Gladiator weapons, but the price varies. Generally, the two-hand weapons are the most expensive, and the one-hand and offhand gear pieces are a bit cheaper. 

Brutal Gladiator’s Scaled Chestpiece: 15, 000

Brutal Gladiator’s Scaled Helm: 15, 000

Brutal Gladiator’s Scaled Shoulders: 13, 000

Brutal Gladiator’s Scaled Gauntlets: 12, 000

Brutal Gladiator’s Scaled Legguards: 15, 000

WotLK Classic Pre-Patch Brutal Gear

WotLK Classic Pre-Patch Brutal Gear Benefits

Why Brutal gear is good for a fresh character or an alt and why it is great to obtain these PvP gear in WotLK pre-patch? The first reason why getting Brutal gear in pre-patch of WotLK Classic is important is that because you have no competition on tokens and or dungeon gear and that's pretty huge, the less competition, the more likely you are to guarantee yourself upgrades versus losing time or losing the pieces to another class or another person. The second one is the sheer amount of stamina and resilience on these set pieces. Resilience is a stat that reduces the chance to be critically hit, 1% of resilience will reduce the chance to be critically hit by 1%, reducing the damage taken from crits by 2.2%, now this is improved from 2%. It also reduces the damage done and reduces the amount of mana drained by one percent while there is no limit to the reduction in critical strike hit chance, the damage taken from critical strikes can only be reduced by a maximum of 33 up from 25 in the Burning Crusade. The Brutal set nearly allows us to double the stamina that we get, now recently Blizzard also lowered the prices of all these pieces as well, making them much less time to obtain.

WotLK Classic Pre-Patch Brutal Gear Farm & How to Get

If you are aiming to get your honor cap, you are literally able to get all five pieces of the Brutal gear quickly. This is gonna give people on fresh servers an easy way to get absolutely amazing gear. There are some odd ones that are actually not too bad, such as the Brutal Gladiator's Idol of Tenacity, increasing the spell power of your final hill value of lifeblood, it is not absolutely mind-blowing, but it is probably worth getting for 13K honor. When you compare it to the Vengeful set where the gloves are 9K and the Brutal gloves are only 3K more, there is quite literally no point in getting anything below the Brutal Gladiator set.

Stormwind is where you can get the rest of the pieces while we're traveling over to the vendor, what this really has done is made every other type of gearing up pretty pointless in the pre-patch, this really is for existing servers and fresh servers, because whilst you can do the pre-patch event where you can get some epics, you can even go and kill the extra boss in Karazhan to get the two-handed axe in there, but actually sitting in battlegrounds for like a week solid just to get full brutal gladiator gear probably going to set you up for a better start in Northrend. So getting farming battlegrounds now is absolutely worthwhile for the pre-patch.

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