How To Level & Gear Up Fast In WotLK Prepatch - Easiest Way To Prepare For Fresh Level 70 WotLK Classic

9/17/2022 5:16:25 PM

Today we present a WotLK pre-patch gearing guide, detailing how you can gear up your character quickly in the Wrath of the Lich King Classic pre-patch. So you can devil a bit faster when you get into northrend and start questing in the starting zones.

WotLK Pre-Patch Gearing Guide: How To Level Up & Gear Up Fast In WotLK Prepatch

Scourge Invasion

In the pre-patch, there will be The Scourge Invasion and if you go to your mini map, you can also see the location of the invasions. At these invasions, that will be the spectral soldiers, but sometimes also a rare creature that you can kill. You can just focus on finding these rares, because when you kill them, you will also get an epic item. It will be a leg plate and either a cloth, leather, or plate. 

Necrotic Runes

Another thing you can do is to farm necrotic runes by killing the non-elites and when you have killed a lot of these, the crystal in the middle will also be destroyed and instead, 4 creatures will spawn. These creatures will be very difficult to kill, so just form a group. You can speak to these NPCs and hand in 8 necrotic runes, this will also transform the NPC into a shadow of doom. The shadow of doom will always drop 30 in necrotic runes, but they also have a chance to drop a chess piece. So what else can you do with these necrotic runes? You can go to Argent quartermaster and add these NPCs, you can purchase some epic gloves and even some epic shoulder pieces. So you might be curious about the full set, you get a pair of gloves, some shoulder pieces, some legs and an armor. All of these items will also provide haste, and this is no matter if it's the glove, leather, or plate set. So we definitely recommend you to also focus on other stats, so your other gear could give you hit, expertise, crit or even defense. It's an amazing starter set for fresh level 70 character and collecting the full set will also increase the damage that you do to under targets by 3%. 

Arcanite Ripper

For those of you that would like to gear up your death knight or maybe even a two-hand class, then you can get the arcanite ripper in the pre-patch. To get this weapon, you will need to head into Garrison, kill the first boss and move to the second floor. Up here, you will find this special boss and when you kill this, you have a chance to get the Argonaut River. But before you can head into Garrison, then you'll most likely need to do some dungeons and even heroics. One dungeon to do as fast as possible is majesy's race, the final boss on normal mode will drop an epic item and this is usually not the case with normal dungeons. One thing you should do before you do the dungeon is to hit the Isle of Quel'Danas and pick up the dungeon quest. When you complete this, you will unlock heroic mode.

On your heroic mode, you can get so many insane weapons, there's going to be something for every single class beside a hunter, at least there's not going to be a ranged weapon. The main reason why you would also like to do this dungeon is because of the four different trinkets, that's one for casters, healers, DPS and even a tank. But else you should just continue to do the other dungeons on normal mode, eventually you will get enough repetition to purchase the different heroic keys and on heroic mode, you can now start collecting batch of justice. This is a currency you can use in Shattrath City to purchase different epic items. So once you have collected some gear in normal and it works and even the Scourge Invasion gear, then you should also be ready to start raiding.


Another thing to do is to do Battlegrounds. When you do Battlegrounds, you get honor and this honor you can spend on different 2p items. But even though it's per figure, then this is also the fastest and easiest way to gear up your character before Wrath of the Lich King. Because in the pre-patch, you can now buy Brutal Gladiator gear for Honor, so this is definitely the fastest way to gear up your character in WotLK Classic pre-patch and you can easily use this when you raid tier 4, 5 and even 6 content. You can also spend your honor on different Guardian pieces, there's going to be a belt,  bracer, boots, some different rings and necks. By the time that you start rating tier 5 content, you can hit two currents of time. At this location, you can pick up a quest and in this quest, you'll need to loot a quest item from the final burst in Tempest Keep and serpents Ryan Caverns. When you have done this, you head back to the quest giver and you can collect your epic ring. That's going to be an epic ring for casters, healers, DPS and tank. 

Easiest Way To Prepare For Fresh Level 70 WotLK Classic

The four rings are the final upgrade of the ring and you can upgrade brand of the eternal ring by doing the tier 6 raid mount. So what else could you be doing in the pre-patch?