WotLK Classic Brewfest Guide: Rewards (Gears, Weapons, Mounts), Achievements, Quests & More Tips

9/21/2022 12:03:22 PM

Brewfest is one of the best seasonal events in WoW Classic. If you're playing fresh or want to get the best mount in Wrath of the Lich King, you can't afford to miss Brewfest, this event brings sweet achievements like disturbing the piece as well as the Brewmaster title which you'll need if you want a chance at getting the Violet proto-drake Mount. But that's not all, the Brewfest event is incredibly useful for fresh players since you'll be able to get Biz gear for fast leveling, plus you can get a 2-hour 10% mob killing XP bonus twice a day.  With this WoW Classic WotLK Brewfest Event Guide (2022), we break down all details including quests, achievements, rewards, and useful tips about the best seasonal event in Wrath of The Lich King. 

WOTLK CLASSIC Brewfest Event 2022

WoW Classic WotLK Brewfest Event 2022

Brewfest is a yearly holiday event that will run from September 20th through October 6th in Wrath of the Lich King, you'll need to complete fun quests in order to get the Brewfest prize tokens, These prize tokens allow you to purchase special proof rescue and access to the Brew of the Month Club. Speaking of the Brew of the Month Club, you'll need to do 6 specific Brewfest achievements to get the brewmaster title is required for what a long strange trip it's been which unlocks the Mount - The Violet Proto-Drake.

Just like in previous years, you'll also be able to head to the Grim Guzzler in Blackrock Depths to take on Coran Direbrew, which means you can get some last-minute best-in-slot trinkets for your alt characters. Coren Direbrew still drops the Great Brewfest Kodo and Swift Brewfest Ram, these are two of the most eye-catching mounts in Classic WotLK. Plus don't forget your 10% mob killing XP bonus, it drops at both 6 a.m and 6 p.m Pacific time at the Brewfest Camp every day, this is just such a perfect event for fresh characters to catch up faster. 

WotLK Classic Brewfest Rewards (Gears, Weapons, Mounts & Titles)

Drops from Event Quests:

  • Brewfest Prize Tokens

  • 10% Mob Killing XP Bonus

Rewards To Buy With Brewfest Tokens:

  • Wolpertinger's Tankard (50 silver)

  • Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm (100)

  • Preserved Brewfest Hops (20)

  • Fresh Brewfest Hops (2)

  • Fresh Dwarven Brewfest Hops (5)

  • Blix's Eyesight Enhancing Romance Goggles (100)

  • Brewfest Pony Keg (100)

  • Brewfest Regalia (200)

  • Brewfest Dress (200)

  • Brown Brewfest Hat (50)

  • Brewfest Boots (100)

  • Brewfest Slippers (100)

  • Green Brewfest Hat (50)

  • Blue Brewfest Hat (50)

  • Purple Brewfest Hat (50)

  • "Brew of the Month" Club Membership Form (200)

Drops (Gears & Weapons) from Coren Direbrew:

  • Great Brewfest Kodo (Mount)

  • Swift Brewfest Ram (Mount)

  • Coren’s Lucky Coin (Tank Pre-BIS)

  • Direbrew Hops (Heal/Caster DPS BIS)

  • Dark Iron Smoking Pipe (Heal/Caster DPS Pre-BIS)

  • Empty Mug of Direbrew (Physical Pre-BIS)

  • Brightbrew Charm (Tank Pre-BIS)

  • Balebrew Charm (Tank Pre-BIS)

  • Direbrew’s Remote (Useful in Cataclysm Classic)

  • Direbrew’s Shanker (Rogue Pre-BIS)

  • Swift Brewfest Ram (BIS style)

  • Great Brewfest Kodo (2nd BIS style)

  • Direbrew’s Dire Brew (40 free tokens)

Titles from Achievements:

  • Brewmaster

  • The Brewfest Diet

  • Direbrewfest

  • Does Your Wolpertinger Linger?

  • Brew of the Month

  • Down With The Dark Iron

  • Have Keg, Will Travel

Efficient Brewfest Route To Get The Best & Most Rewards

What to do during Wotlk Classic Brewfest?


  • Complete Brewmaster Title

  • Maximize Brewfest Prize Tokens

  • Work towards Violet Protodrake

Now it's time to head outside to Iron Forge of your Alliance or Orgrimmar of your Horde, whether it's mounts or achievements you're after, you'll need a lot of Brewfest Prize Tokens

1. Complete Brewfest Achievements and Get Titles

Head to Brewfest in Ironforge or Durotar, complete the quest Welcome to Brewfest from Ipfelkofer Ironkeg (Alliance) in Dun Morogh or Tapper Swindlekeg (Horde) in Durotar. Then you start to complete quests and achievements for rewards:

Brewfest Achievements

  • Brew of the Month - Join the Brew of the Month club.

  • Brew of the Year - Sample 12 beers featured in the Brew of the Month club.

  • Direbrewfest - Kill Coren Direbrew.

  • Disturbing the Peace - While wearing 3 pieces of Brewfest clothing, get completely smashed and dance in Dalaran.

  • Does Your Wolpertinger Linger - Obtain a Wolpertinger pet.

  • Down With The Dark Iron - Defend the Brewfest camp from the Dark Iron attack and complete the quest, "This One Time, When I Was Drunk..."

  • Drunken Stupor - Fall 65 yards without dying while completely smashed during the Brewfest Holiday.

  • Have Keg, Will Travel - Obtain a Brewfest mount, or transform yours into one using Brewfest Hops.

  • Strange Brew - Drink 9 specific Brewfest beers

  • The Brewfest Diet - Eat 8 specific Brewfest foods

Meta Achievement(s)

  • What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

  • To Honor One's Elders

  • Noble Gardener

  • The Flame Warden/Keeper

  • Hallowed Be Thy Name

  • Fool For Love

  • For the Children

  • Brewmaster

  • Merrymaker

  • Mount Collecting

  • Stable Keeper (10 Mounts)

  • Filling Up The Barn (25 Mounts) 

  • Leading the Cavalry (50 Mounts) 

  • Mountain o' Mounts (100 Mounts)

2. Complete Brewmaster Achievement for Reins of the Violet Proto-Drake

Brewmaster achievement is required to get the Reigns of the Violet Proto Drake which is a 310% increase in movement speed Mount one of only a few mounts with that speed. There's only a limited time to take advantage of getting this Mount because Brewfest ends on October 6th and if you didn't get the achievement you're going to have to wait an entire year to get another chance at it, so this is your warning to get this achievement completed. 

Achievement 1 - Direbrewfest

one of the achievements you need to get which is like a sub achievement is Direbrewfest, you just need to kill corn direbrew in BRD, it's really easy groups are going to be running him like crazy, basically, just kill him you get the achievement easy. 

Achievement 2 - Brewfest Diet

Buy 8 Brewfest Foods: Pickled Sausage / Spiced Onion Cheese / Succulent Sausage / The Golden Link / Dried Sausage / Savory Sausage / Spicy Smoked Sausage / The Essential Brewfest Pretzel

This little bit harder but not too bad, you need to do the Brewfest diet Kieran Donahue for the alliance or Bron for The Horde sells, basically all the sausages you need just buy them all eat them all that's part of the achievement. You also need to get the spiced onion cheese which you can get from Agnes far Withers if you're Horde or Ann Summers if you're Alliance, they're cheese vendors in the same general area. Then last you need the essential Brewfest pretzel which can be obtained by speaking to any Brew Fest Barker in any beer garden and you get your free pretzel, and that's it you've just accomplished the Brewfest diet after eating all of those things.

Achievement 3 - Brew of the Month Club

Brew of the Month is probably one of the hardest ones to do, you'll need to get 200 Brewfest prize tokens by completing different Brewfest quests, there are daily quests which award Brewfest prize tokens. So after about two to three days of doing all the Brewfest quests, you should have enough prize tokens to go to the Token Redeemer which is Belbi Quikswitch if your alliance or Blix Fixwidget. Then basically you go and buy the Brew of the Month Club membership from them and starts a quest, you finish that Quest and you're in the club. Now a nice change from back in the day is that the brewmaster achievement required you to sample the 12 Beers that you get from joining The Brew of the month club as part of the brewmaster achievement. this however is no longer the case as of patch 3.3 making this achievement much easier this time around. 

Achievement 4 - Down With the Dark

This is pretty simple you just need to hang around the Brewfest Camp until it's attacked by the dark iron, and then drink the complementary Brewfest Samplers and Chuck the mugs at the Dark Iron Dwarves to fight them back, do this successfully and then turn in the quest this One Time When I Was Drunk which just involves you going over to another NPC and explaining your heroic Triumph.

Achievement 5 - Does Your Wolpertinger Linger?

For this one, you can really easily just walk over to the Token Redeemer and buy a wolpertinger for 50 silver, it's really as easy as that. 

Achievement 6 - Have Keg, Will Travel

This is the last achievement you need in order to complete and get the Brewmaster title and the achievement completed, you need to either obtain a Brewfest Mount which is pretty difficult the drop chances are low and on top of that you have to roll against other party members, or much easier just transform your current Mount into a Brewfest Mount using Brewfest hops which you can just purchase from token Redeemer for just 5 Brewfest prize tokens. You've successfully completed the brewmaster achievement in like a few days and you are one step closer to the Violet proto-drake.

2. Methods To Earn Max Brewfest Tokens Fast

How to earn Brewfest Prize Tokens fast? Let's start our Brewfest token Journey, complete the welcome to Brewfest Quest from Ipfelkofer Ironkeg in Dalaran and Tapper Swindlekeg in Durotar. From here we have several Quest options for free prize tokens. These are the Priority quests to complete to earn Brewfest Prize tokens fast:

Quest 1 - Chug and Chuck from Boxey Boltspinner (Alliance) or Bizzle Quicklift (Horde)

This quest gives 10 Brewfest tokens starting from boxy bolt spinner or Bizzle quick lift, you'll just need to throw your complimentary Brewfest Samplers at the knockoff Westfall robot. 

Quest 2 - Now This is Ram Racing..Almost from Neill Ramstein (Alliance) or Ram Master Ray (Horde)

And don't forget about the introductory Ram training Quest now, this is Ram racing almost, all you need to do is maintain the three speeds of Trot Candor and Gallop for eight seconds each, but if you reach 100% fatigue, your ramp disappears. Once that ordeal is over with, don't forget to get your free brewfestine (optional) from Belbi Quikswitch (Alliance) or Blix Fixwidget (Horde)

Quest 3 - There and Back Again (Repeatable) from Neill Ramstein (Alliance) or Ram Master Ray (Horde)

In the pretend world where the event works, we'd all get smashed together and joyously head to the major Capital City entrances, there we'd head straight to the beer gardens where we'd zap Alex to our hearts content. Instead, let's do there and back again which is our classic keg delivery Quest starting from Neil Ramstein or Ram Master Ray. Just make sure to take a good route and run over those apple barrels or your RAM might disappear again.

Quest 4 - This One Time when I was Drunk (Repeatable)

This repeatable quest gives 10 easy tokens. Every 30 minutes, there will be an invasion of Dark Iron Dwarves at the camp, once the invasion is over just loot the wreckage on the ground and turn it into Boxey Boltspinner (Alliance) or Bizzle Quicklift (Horde)

Quest 5 - Bark! (Repeatable)

Though if you're looking for a more challenging Quest, the Bark Quest should be right up your alley. Just pick one of the two breweries to Bark for and carefully ride your ram through your cities capitol, switch to Epic mount after completing checkpoints.

A hot tip you can go ahead and disappear your Mount again and switch to Epic riding once you hit all four checkpoints. This would also be a great time to do that Wolperttinger Quest right. Just go ahead and buy the pet from the vendor for the achievement instead.

3. Kill/Farm Coren Direbrew for Both Mounts and Useful BiS for Your Specs

  • Coren Direbrew killed (Direbrewfest achievement)

  • Direbrew’s Dire Brew drop after the first Direbrew kill turns in at Ipfelkofer Ironkeg (Alliance) in Dun Morogh or Tapper Swindlekeg (Horde) for 40 free tokens

  • Great Brewfest Kodo obtained

  • Swift Brewfest Ram obtained

This is semi-optional, you don’t NEED the Brewfest mounts. You can use Hops to transform your mount instead.

Why Coren Direbrew is Good for Fresh Characters?


  • You can bring multiple alts at lower levels to gear up quickly.

  • The daily Insult Coren Direbrew quest requires level 65, but lower level characters can receive the gear.

  • All drops are useful depending on your class/spec. These are massive upgrades for any pre-BIS character.

Blizzard has decided to keep Coren as the level 73 version, so he drops the same level 70 trinkets from last year, that means this is the perfect boss for fresh characters since items like Direbrew Hops and Empty Mug of Direbrew will save you several hours of grinding. Plus the great Brew Fest Kodo and the Swift Brewfest Ram are extremely worth getting, these mounts absolutely stand out in the crowd and will have people inspecting your character for years to come. And the Direbrew's Remote is a must-have BRD teleport, especially if catacomb classic and black Wing descent end up coming out. Don't forget that you also get a 40 free Brewfest Prize Token turn-in quest for killing Coren Direbrew the first time.

4. Best Brewfest Rewards to Buy with Brewfest Prize Tokens

  • Our first token priority will be to join the Brew of the Month Club, this will help us to progress towards several future achievements like Brewmaster

  • Purchase three pieces of Brewfest clothing (350 Total Tokens) for disturbing the Peace achievement - While wearing 3 pieces of Brewfest clothing, get completely smashed and dance in Darlaran.

  • Plus the Wolpertinger's Tankard pet is a must-have for Brewmaster

  • While you're shopping, don't forget to hit up all the vendors to buy the ales and foods for the Strange Brew and Brewfest Diet achievements (Only "The Brewfest Diet" is required for Brewmaster Title)