Animal Crossing New Horizons: 10 Features Nintendo Secretly Removed & Changed

9/22/2022 10:54:13 AM

Have you ever thought back to this bench, and realized it eventually gets removed to make way for the stupid rules that no one wanted, and because of this we have to walk all the way over here now, this bench is not the only thing that was replaced or has been removed, so today for funsies we're breaking down 10 features glitches and details that Nintendo secretly removed from the game over the last two years.

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10 Features Nintendo Secretly Removed & Changed

Although the ability to share these kinds of recipes has been removed, it doesn't really affect anyone playing after the first week of New Horizons, so there we have 10 features removed and glitches patched.

No.1 Fences on Docks

Jumping in with one of the coolest features to be removed fences on the docks, that's where we pretty much ever since placing fences were a thing, they could be placed on the docks, it made for some really creative areas, sadly in the lead up to the 2.0 release Nintendo removed the ability to place these here likely in preparation for Captain's arrival which makes sense, but it did remove a seriously creative outlet for players which is a shame, we guess we'll just have to settle for making our own docks.

NO.2 Monthly Interest

We once knew Horizons launched, there was an influx of Bell-Ionaires because it was possible to earn close to 100 000 Bells each month in interest based on the ACNH bells in their Bank, mixed with time travel allowed players to get pretty rich, pretty quickly, sadly in the 1.2 updates Nintendo nerfed the interest rate from 0.5 with a maximum profit of 99 999 bells to a mere 0.05 with a maximum profit of 999 Bells, making it much harder to get rich quickly, they did send everyone a bell rug though.

NO.3 Hybrids

Pop Quiz have you collected all of the hybrid flowers yet, and what's your favorite breed, let us know in the comments,  and since by pure chance we're talking about hybrids, let's quickly discuss the hybrid Island, at the launch of one of the islands you could randomly visit courtesy of Dodo Airlines was a hybrid Island that was covered in various hybrid flowers, at the beginning this was the quickest and easiest way to obtain some of the rarest flowers, sadly in one of the earlier updates shortly after launch, Nintendo removed This Island from the pool of Ireland, this is likely because the hybrid flowers a player could encounter was somewhat based on their Island flowers and their sister flowers which gave an advantage to some players, so it's much fairer.

NO.4 Amiibo Dialogue

For the majority of New Horizons lifespan, it's been possible to see unique dialogue for special characters when you scan their amiibo and attempt to invite them to the campsite, you can only invite regular villagers, but when scanning Tom Nook, for example, you would get this dialogue,   of course experiencing any kind of unique and rare dialogue is pretty cool, and pretty much every special character had their own, sadly since the 2.0 update Nintendo removed this feature and now when scanning special characters you get a short standard response stating the character you're looking for can't be invited, we can't help but think it's because Nintendo didn't want to write down dialogue for all of the new special characters added in the 2.0 update.

NO.5 Cataloguing Posters

Posters are a pretty cool ACNH item in New Horizons, they're very similar to photos, but a little easier to obtain depending on how you look at them and every Villager has one, since the launch of New Horizons, it was possible to go to someone's Island and catalog a poster which basically means pick up someone else's posters, so it appears in your own catalog, and then drop it again this allows you to order your own when you return home without taking someone else's, this made the process of obtaining 400 odd villager posters pretty easy, sadly Nintendo removed the ability to do this last year, and posters no longer appear in your catalog unless you obtained it personally, making cataloging them redundant, this means that since the update you have to scan the amiibo yourself at photopia in order to catalog or obtain these items, a nightmare for completionists.

NO.6 Museum Upgrade

We've covered this before but this guide wouldn't be complete without it, back in the early days of Animal Crossing New Horizons, the museum had three upgrades, it went from bladder's tent to the adorable small Museum, then again to the larger Grand Museum, sadly since Brewster and The Roots were added to New Horizons, Nintendo removed these smaller Museum upgrade, now you unlock blather's tent and within a week upgrade directly to the Grand Museum, never getting to experience this adorable smaller Museum, this is removed for anyone playing 2.0 or higher, but it is still possible to see on dream islands for those who didn't upgrade or anyone starting a launch copy of New Horizons without updating, but yeah pretty difficult to encounter now which sucks.

NO.7 Tress on Paths

Something that players could do for a while is planting trees on the top of paths that had been laid, this was possible thanks to a small trick involving placing a Village's tent on the path, then deciding not to place it there, behind the scenes this temporarily told the game the paths were grass, allowing players to dig and plant, this was a fantastic design feature and again opened up some Super Creative Design Elements, sadly given it wasn't how Nintendo intended the path to work was clearly a glitch and was patched, removing the ability to plant trees on paths.

NO.8 Star-Fragment Tress

Whilst on the topic of glitches tricks and hacks star fragment trees used to be a thing, any new players out there might not believe it, but for a while thousands of players had these gorgeous things growing on their Islands, these star fragment trees along with a bunch of other custom trees originate from players modding their Islands, but the scar fragment trees quickly spread, because it was easy to go to someone else's Island and take them without the need to mod, Nintendo eventually stepped in when they started to appear in dream addresses and because modding is against Nintendo's terms of service they banned islands that included them and passed out the ability to create them, removing some of the best-looking trees ever to exist in the Animal Crossing universe.

NO.9 Nature Day

During the first year of Animal Crossing New Horizons Earth Day or nature day wasn't just a seasonal event like Moon viewing day or the grape Harvest Festival, it was an actual event, to celebrate nature day Tom Nook ran special mcmile plus goals for over a week, these tasks were inspired by Nature plants and trees and gave us limited time Nook mail goals to work towards, some of these included decorating with flowers, planting tulip bulbs or wearing flowers in order to earn certain Nook miles, sadly for an unknown reason countless nature day nook mile goals were removed for the second year never to return, the event is still celebrated as a seasonal event though, so the core Globe item can still be obtained.

NO.10 Unobtainable DIYs

We have the rather strange one and something most people probably wouldn't even think to do, and that's sharing certain DIY recipes associated with the story mode with friends who have only just started the game, most likely around the time, dream addresses were being deleted for using star fragment trees, Nintendo removed the ability to take certain DIY recipe cards on dodo flights which stop users sharing DIYs, fortunately, this is limited to two types of recipes, those obtained in the early days of New Horizons such as the test your DIY skills pack available from Nooks, amongst others, and any DIYs that have been hacked into the game such as those you earn whilst doing activities like fishing out the trash that doesn't normally exist.

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