Elden Ring Best Starscourge Greatsword Build Level 150 - Talisman, Stats, Gameplay, How To Build A Starscourge

9/22/2022 3:28:39 PM

In this guide, we are going to be showing you an Elden Ring level 150 starscourge build which is a new game plus build that focuses around the use of the starscourge greatsword and cosplay's general radon a bit. Now let’s jump in on how to use it and what is the best way to use it effectively. 

Best Elden Ring Starscourge Greatsword Build Level 150 Guide 

The reason to make this a new game plus build starscourge rather than a new game build is because the weapon itself has rather high requirements at 38 strength, 12 dexterity and 15 intelligence, it weighs a lot at 20. If you're going to use radon's armor, that's also a very heavy armor set. And the weapon skill starscourge cry has a very high FP cost being 20 to use the shout and the 20 to use default attack that's 40 FP by default. So not only do you need vigor, you need FP, strength, some dexterity, some intelligence. That puts your stat spread crazy and that's if you don't have any endurance at all you're going to need endurance unless you want a heavy roll or be overweight which you can't even play that way. So you need a crazy amount of stats even to just make this build function like you could run around probably a level 120 and have no FP and be fat rolling and use this weapon. To use it effectively, you have to have a bit more stats than that in order to play the way that you want. 

How To Make Starscourge Build Work?

This is a paired colossal sword, that's pretty incredible, it's one of the only paired weapons in the game and paired weapons as you probably know only take up one weapon slot although you can do a wield them when you go to two hand that you do wield instead. This allows you to do jump attacks very easily with a colossal weapon or fossil sword in this case, that would be harder to do because you have the weight of two of these and that adds a lot of stress to your stats in order to get your equip load higher, so you're not fat rolling or you can even move at all. So you can you can use this a lot more effectively and it also frees up the offhand slot in order to use another weapon that has some benefit to you. For instance in this case we're using a sacrificial ax in order to get FP back because the FP cost of this weapon skill is tremendous. So whatever we can do to get FP back, we're gonna do and this allows us to slot that in the offhand and gain that bonus without ever using that weapon. So the weapon is self has okay damage, the weapon skill is tremendous, has a huge AOE radius usually staggers enemies when it grabs them and pulls them to you. And when you do the follow-up with L2, you hit for absolutely devastating damage. The damage type of this weapon skill starcaller cry is physical and magic damage, it's mostly physical damage, it matches the attack power of your weapon. So you should have about 60 to 70% physical damage and 40 to 30% magic damage depending on the shout in the attack. You're going to do mostly physical not as much magic damage.

Best Talismans For Starscourge Build

  • Shard of Alexander

  • War Medallion

  • Roar Medallion

  • Rotten Winged Sword Insignia

  • Millicent's Prosthesis

  • Great-Jars Arsenal

There are a couple of ways you can increase the damage of this weapon skill, primarily Shard of Alexander increases the damage. But another way is to use the War Medallion, this only impacts the first part, doesn't impact the follow-up attack but increases the damage of the shout. And if you use the Highland Axe, slot on offhand instead of the sacrificial axe, that would also increase just the shout part of this ability. However, the damage of this shout is so low that increasing that damage by 10, 15, 20% isn't enough to give you a lot of damage, that's like increasing the shout from like seven eight hundred damage to 900, 950, 100% damage, it's like 100 to 200% damage increase basically. At the beginning a new game plus, if you run with the Roar Medallion and you use that at this part of the game, you'll usually one shot most enemies with the first part. You can one shot a lot of enemies by default without slotting this, but as you progress further and further the game eventually you won't be able to one-shot enemies without that Medallion at some point after that you won't even be able to one shot them with the shout part with the Medallion. So you can use it for a stretch of the game but not for all of NG plus.

What we recommend is slot the Rotten Winged Sword Insignia and Millicent's Prosthesis. You won't have both of these at this point in the game unless someone drops you one. But if not, you'll have Winged Sword Insignia in the place of Rotten Wings Sword Insignia and the reason is because when you use the shout and you hit a bunch of enemies that actually triggers these talismans which then increases your attack power which then increases the damage of your follow-up attack. So you're going to have less damage on the initial shout, but that follow-up attack will hit like an absolute truck and maybe you don't even use the follow-up attack, maybe you use jumping or just regular tax afterward. Your attack power is going to skyrocket if you use that on multiple enemies and that was a better way, and as you get further and further in a new game plus and you're not killing things with that shout even with more medallion slotted, you will have to finish them off with that follow-up attack or some other attack and this is a great way to boost that.

The last talisman is the Great-Jars Arsenal, this allows you to medium roll with the amount of endurance, we have 40. It's a couple more points and you need 38 is enough to be able to medium roll with this exact setup. 

Starscourge Gameplay - How To Play Starscourge Greatsword Build in Elden Ring

The way to play this build is use regular attacks or jump attacks on regular enemies or run around and aggro a bunch of enemies, try and group them up and then use starcaller cry to just finish them off real quickly and that makes things go fast like you don't have to be as careful with this build as you do some other builds, you're not trying to pick things off one by one, round them all up, AOE them all down. If you're fighting a difficult enemy or a boss depending on how aggressive they are, what to do is to start starcaller cry when they're just on the edge of it, so that by the time they get to you, you are doing the follow-up attack smash. That way if they have a really heavy hitting attack, you won't be staggered out of it in some cases. It can be quite difficult against certain enemies in order to get that follow-up attack off, particularly some really aggressive bosses if they have like a really hard hitting weapon. So using it where you are not when they're on the outer edge of that AOE, it's a pretty big AOE, so that you can get that follow-up attack before they hit you, this works the best in most cases. But a lot of times you can get it off when they're close to you, because you do crouch down at some point in that animation and that will prevent you from getting hit. You can also use jump attacks effectively on bosses as well, this isn't the most damage dealing jump attack build, but you still can use jump attacks and one jump attack will trigger both of these talismans. 

Starscourge Stats & Attributes

  • Vigor: 50

  • Mind: 30

  • Endurance: 40

  • Strength: 70

  • Dexterity: 22

  • Intelligence: 16

  • Faith: 7

  • Arcane: 9

Elden Ring Starscourge Build Tips

  • If you're using the flask of wondrous physique, using the magic trout and cracked ear to increase your magic damage. you don't deal 100% magic damage, so it's not as effective as it would be in some builds, but it's going to give you a good amount of magic damage. If you don't want that one you can either slot dexterity or intelligence, those will both boost your damage as well. If you're at 80 strength, we don't see any point to slot the strength one there, but you could do it if you're at 70.

  • The other one is the Greenburst Crystal Tear, this is very stamina hungry build even with as much stamina as we have 40 endurance, you're still going to run out of stamina, so you want it to come back quickly in boss fights where you're spamming Starkiller or Starcaller Cry.

  • Lastly, for your Great Rune Godricks is the perfect rune for you, you're using 6 of the 8 attributes and it will alleviate some of that pressure on you to fulfill everything you need, there's 3 damage stats, you need a lot of endurance, you need a decent amount of mind, you need a lot of vigor. It'll free up some of that pressure and it'll also increase your damage. So that's really good to have for this Starscourge build in Elden Ring.