WOTLK Pre Patch Death Knight Leveling Guide - How To Get Your DK Full Gear In Wrath Of The Lich King

9/23/2022 7:13:28 PM

Today, we'll be talking about how to get full gear in one week in pre-patch Wrath of the Lich King on your brand new Death Knight. This is the best WOTLK pre patch Death Knight leveling guide that we made for you. We walk you through each level of your Death Knight and tell you where to go and what gear to get depending on what level you are.


Wotlk Classic Pre Patch Death Knight Leveling & Gearing Guide 58-70

What are the best gearing tips and tricks that you can do on your Death Knight during the Wrath of the Lich King pre-patch? The best thing you can do is to prepare some decent leveling gear for the level 58 to 70 journey. There are varying levels of try-hardness you can do in this process. Many people spend thousands of WOTLK gold just for leveling gear, which obviously doesn't need to do. Stay tuned here is how you get full gear in one week on your Death Knight.

WOTLK Pre Patch Level 58 Death Knight Leveling

Let's start fresh you just finished the last Death Knight quest and you need to decide do you take the great axe of the ebon blade or the great sword of the ebon blade. Now, remember Death Knights start with 270 weapon skills with axes, polearm swords, two-handed swords, two-handed axes, and unarmed. Now your choice will make a small difference depending on if you are an orc or a human to get the racial weapon specialization. But what makes more of a difference is the weapon skill you're leveling, since a lot of the good weapons in outland are actually axes. So we recommend choosing the great axe of the ebon blade just so that you can level your two-handed axe weapon skill, so you aren't held back by having to level it later.


Let's say you're entering outland, we recommend going out of your way to getting blade fist's breath you're around level 58 or so. This is a trinket that you can use to boost your attack power and it's a good replacement for your soul harvester's charm which grants a less critical strike rating and also grants perry when you're low health. But the activated attack power from blade fits breath is so much better since you really shouldn't be getting low health anyways and perry doesn't help you level faster. You also get insignia of the scourge from the Death Knight starting area quest so if you're planning on pvping you already have that unless you're human and you've got will to survive which is the rename for every man for himself acting as a PVP trinket already.



WOTLK Classic Pre Patch Level 60 Death Knight Leveling

Once you hit level 60 while you're in Hellfire Peninsula, you're now able to get hellreaver which is a two-handed pole arm from the last boss in hellfire ram parts which is an upgrade and you should definitely try to get that if you can. If you can't get it because you're unlucky, then having your great axe of the ebon blade will be great because the next weapon you're looking to get will be an axe. Now it's not a bad idea to just grind ramparts, blood furnaces, or even slave pens repeatedly to level since the open world will undoubtedly be a disaster. It's important to mention early, a secret honor farming strategy is to start getting honor before your 70 by doing the daily PVP quests and hellfire peninsula and tarakar forest which both award experience, gold, and honor. So that once you hit level 70, you have a ton of honor ready to go and be used.


Wrath Classic Prepatch Level 64 DK Leveling

You should head to Nagrand and seek out the delicate green poncho the quest brings me the egg from wazat in the southeast part of Nagrand rewards the delicate green poncho. If you're unable to get a group, don't sweat it too much. Because at level 70, you can easily pick up the sergeant's heavy cloak from the PVP accessories quartermaster for not a whole lot of honor.


Wrath Pre Patch Level 65 Death Knight Leveling

 once you ding level 65 you're already in Nagrand and you should be ready to go do the ring of blood and get your next big weapon upgrade, the honed void axe. This is a pretty sick weapon upgrade congrats on that if you can get a group for it.


WOTLK Level 66 Death Knight Leveling Pre Patch

At level 66, you can do old hillsbrad if you can find a group mantle of paranold is a good piece of gear to aim for from there. While you are there in the caverns of time might as well finish the quests and do black morass for a chance at the hourglass of the unraveller, dropping off temporous.


WotLK Classic Pre-Patch Level 67 Death Light Leveling

Now level 67, we’d recommend heading to tarot car forest, there's a lot you can do there as you reach Terokkar Forest and Shattrath City which resides there. You'll scrire for your Death Knight. The two good items from Aldor are overseer’s signet which is a nice ring and keleseth’s signet from death blow to the legion, but even better than both of these rings is a band of the exorcist which you can buy for 50 spirit shards and you can equip at level 67. Spirit shards drop off bosses in Auchindoun when you control the five spirit towers in the bone wastes. Now bosses in mana tombs and akanai crips both drop one shard each and bosses in Sethekk Halls and Shadow Labyrinthdrop two each. 

We'd recommend grinding Auchindoun dungeons like  Auchindoun crips and Sethekk Halls. A weapon upgrade we're looking for here is the crow wing reaper which drops from talon king ickis in Sethekk Halls, he also drops ravenclaw band which is an awesome ring. So this is a great opportunity to triple dip and get spirit shards while you farm for the weapon and the ring is a great opportunity to get tons of gear here. The weapon does require level 68, hopefully, you get a level while you're grinding and you know you get the level by the time the weapon drops. Spirit shards can also be used to purchase an exorcist plate helm for 18 spirit shards and you can equip that as early as level 66.


WOW Wrath Prepath Level 68 DK Leveling

- At level 68, you have a lot of options, you can go get the core of ar’kelos which is a nice trinket from the quest in Netherstorm called arcalos the guardian which is a bit of a long quest chain. The quest turning point is a squire-only quest that rewards gauntlets of the vanquisher which are great for the hand slot. The quest starts with kicking them while they're down in Netherstorm. Around 68 Netherstorm, you've got two good quests you can do there.


- Now you can also continue grinding Sethekk Halls until you have all your gear at 68 and there's also a quest chain starting with trouble at Auchindoun, leading to the quest into the heart of the Labyrinth which takes place in the Shadow Labyrinth. This quest awards the sha’ tari wrought greaves which are great pre-weight raid abyss for your Death Knight. You can pick that up at level 68.


- While you're in the Shadow Labyrinth, you should also do the quest for the soul devices. The quest reward from that is the sha’tari wrought armguards if you want some defense rating or even better is spymistress’s wristguards. If you're going for all-out damage and don't mind wearing some leather.


- For your other ring slot, if you need another option, you're not Aldor, you didn't get the ravenclaw band, you could go to Nagrand for the quest cho wire the pillager. This awards the ogre slayer’s band. You can pick this quest up at 67. You're going to definitely want to group and it's going to be orange if you're not level 68.


- At this point, you've got some decent gear, it's a good idea at this point to head to blade's edge for two more really good items. There's natasha's choker from the quest the hound master from the town Ruuan Weald. Alternatively necklace of trophies is a great neck piece that's going for only 30 gold right now on benediction. So you'll want to grab that if you can beforehand because you can actually equip this as early as 67, saving you the trouble of having to go get natasha's choker.


- The other items that you get from blade's edge are blackened chest plate or clefthoof hide leggings from the quest showdown from barron sable maine just southwest of Ruuan Weald. In blade's edge mountains now if you can find blackguards of the shattered hand on the auction house, save you the trouble of having to go get clefthoof hide leggings. But you have to wait to level 70 to equip them. If it went up on in price or you can't find them in the auction house then definitely go ahead and choose clefthoof hide leggings from that quest showdown and blade's edge mountains. That same quest awards blacks into a chest plate if you already have good leg pieces, you can choose the chest piece instead of the legs from this quest.


- If you choose the legs then for your chest piece, you're going to want to go do the quest special delivery to Shattrath which rewards the chest plate of a doll. This is the quest reward from a long quest chain starting with assisting the consortium. It leads you to get the atta mall crystal if you remember that quest, you basically have to place those triangulation devices, and then eventually you have to kill an elite dread lord. You might need a group in order to take them down but that chest piece is very nice now.


- When it comes to getting a better helm, the helm of the claw from the quest the warlord's hideout is a steam vault quest. Overlord's helmet of second sight, it's a bit of a long quest chain taking place in Shadowmoon Valley, it's having to do with gorefriend’s trucheon. You'll definitely need to group in order to complete that.


Wotlk Pre Patch Level 69 Death Knight Gearing

Once you hit level 69, go ahead and buy a crystal-forged war axe. This will be an upgrade right now, it's only 15 gold on benediction which is super cheap. Once pre-patch hits, the price will definitely go way up. So if you can buy that beforehand that's probably a smart thing to do to prepare.


WOW WOTLK Pre Patch Level 70 Death Knight

- Equip your regards of the shattered hand if you have them. If you did the honor farming secret we talked about earlier, you can instantly get the vengeful gladiator's greatsword or vengeful gladiators decapitator for the honor which are seriously strong weapons and will easily last you until you're level 80 in the Wrath of the Lich King. Once season 4 ends, the gear actually gets discounted, and the rating requirement gets removed but it still requires arena points. This is the current state of the game for vengeful gear in phase 5. But during pre-patch, you can expect the vengeful gear to become purchasable for honor and get your hands on a sick weapon for your Death Knight.


- When it comes to PVP gear for your chest, legs, hands, helm, and shoulders, these slots cannot be filled with vengeful PVP gear because it doesn't exist for Death Knights. In Wrath pre-patch back in the day, Death Knights didn't have any TBC PVP sets and that includes the vengeful and brutal gladiator set. But interestingly brutal gladiators' dread plate set was later added to the game. It is still going to cost arena points which are still going to be time-gated.


- Now at level 70, there are even more trinket options if you want an icon of unyielding courage from kaladan the breaker, and a heroic blood furnace. You could also go for abacus of violent odds from pathalia on the calculator and mechanar. If you have 41 badges of justice bloodlust broach is your best pre-rate option.


- Another very strong helm to go after is mayhem projection goggles if you have engineer if you have the money to level engineering or materials. You can very quickly get this just by crafting it if you got everything prepared beforehand. Also, the entire rage steel set is really good at level 70. But each piece costs anywhere from 200 to 400 gold. So if you have the money go for it but it does cost a lot of gold. If you have endless gold, you could also go ahead and just buy the hard corium band and the rest of the boe epics, or even just go run gdkp's and go buy a poly on the soul render whatever works for you.


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