New World Fresh Start Server Preparation Guide: Things To Do When Fresh Start Server Releases

9/26/2022 4:45:03 PM

There are some key things that you are definitely going to want to think about doing when the New World Fresh Start servers come out. Check this guide and we're going to be talking about some NW fresh start server preparation tips.

New World Fresh Start Servers Release Date

It’s predicted that the Fresh Start servers will probably start the week of the anniversary or by the latest October 4th which is like the first week of October. That'll basically give us two weeks for Fresh Starts to get to 60 essentially which is plenty of time, especially if you are starting in Monarch’s Bluff and then put us in line with the data mine date which is the start of the Halloween event which is supposed to be October 18th. 

How To Prepare For New World Fresh Start Server - Things To Do When Fresh Start Server Releases 

  • 1. Classes To Play

Assuming that the information about fresh start server release time is correct, we will have our hands quite full here in just a little bit. There are some key things that you definitely want to start thinking about because now is the time to do it is start thinking about what class you're going to play. So whether you're going to be healer, whether you're going to be a tank, whether you're going to be a Bruiser, a Bruiser is just a damage dealer, that's also kind of tanky, are you going to be a mage, are you going to be somewhere in between all of that, are you going to be a healing slash DPS like start thinking about those types of things? 

  • 2. Weapons To Use

When you get in the ground, when you get in the game, you hit the beach and they give you all the weapons in the game because that's how they do it now, you'll be able to get in there and start putting all your combos together and what weapons are going to be leveling up, because the weapon leveling process especially with the new system is a little bit slower than it was before. But it still works out okay, we are still able to get weapons maxed and stuff in a relatively decent time frame, but it just feels quite a bit slower because we aren't able to take advantage of other things that we used to take advantage of before. So knowing what weapons you think you're going to use ahead of time is probably going to be a little bit more beneficial as you move into that. The reason why this is important is because as you guys think about the weapons it'll give you a general idea of what type of attributes you're going to build. If you start playing New World like you go through a period where you won’t even assign points because you have no idea what direction to go, so for instance you are most likely going to be going either Greatsword and Hatchet or bow and Greatsword. So with these things, you are most likely going to be building either decks or strength and or both. If you do decide to go bow greatsword, definitely go all dexterity, if you go Hatchet and Greatsword, go all strength. So these are things that maybe give a little thought to ahead of time. 

  • 3. Professions

After that fact, we highly recommend if you are going to be doing any types of crafting or gathering, that you focus on getting your gathering professions up first and foremost and then from there at the bare minimum pick one or two professions that you are going to focus on. It's very tough to say you are leveling all the professions especially if you're combining like weaponsmithing armoring like engineering geographing all in one because most of them use all the same materials, which can put you in a sticky situation. But you can focus on furnishing and music, music is going to be nice because it helps increase gathering speed and all kinds of craziness. So these are the two professions you can do.

  • 4. Collect Materials To Make Gold

What this is also going to do by thinking about what setup you're going to use, what professions you're going to use and all that other stuff is going to allow you to think about how you're going to generate gold for yourself. One thing to know when first start playing New World is how valuable raw materials are at any form of launch in this game. So whether it's a self launch, whether it's a preview, whether it's a PTR, whether it's a fresh start launch, raw materials can make you so much gold. And the common sense idea would be like why would people even buy these raw materials, when everyone's going to be using them to do their own professions. You got to understand that a lot of people don't want to waste time gathering things like water, green wood, and a lot of people don't really like gathering or crafting. So if you are the type of person that is chopping trees or if you need some quick coin, you can take your ass out in the forest for an hour and a half, play with Hansel and Gretel, chop some trees down and sell all of those proceeds in the auction house and you will be able to make yourself a significant amount of gold. Because that stuff will literally sell like hotcakes. 

So understanding these key things will smooth out the entirety of your process, granted New World Amazon games has made the whole process a lot smoother. If you are coming into the game especially with the leveling revamp on the Fresh Start, we'd highly recommend that you do the monarchs Bluff chain. Windsworth has a new question but apparently the only two starting zones are windsworth and monarchs, it'll make your life easier even if you've got to run from Windsor because obviously on Fresh Start there is not going to be no logging out because if you log out, you're not getting your slot then you go in queue, so just head over to monarchs and you will be good to go. But other than that, those are the primary things to think about right now as we get ready for the Fresh Start server, so that way you're better prepared as you get ready for this craziness that's going to happen.

What Can We Expect For The NW Fresh Start Server?

If you are concerned about how they will open servers, they will open a small batch of servers at first like one or two Fresh Start servers per region and then as they fill up, they'll open more. 

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