WOTLK Classic Launch Day Do's & Dont's - 4 Things To Do & Not To Do On Wrath Of The Lich King Release

9/27/2022 9:42:25 AM

Classic Wrath of the Lich King is out. That’s the pre patch. Are you looking for the do's and dont's for Wrath of the Lich King pre patch? We wanted to get this one out for you to look at the do's and dont's on the launch day of Wrath of the Lich King Classic, so that's what we're going to be talking about today.


WOTLK Launch Day Do's & Dont's List - What Things To Do & Not To Do On Wrath of The Lich King Start Day

In the pre patch, all abilities, spells, talents, the whole class design, and everything are available as it would be the same with the official Wrath of the Lich release, except for the new content Northrend and level 70 plus. The fresh servers have launched and you are able to create a death knight on the non-fresh servers already, without restrictions. So you can make DK even if it is your first character. On the realm, you no longer need an existing level 55 character. On fresh, you can make a DK only if you meet the requirement of having an existent level 55 in the same realm. In this Wotlk launch day guide, we talk about what to do and what not to do.


WotLK Launch Day Do List

1. Borean/Dblight

The first thing on our list of do's for the Wrath of the Lich King launch day is going to be Borian Tundra and possibly even Dragon Blade. Doing them in favor of doing Howling Fjord. Now without a doubt, Howling Fjord is a better Zone than Borian Tundra but as a result, it is infinitely more popular. If you are going to have any concerns with regards to the capacity to do quests due to competition, we would highly recommend that you go over to Borean Tundra as opposed to Dragon Blight as it will be far less populated. No one knows how this launch is going to go, we could end up with an awful lot of layering and faster respawns making it not much of a problem. But if we're not going to have it be like that, you're probably going to have a better time in Borian Tundra or possibly even just skipping straight into Dragon Blight when most people don't see it as an option but rather going for the conventional starting zones.


2. Underman Dungeons

Instead of doing it as a five-man, you could be doing it as a four, three, two, or maybe even soloing it. This is going to be infinitely more efficient than doing five-man dungeons for most groups. Now this is because when you hit instance lockout you are not gaining experience when you are just sitting at the portal waiting for a dungeon. If you're not going to be all that optimal or maybe you're not going to clear the dungeons all that fast this is kind of a moot point. But the returns of experience in smaller group sizes are absolutely fantastic. So if you happen to have a friend that you want to two-man the dungeons with and you have the right Comfort, do consider giving it a go as it can be an incredibly fast way of leveling.


3. Have fun

A lot of people are optimizing to be able to level very efficiently and be able to make the most out of their time in the opening few days of the expansion. That level of optimization can be fun but you can go over the top and you can make it to a point where you're not actually enjoying playing the game. That is where you're going to find yourself having issues, it's also where you're most likely going to find yourself burning out. If that's the case that'll make it ultimately less efficient as well, meaning you've lost on both counts. So do not forget that this is a game and you should try having fun with it.


4. Use Consumes

If you have any gold left that you are willing to part with before the WotLK Classic start day, a good investment would be consumables that you are going to be popping like candy. Now anyone looking to be optimal will be able to realize the absolute crash of pretty much all of the markets for TBC-related professional crafts including consumables. This means that you can pick up most of the things that are going to optimize your character insanely cheaply. This means that you can have a very large boost in performance for practically no cost. If it gets you even slightly ahead of the rest of the pack when you are leveling, that is going to be worth infinitely more to you than the few golds that you might have saved by not purchasing these consumables. 


WotLK Launch Day Dont’s List

1. Panicking Over Professions

Professions are incredibly important in Wrath of the Lich King and they are something you're going to want to get done really early on. But anyone who's played a WotLK release date is going to know that things that are going to be used for the leveling of your professions are highly likely going to be selling for obscene amounts. You're going to have a horrible time trying to farm the materials that are required and you quite frankly aren't going to be getting any advantage over people in professions that have already been doing their prep work for months in advance and are probably already going to have their professions pretty much close to maxed out by virtue of doing the preparation of materials from TBC crafts that they will be able to do up to the point that they go gray. With that being said, you are going to want to do your professions but it can certainly wait a day or two.


2. Leave Your Friends

Don’t leave your friends behind for the sake of being optimal. Now chances are you aren't going to get realm firsts because people will have already done the prep work to a higher standard than you will have done if you are watching your guide a few days before Wrath launch day. That being said that doesn't mean we don't strive to get ourselves optimized. But one thing that we often consider in our optimizations is the amount of experience per hour we're going to get hitting lockouts and things like that. The truth is that lot of people are abandoning their friends not factoring in the difficulty of developing those social connections going forward when you are then going to be looking for people for your raids and dungeons when you're at max level. There is absolutely no reason to alienate your friends for the sake of getting 20 000 experiences an hour more.


3. Rush for Server First

This is probably going to happen by default and that will be rushing for Server. The people who aren't having fun playing the game are going to be the people who get that achievement. Chances are even if you tried your absolute hardest if you haven't done months and months of prep work spending tens, if not hundreds of thousands of Wotlk Classic gold to get it done in advance. You're probably not going to get any of the server's first achievements. By all means, if you find it fun to try, go for it, you may well get lucky. But don't be disheartened when you ultimately don't get it. Because in reality, the people who are going to get these achievements are the people who have put a ridiculous amount of time effort, and probably money into being able to do.


4. Buy Mammoth/Ring

This is our final dont’s on the WOTLK launch day guide is going to relate to Gold again. What you don't want to purchase that being the mammoth mount or the dalaran teleport ring on day one. These are absolutely purchases you're going to want to make. Absolutely not before you get exalted with the reputation discount faction associated with them. It will simply be a waste of thousands and thousands of gold. You'd be much better off farming the current reputation to get the discounts even if you have the gold lying around. Because ultimately this expansion is going to be very expensive and better to use for your money than throwing it down the drain to get this mountain ring early.



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