Best D2R 2.5 Paladin Build - Diablo 2 Resurrected FOH Paladin Build Guide Ladder 2

9/28/2022 7:19:56 PM

Have you ever wanted to play a build that can do everything in Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Season 2 and on a budget and very fast and very easy? The hybrid Fist of the Heavens is the best D2R 2.5 Paladin build, we break down the stats, skills, gear, merc and farming tips for this Diablo King. The main advantage of this build is that pretty much everything you need is already by the level 90. You will have almost all the skills at a decent level to deal with the entire game content.


D2R 2.5 Paladin Build Guide - Best Fist Of Heavens Paladin Build In Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder 2

In this D2R Patch Paladin build 2.5 guide, we are going to show you how to build it up. Building a Paladin from the start is not that difficult. All you need is holy fire and zeal. You just need to go until level 18, then you take hammers and basically spin to win. Just a couple of additions here, we would suggest that you go with hammerdin until really late in the game. So probably even beat hell, don't switch the Fist the Heavens on level 30, because typically it's a little bit difficult with demons and undead and Fist of the Heavens damage to actually go through the game. So it's much easier with hammers, it will also save you additional respect opportunities on the battle net. So make sure just to go with hammers!


Best D2R 2.5 FOH Build Farming Areas

You actually have two approaches to how to tackle it. So first is a possibility to get to act one hell and actually switch to Fist of the Heavens and run beat and Mausoleum or crypt endlessly. So until you actually get your higher levels and can really face roll the game. Or alternatively, you can actually beat the game with a hammerdin and then already switch to Fist of the Heavens and farm any area that you want to. 

- Speaking of farming area, the first ones that are really easy on the Fist of the Heavens Paladin are again already mentioned the Pit because there are only Undead and demons. 

- Mausoleum especially early on that would be your easiest spot because the enemies are usually very slow and not too difficult to handle. You can also go into the Crypt if you go to Mausoleum and potentially running also the Countess that would be also not a big deal for you. Although it will take a little bit longer so we recommend you then kill everything in the tower as well just for leveling up. 

- In the further acts, we would recommend that you can also stop at the Pindle, he is very easy to kill with the Fist of the Heavens Paladin and basically, we can sit there until Level 90 if you want to. It is also a great place to farm and get some unique D2R items. Although make sure to settle for a thousand or two runs. 


Best D2R Season 2 Paladin Build Skills

Combat Skills

20 - Holy Bolt

20 - Fist of the Heavens

1 - Holy Shield

20 - Blessed Hammer

1 - Smite

As a hybrid Foh Paladin build in D2R 2.5, we need to utilize a lot of skills. But for the Paladin, it's not such a big deal. Obviously the Fist of the Heavens our first thing will be to maximize holy bolt of course as a Synergy with the Fist of the Heavens. So both of them get 20 points. Do not improve any holy shock because lightning damage is not so important. Then additionally what they call the prerequisites for the Fist of the Heavens and for the holy shield. Typically plus kills are enough for the whole issue to already provide you with very good defense and a successful blocking chance. So normally you don't need to put any more points in here. 

Then the other skill that we are maxing here because we are a hybrid build is the blessed hammer, don't worry that the base 20 levels with even plus kills don't provide so much damage. Because obviously with the synergy and with the concentration over you will deal enough damage to make sure that any beast type of monster doesn't cause any problems to you. The fourth skill that we are going to use to beat all the content in the game is smite and again one point is just enough. The strand length is not important, mana cost will not change and the most important here is that it always hits. So all the Maneuvers and Ubers will be dying really fast with this one. 


Offensive Auras

Fanaticism - 1

Concentration - 20

Conviction - 1

The most important one for the smite and for Ubers is actually one point into fanaticism. This one will make sure that you have really high attack speed. Second, we max out eventually concentration because this provides whopping 500 damage to our hammers which again will make the damage of the hammers so high that you don't need to worry about beast enemies in whichever area you are. Then for the party play, take conviction one point into it. So already with like base level one, you can be on the level of infinity. So if nobody at the party has infinity or better gear than you, then you will be definitely a useful addition to them.


Defensive Auras

1 - Redemption

1 - Salvation

X - Vigor

Important skills for this Diablo 2 Ladder Season 2 Paladin build are the Redemption. This will really help you to fulfill your mana and life bulbs really quickly and easily in any situation. Then also salvation is very good as a counterpart to the Mephistos conviction since we want to farm Ubers with him. We really need this one, just one point is usually enough with a precasted fate from treachery would be normally enough to offset conviction from Mephisto. Otherwise, it will be way more difficult to deal with him and for the remaining points that will you will start having from level 89, you should put points into vigor. 

This is also utility-wise better than blessed aim and both of them are synergies to hammers. You can improve your damage to the beast type of enemies while also improving the run and walk speed of any of your party members or you're yourself in the town. This is always helpful.


Best D2R 2.5 Paladin Build Stats

Strength - 184

Dexterity - 174

Vitality - 375

Energy - 22

You need a decent amount of strength dexterity and vitality. If you don't have Enigma, then you need more space strength points. This is most important because of the let's say gore riders that require 94 strength or Guillaume's face which requires 115. At the same time if you make treachery, then you need also this amount of strength. Lastly is your budget weapon, you might want to have 125 for the heaven slide which is a decent option for this D2R Season 2 Ladder Fist of Heaven builds. same with strength, the most important here is to have 136. 

So eventually you can equip a grief face blade that requires 136 dexterity and there is nothing else that really requires more dexterity than that for our build. We don't care about attack rating because smite always hits. This is your base value that you really need to always keep because sometimes you are not going to wear raven frost or heart of yolk, maybe you don't have yet a really good torch and annihilus. Make sure to have a decent amount of everything else you put into vitality. Everything else is pretty much regular stats that you will get from all the different gear you wear.


Best D2R Ladder Start Paladin Build Gear

It's pretty similar for any caster, you get your fcr rings, plus 3 skills amulet, maybe some good coordinate with two skills or plus three to your tree and dual spirit. Let's focus more on the end game gear that is for Paladin, we will have basically two different sets for forecasting activities like Fist of the Heavens or Hamerdin and secondary also for the Ubers. There you have two options again budget and non-budget.


FOH Build Gear For Caster

Weapons - Heat of the Oak

Helm - Shako

Armor - Enigma

Amulet - Mara’s Kaleidoscope

Shield - Herald of Zakarum

Boot - War Traveler

Ring - Raven Frost, Nagelring

Belt - Arachnid Mesh

Glove - Trang-Oul’s Claws


FOH Build Gear For Ubers

Weapons - Grief

Helm - Guillaume’s Face

Armor - Treachery

Amulet - The Rising Sun

Shield - Herald of Zakarum

Boot - Gore Riders

Ring - Raven Frost, Nagelring

Belt - Verdungo’s Hearty Cord

Glove - Dracul’s Grasp


D2R Best 2.5 PTR Paladin Build Merc

For the mercenary pretty much for your farming, you could use a standard setup. Choose fortitude, andariel’s and insight. Choose holy freeze just to have additional ground control, typically it is used for hammerdins, but why not also use it for the Fist of the Heavens? For the Ubers, he won't really do much. He will die really quick so it doesn't really matter.


This Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.5 Paladin build is very strong and can do Ubers already on a day two or three. But in order to do them, you need keys. If you need to buy cheap D2R ladder season 2 items, make sure to check MTMMO.COM!

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