Lost Ark Vykas Inferno Rewards & Guide (Gate 1/2/3 Patterns, Mechanics, Fight Tips)

10/11/2022 6:36:52 PM

With the October Update, the Inferno difficulty of the Vykas Legion Raids will be added to Lost Ark. Here we guide you walk through the Vykas Hell Mode by going over the new patterns and mechanics of Inferno Raid Phase 1/2/3, as well as listing the rewards you are able to get after fully clearing. 

Lost Ark Vykas Inferno Rewards & Guide

Lost Ark Vykas Inferno Mode Release Date

In the Lost Ark’s official End of 2022 Roadmap, Vykas Inferno Legion Raid has been covered in the October update, we can expect that its release date may be at the end of October, and most likely on October 26 (Wednesday).

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Lost Ark Vykas Inferno Rewards

Similar to Valtan Inferno, this is your time to gain prestige, so there are no rewards that show your prowess more than titles, achievements, Stronghold structures, and more! So here are the full list of the rewards you are able to get by clearing up each gate of the Vykas Inferno Raid:

  • * Title - Desire Legion Commander Slayer (Subdue Desire Corps Commander Vykas in Hell mode)

  • * Title - Pleasure Addict (Break through Hell difficulty with Survival without retry)

  • * Card Item - Vykas

  • * Commander's Subjugation Seal - Echo of Desire

  • * Manor installation - Vykas, the source of desire

  • * Challenge Achievements & Titles

    The one who conquered the commander of desire (Defeat Vykas, the leader of the Desire Corps who opened his power)

    Don't ignore the Way anymore! (Use Way's Esther Skill in the Thirsty Garden of Pleasure)

    Invincible Raid: Commander of Desire Corps (Survive Normal and Hard difficulty without retrying)

    Where desire leads (Subdue Desire Corps commander Vykas by one without dying)

  • * Legion Commander Kill Achievements & Rewards

    - [ Path of Glory: Token of Commander ]

    Condition: Subdue 3 raids (Hell)

    Reward: Champion's Token Seal / Commander-only title for subjugation

    - [ Path of Glory : Mark of the Commander ]

    Condition: Subdue 4 raids (Hell)

    Reward: Commander's Token Seal / Corps Leader Subjugation Exclusive Aura

    - [ Path of Glory: Mark of the Monarch ]

    Condition: Subdue 5 raids (Hell)

    Reward: Commander's Token Seal / Corps Commander Subjugation Pet

    - [ Path of Glory : Mark of Hero ]

    Condition: Subdue all corps commander raids (Hell) raids

    Reward: Hero's Token Seal / Corps Commander Subjugation Mount

Lost Ark Vykas Inferno iLVL & Other Requirements

1460 Item Level is required to enter the Vykas Legion Raid Inferno difficulty

With the ’Scale of Balance’ applied, the Vykas Inferno raid requires use of the Book of Coordination and the gear of every group member normalized against the level of your Legion Commander opponent. 

Lost Ark Vykas Inferno Patterns & Mechanics

In Hell mode, Vykas Raids will continue its patterns and mechanics from Normal and Hard modes, but no doubt some changes will be added to increase the difficulty of the raid. Since most players who want to take on Inferno difficulty should have already cleared Normal and Hard modes, we're here to help you understand the new mechanics by listing the changes in Hell mode.

Vykas Inferno Gate 1 Pattern (Changes from Normal/Hard Mode)

Normal pattern

  • The spacing and speed of projectiles assigned to individuals on the circular three-row board have been increased.

Attention pattern

  • Regardless of the location, the color of the dimension gate is randomly assigned.

  • If even one of the dimensional gateway gimmicks fails, it is annihilated.

Vykas Inferno Gate 2 Pattern (Changes from Normal/Hard Mode)

Normal pattern

  • When casting the Wave of Desire (aka Descaluda) pattern, a random electric blanket is created in the surrounding field and two people caught as aggro targets.

  • A grab judgment attack has been added. While attempting to cast a counter pattern, it launches a larger purple kernel and charges towards the target it is tracking.

Attention pattern

  • When the purple ring pattern is cast, two rings are thrown, and they follow the target at a faster speed than normal and hard difficulty.

  • When the explosion of desire is detonated, if it touches the area around the marble, a high-damage slate is created. This slab is wider than expected, so the more marbles there are, the faster the map will shrink.

  • When you cast the illusion of desire pattern, the illusions in each position will spread wings randomly.

  • The electric shock pad pattern, which used to proceed inside-out-out-inside, is fixed only twice inside and twice outside, and proceeds in random order.

  • When casting Desire Energy Absorption Pattern, a red projectile is randomly formed and spread around, and it is fixed to fire three black energy spheres at 12 and 7 and twice at 5.

Vykas Inferno Gate 3 Pattern (Changes from Normal/Hard Mode)

Normal pattern

  • When hit, the desire gauge fills up higher than other difficulties.

  • Attacks twice in a semicircle and a whirlwind attack has been added.

  • A pattern was added that stretches the knife like a whip and shoots it 4 times. In the end, you have to stick inside to survive.

  • Essence of Desire appears during the pattern, and when Vykas casts the Essence of Desire pattern, it is summoned in two lines instead of one.

  • You become immune to all status ailments for 5 seconds when you are afflicted with an enchanted status ailment. Therefore, when you are charmed, you have to tell the party member to wait for 5 seconds and apply a status abnormality.

Attention pattern

  • Swamp of Despair: A swift pad is spread around Vykas. At this time, there are two empty spaces, and you can only survive by laying a swamp of despair in this path.

  • Illusion of Desire and Sword: Meteors fall all the time during casting, and swords and statues are laid out in random places, not in regular places like in normal/hard.

  • Summon a giant mass of desire + Channeling: You also die with a time stop potion. You have to defeat the huge mass of desire to survive.

  • Legion Leader Awakening - Blood Sphere: Large marbles are added among the summoned marbles of desire. If hit, the gauge fills twice as much as the small marble.

  • Awakening - Incarnation of Desire: A buff called 'End of Desire' is given that reduces the neutralization damage received from Vykas by 30% per stack, and the stack decreases as Vykas' attack cycle passes. Therefore, when using Esther's skill, it is better to use it after removing all these overlaps.

More Tips About Lost Ark Vykas Inferno Raid

Hell difficulty boasts a much more difficult difficulty than Hard difficulty as the ' Book of Coordination' correction system is applied and the gimmick becomes more complex.

  • In fact, when Desire Legion Commander Viakis was released, the time consumed in Phase 1 was much longer than in Phase 2.

  • However, the second phase cannot be overlooked. Phase 2 is the section with the highest DPS demand. Since it is a Hell difficulty with a compensation system applied, if the synergy skill is not properly matched, there is a high possibility that the try will have to be carried out again due to lack of firepower.

  • And the finale is expected to take place in Phase 3. In the 3rd phase, various gimmicks such as the swamp of fascination, tentacles, and Medusa appear. The Medusa gimmick, which has to determine the gaze according to the number of spread wings, and the so-called 'whale' gimmick, in which a giant monster passes the battlefield in a certain direction and causes great damage. It is expected that it will become the No. 1 gimmick that will destroy their mentality.

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