WotLK Classic Best Addons - Top 17 Addon Picks For Wrath Of The Lich King

10/12/2022 4:18:47 PM

Addons have always been an important part of World of Warcraft. They give you the tools to customize your game in so many different ways and just generally improve upon the base ui and experience you're given. Moving into Wrath of the Lich King Classic, what are the best Addons to use for this version of the game? So that's what we want to cover today, the best WOW WotLK Addons to use and what they do, and why you use them.


WotLK Classic Best Addons - Top 17 Addon Picks For Wrath Of The Lich King

First up Addon Manager. Where do you install stuff? Changes were made to certain Addon Management Apps' ability to access updates which has made them difficult to use. More or less, the only Addon manager that has a press one button to update and it's actually going to update everything you have is CurseForge which means you also have to have downloaded over the wolf. You'll probably be best off using CurseForge for simplicity's sake. Next, we are going to list the best Classic WOTLK Addons in no particular order.


1. Rested XP

If you've been following Wrath the Lich King updates, you'll know that the in-game quest tracking feature may or may not be available from the launch of the expansion. You'll want some kind of quest helper Addon unless you really love reading quest text. Rested XP is the best WoW Wotlk Addon overall for leveling. This is a leveling route Addon that's been developed by Classic Wow's best speedrunners. It has leveling routes for all available content across Classic TBC and Wrath of the Lich King. It sets out what you need to do, and where to go and guides you to the locations with on-screen directions so you can just level as fast as possible whatever version of World of Warcraft it is you're playing. It is however a paid guide after the first 30 levels so it's up to you whether you think it's worth the investment. With a pretty good degree of certainty if you haven't played Wrath the Lich King in a long time, using this will save you literally hours upon leveling your character and you've always got it available for your alts as well. It's fair play to the guys who have made this, Addons make World of Warcraft so much better and they never usually see much back in return.

2. Questie

Questie is essentially what blizzard's quest helper will be, whenever it comes out but a bit better at showing quest objectives on the map and quest locations. After that, it's up to you to work out where's best to go and when.


3. Leatrix Plus

Leatrix Plus and Leatrix Maps. These two Addons change the way your UI and map are shown. As Leatrix Plus it's a single Addon that combines a ton of different useful features into one, such as automating quests, turn-ins, gossip, auto-selling your junk as well as repairing gear when you talk to an NPC who's capable of doing it. You can resize quest text, mail text, turn off error notifications, and enhance your quest log or profession windows or trainers so that they're larger and show more information. In the systems tab, there are a ton more options faster auto loot is amazing. You don't realize how slow looting is until you turn this on. You can turn off the grayscale effect when you die, change the intensity of weather settings, and loads more stuff. Leatrix Plus does a bit of everything and it's like a combination of tons of hidden commands which you otherwise may not know about.


4. Leatrix Maps

The main reason that we use it is that the default map opening and completely blocking your entire screen with two bars at the side looks terrible and often you kind of want to have a vague idea where you are going whilst also looking at the map. You can also resize it and move it around two if you want it in the corner or something, good alternative to pressing shift m.


5. AuctionFaster

The classic auction house is putting it nicely absolutely terrible. So you better get an Addon to make it functional. AuctionFaster adds some new tabs at the bottom on buy here. For example, you can save a number of different herbs or various items which you can click on and then just buy whatever you need. On the sell tab, it will by default place items at a suggested price lower than the current minimum offer. So just make sure you aren't underselling by too much. The reason you use this Addon and not other ones is because it's simple. If you are a person who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time at the auction house, you want to buy something or sell something and be done and gone and do other things. Furthermore, it doesn't need to scan each time you search for an item. Some other Addons do this and if you're on a big server and there are 50 pages of an item you're going to be sitting there for minutes before it does anything. But AuctionFaster doesn't do this, it just auctions faster so it's good for that. If you are however into playing the auction house and are a bit more involved in buying or selling, tsm is the way to go as it's got the widest range of customization and information available.


6. AtlasLoot

It's like a handbook for every single item profession and reputation in your pocket. It also contains information for previous expansions great for seeing loot from that dungeon you're doing, what materials a certain item needs, what reputation you need for that enchant, which vendor sells it and so much more. You can link stuff directly to chat from it too, really useful Addon recommended.


7. AllTheThings (Classic)

Since Wrath of the Lich King is the real rise of the collection addicts being able to chase their mouth's pets and achievements, there is an Addon to help with that it's called all the things or just att for sure. It tracks all of the things, every zone exploration, quest achievement, pet item, and more. You can customize it to fit what you want to collect since there are some things like transmog that you just aren't going to have space to be able to do. But if you do like your completed content, we can recommend giving this Addon a lock.


8. Inventorian/Bagnon

If you don’t like each individual bag look, there are Addons out there that combine everything into one big bag. But there are really two options that people use. First up and the most well-known is Bagnon, aside from combining everything, you can also allocate banks for certain items such as gear and then there's an auto-sort button to organize your stuff for you and hopefully, it goes where you want it to. The other popular one and the one you use is Inventorian. It doesn't have the saw feature but it looks better if you don't mind organizing stuff by yourself.


9. DoomCooldownPulse

This one simply shows a brief image of your spell flashing on your screen when it comes off cooldown and helps with remembering things to use them as of when they come off cooldown and just tracking stuff in general when in combat and not wanting to stare at your bars.


10. ItemRack

For gear management, use ItemRack. There is a built-in equipment manager as a feature which is currently in beta and will be working for launch. The benefit it has over the Wrath of the Lich King gear manager is that you can auto-deposit or withdraw entire item sets from your bank with one button. You can also configure an on-screen display for trinkets or whichever other item slot you want by hovering over an item and pressing alt and left-click. Overall this Addon was much more useful in Classic when you swap gear all of the time.


11. MiniMapButtonBag

This is one of those Addons that's made to handle how messy having too many Addons can be. You know how every single Addon has that minimap button and they are always on by default for some reason? This combines all of those together into a single button that you can press and then it opens a menu of all the other stuff that you have. It just cleans things up really and it looks good.


12. ModernTargetFrame / OmniCC

These are two of the most important Addons in Wrath of the Lich King. What they do is show how much health enemies have rather than just being a percentage. OmniCC has other functions and is needed for ModernTargetFrame to work. It also displays cc effects over characters' portraits when they're affected so it's a lot more clear.


13. ClassicAuraDurations

This also enhances your debuff on the target, giving it a visible timer and making your debuffs appear larger. Just so it's easier to tell exactly what you need to track personally.


14. Bartender

The Bartender is for your action bars and is simple to use. It has presets and just allows you to move your bars around and resize them.


15. DBM

DBM and Details, are your typical Addons that practically everybody knows and about everybody has. But it's just worth a mention for them quickly. DBM tells you about boss and dungeon encounters


16. Details

Details are the DPS meter Addon that you can use. But it is more than that though it tracks heals, dispels, mana gained, and just about every single numerical metric that moves in an encounter. There's also a plug-in to this that you can open via a separate window called tiny threat which functions as a threat meter. Because yes we're playing Classic and threat kind of still is a thing to a bit of a lesser extent in Wrath than in previous expansions. But it doesn't hurt to have it around.


17. WeakAuras

 we chorus is another good Addon to have it can do well just about anything recorders tend to be things that you find are needed for specific encounters or to track certain things in your class.