WotLK Easiest Mounts To Get - Top 10 Eeay Obtainable Mounts in Wrath of The Lich King Classic

10/14/2022 9:57:40 AM

If you are a big mount fan and definitely want to collect the most mounts at the fastest speed in WotLK Classic, then this article is written for you, where you can discover the 10 easiest mounts to obtain in Wrath of the Lich King! 

Top 10 Easy Mounts to Get in WotLK Classic & How To Get Them

Here we are going to cover 10 easy obtainable mounts and how to get them in Wrath of the Lich King Classic:

No. 1 - Brown bear + Flying mounts

WotLK Classic Easiest Mounts To Get - Armored Brown BearWotLK Classic Easiest Mounts To Get - Flying Mounts

In Dalaran, the new main city in Northrend, you can purchase different ground and flying mounts, these mounts can be purchased at the vendor - Mei Francis, And a new one in the WotLK expansion is the Armored Brown Bear - an epic ground mount that starts at 750 gold, you can reduce the price for this mount if you get more reputation with the new faction Kirin Tor. There's also Alliance specific mount the Armored Snowy Griffon - an epic flying mount with 280 speed and this is only obtainable as Alliance. But don't worry if you speak to the very same NPC as Horde, you can also purchase a Horde-specific mount - the Armored blue wind rider just like the alliance mount, the price for this is 2000 gold and it's also an epic flying mount.

No. 2 - Red Drake

WotLK Classic Easiest Mounts To Get - Red Drake

In Dragonflight, there's a quartermaster that sells a tabard with this faction. When you equip this and do level 80 dungeons you get reputations with defection, and by the time that you reach exalted, you can also purchase an epic flying mount. The price for this red dragon is 1600 gold and for those of you wondering about the flying speed, it's 280 percent.

No. 3 - Black War Mammoth

WotLK Classic Easiest Mounts To Get - Black War Mammoth

Wintergrasp is a new puppy zone in Wrath of the Lich King and in this zone you can pick up different quests that reward you with stonekeeper shards, the faction that controls wintergrasp will also get a buff and this buff will provide you additional stonekeeper shots whenever you kill a bus inside a dungeon or heroic. By the time you have collected 300 of these shards, you can go to winter in Wintergrasp and purchase the black war mammoth.

No. 4 - Black War Bear

WotLK Classic Easiest Mounts To Get - Black War Bear

This is a mount you can obtain in the pre-patch but also in Wrath of the Lich King, you need to kill the opposite faction's leaders to complete an achievement. The name of this achievement depends on your faction, as Horde it's called for the Horde and as Alliance, it's called for the Alliance, so when you have finally managed to find a lot of other people to take down these buses, you will complete the achievement and receive a mount in your mailbox the name of this mount is the black war bear.

No. 5 - White Polar Bear

WotLK Classic Easiest Mounts To Get - White Polar Bear

In the storm peaks, there's a new fraction and this faction will take you on a long quest chain. Eventually, when you have completed this, you will unlock different daily quests and one of these daily quests will give you a bag. This bag can contain a lot of different things including the white polar bear. We are not saying this is an easy mount to get because you need to be lucky and honestly get it in the back but it doesn't require much skill to do the quest, you just need some luck to get the white polar bear.

No. 6 - Green Proto Drake

WotLK Classic Easiest Mounts To Get - Green Proto Drake

There's even another mount that doesn't require too much skill, it just requires a lot of luck. So in Sholazar Basin, there's perfection to oracles when you reach revert with this faction, you can purchase an egg that hatches after one week. In this egg, there can be a lot of different pets but also a mount and this mount is the green proto drake - this is the best looking proto drake in the game and the flying speed of this mount is 280 percent.

No. 7 - Ice Mammoth

WotLK Classic Easiest Mounts To Get - Ice Mammoth

In the Stone Peaks, you find another faction the Sons of Hodir, as a serious player this faction will already be mandatory to focus on and the reason for this is that you can purchase different shoulder enchants. You can gain reputations with the faction by either doing different daily quests but also handing in 10 of these relics. And this is a repeatable quest but also an expensive way to gain repetition. By the time that you reach revert, you can purchase the icy mammoth a 100 epic ground mount that also rewards an achievement, by the time to reach exalted and collects 8 000 gold, you can purchase the grand Ice Mammoth.

No. 8 - Skeletal Horses & Reins of the Striped Sabers

WotLK Classic Easiest Mounts To Get - Skeletal Horses

This is a horde and then an alliance-specific winter, but in Wrath of the Lich King, the undead mount winter will sell a new mount, as an undead player you can purchase this mount right away, but the other races will need to reach exalted with undercity to purchase this. Alliance can also purchase a new mount and to purchase this you need to be either a night elf or exalted with the Naxx.

No. 9 - Reins of the Bronze Drake

WotLK Classic Easiest Mounts To Get - Reins of the Bronze Drake

In caverns of time, an area that is located in the zone Tanaris, you find the new dungeon the culling of stratholme. In this dungeon, you start an event that gives you a 25 minutes timer, if you complete the dungeon within the 25 minutes, you will unlock an additional bus, this bus can only be unlocked on heroic mode but the good thing is that it has 100% chance to drop a Reins of the Bronze Drake. The flying speed of the bronze streak is 280 percent and it will not be difficult to obtain, you just need a bit of luck when you're rolling for the mount

No. 10 - Reins of the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth

WotLK Classic Easiest Mounts To Get - Reins of the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth

The reason why the traveler's member didn't make it to the list is simply because of the upcoming first servers, the price for this mount is 20,000 WoW Classic gold without any discount and it's going to be more important to focus on your character's performance. A few ways to increase your character's performance could for example be to purchase different rare or epic items or even level your professions.

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