WotLK How To Get Bis Gear In The Headless Horseman Event | WoW Hallows End 2022

10/20/2022 4:08:19 PM

The Hallows end event in WotLK is completely overpowered for gearing your characters, plus there's limited time achievements, an impressive title and a 10% XP and reputation buff and you should get the legendary Horseman's Reigns Mount. Today we are going to explain what to do during WotLK Hallow’s end, how to get the most out of Hallow's end in Wrath of the Lich King & how to get Naxx-equivalent loot during Hallow's end.

WotLK How To Get Bis Gear In The Headless Horseman Event - What To Do During Hallow's End 2022

Bis Loot

Hallows end goes live from October 18th through November 1st, that's 14 days to farm the Headless Horseman and Scarlet Monastery graveyard. Hit those lockouts every day for next 10 equivalent loot like the Horsemen's baleful blade, horrific helmet and insanely good rings. People are especially excited to get the horsemen seal for boomkin. Healers will be thrilled to get a Wicked Witch's band to get us through that difficult sartharian three Drake progression. And the Ring of Ghoulish Glee is a treat for physical DPS. We still have the star of the show, The Horsemen's Reigns, a rare and visually stunning Mount. Maybe we can get a Sinister squash sling and a hallowed Helm for the Sinister calling achievement.

Violet Prot-Drake 

Speaking of achievements, focus on tasks for Hallowed Be Thy Name,that gives you the hallowed title and eventually the Violet Proto Drake from the Meta achievement. Most Halloween achievements involve trick-or-treating, you can loot one-time candy buckets around Inns in Kalimdor, eastern kingdoms, outlands and northrend. You'll get tradable buff candy, but make sure to save some good nerds for your nerd rage murders free later.

Talking to Inn Keepers

Talk to an Innkeeper every hour for a treat bag. This bag can contain masks for the mask related achievements. You can also get wands for the Masquerade achievement can do with your guild. Sometimes you'll even get the rare Sinister squashling pet. Candy buckets are also great for gold and for leveling, you could get two levels just traveling around the Inns in Azeroth. 

Talking About Quests

Horde will want to complete stinking up South Shore from dark color Yanka and undercity for the rotten hallow achievement. Just sneak into South Shore and throw those stink bombs and don't forget the rotten eggs Quest where you place rotten eggs in the kegs in South Shore Inn. The alliance will be heading to South Shore to get the power of pine from Sergeant Hartman. That's where you clean up South Shore using the stink bomb cleanser. The follow-up Quest crashing the wickerman festival sends you to discover the wickerman festival in tears fall Glades.

The Wickerman Festival

Speaking of the wickerman festival, it offers a 10% XP and reputation buff. Head West of undercity between the hours of 8 pm and 6 a.m to get your 10% buff for two hours. It's perfect for hitting 80 or for finishing up a rep grind.


Are you going to let your hometown burn down? Head to one of the three locations for your factions fire brigade quest and afterwards do let the fires come. After putting out the fires, you'll get a crudely wrapped gift and the savior of Hallows and achievement. The gift reward can contain a magical flying broom, the Sinister Squashling pet or a weighted jack-o-lantern which is useful for the check your head achievement. While you're here, you can pick up the Headless Horseman Quest from an orphan matron. We should get Jesper or spoops their candy, just head to those major city innkeepers and do your remotes already. 

WotLK How To Get Bis Gear In The Headless Horseman Event

Hallow's end is one of most people’s favorite holiday events and they are most excited for the best gear and the 10% reputation buff, it's just so good for finishing up Sons of Hodi.r What are you most excited about with Hallow's end in Wrath of the Lich King?

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