Lost Ark Brelshaza Rewards & Loots - Brelshaza Normal & Hard Mode Rewards In Lost Ark

10/22/2022 11:10:27 AM

Many of you might wonder about the rewards for Lost Ark Brelshaza. In this Lost Ark Brelshaza legion raid guide, we talk about the rewards for Brelshaza normal mode and hard mode. 


Lost Ark Brelshaza Legion Raid Rewards Guide

Phantom legion commander Brelshaza is one of the most shrewd and cruel Legion Commanders, she can seduce her foes and give them terrifying hallucinations. Brelshaza consisted of 6 gates. Normal raid can be accessible when your gear level reaches 1490 and hard can be accessible when You reach 1540. But what Lost Ark Brelshaza reward provides after you survive in normal and hard more, we are about to find out!


Lost Ark Brelshaza Rewards & Loots

Just like the other reading raid when you successfully clear your raid you'll get the mats code. That’s Horn of Phantasm and Wicked of Phantasm. With the Horn of Phantasm, you get Relic Brelshaza gear, and in Lost Ark Brelshaza normal mode. With Wicked of Phantasm, you get ancient gear in Lost Ark Brelsha hard mode. The translation was done by TKG, so it can be a little different in the future release. With these mats, you have to make Brelshaza Relic gears and transfer your gears into Brelshaza gear.


Lost Ark Brelshaza Honing Materials

To hone your gear you need upper-level materials as follows.


Lost Ark Brelshaza Gear Honing Chance

You get a slight increase in the chance of horning.

11->12 10%

12->13 10%

13->14 5%

14-> 15 5%


How To Benefit From Lost Ark Brelshaza Rewards?

First, you got to do about the engravings, you got to make 5x3 settings and after that slowly upgrade your gems. Hone your gears to 20. If you are a dealer class making 21 weapons is also recommended. As we mentioned Brelshaza raid consisted of 6 gates, so it has three parking spots. Parking at the 1-2 gate is the most common thing because 1-2 is quite easy and ends fast and gives your same Lost Ark gold reward with another hard raid. So, there are two ways to enjoy the Brelshaza.

  • Gate 1 - 2000 G

  • Gate 2 - 2550 G

  • Total - 4500 G


As always when you clear the first time, you get a reward chest with 30 of horn. Each part required 40 to make Brelshaza gears. Opening chest-rewarded gates 1-2 will give you a 14. With these mats make Brelshaza gear and hone it until you reach 1500. Total mats from opening chest 1-4 give you 28, so you can make a Brelshaza gear faster. Or you can wait for it until you gather enough math for horning. Besides upgrading the Brelshaza gear has older weapons, gloves, and shoulders. But upgrading to a weapon requires 100 hones.


Lost Ark Brelshaza Raid Tips

Gate 1-2 was quite easy and 3-4 was quite hard and 5-6 was hell. Brelshaza raid is cyber ranger training. One simple mistake, you go back where we came from. Because each player's survival is crucial for cleaning the raid. So don't get too scared but don't get too cozy.



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