Elden Ring Best 1.07 Strength Weapons - Elden Ring Str Weapon Tier List After Patch 1.07

10/26/2022 6:15:52 PM

After the patch 1.07 update, Elden Ring changed up the meta in a major way. Many weapons had their ashes changed, some weapon types were buffed or nerfed all or both. Today, we bring you the best Elden Ring 1.07 strength weapon tier list for you.


Elden Ring Best Str Weapons After Patch 1.07 - Elden Ring 1.07 Strength Weapon Tier List

Thank RageGamingVideos, after some testing, he found the best strength weapons in Elden Ring after patch 1.07. As always, s tier is going to be the best, c tier is going to be the worst but it doesn't go lower than c tier for a reason. If the weapon is on this Elden Ring Str build weapon tier list that means it's a great strength option, but we're comparing them today to one another. First, we are going to talk about the most overpowered Elden Ring 1.07 strength weapons, then we talk about some weapons that have changed a bit more.


S Tier Elden Ring Strength Weapon Patch 1.07

1. Colossal Sword

S tier pick is still the great sword, a colossal sword that has been buffed and nerfed in 1.07. They improved the two-handed poise damage, and the speed of some attacks and nerfed that all-important crouch poke that many people they over-relied on. Compared to before this weapon feels much more like the classic colossal or ultra-great swords of the previous games. Slow swings with big weights behind them that stagger even big enemies. In this patch, posture has become much more relevant with that colossal swords are still great high damage, fun to play, and cool as hell. Now compared to other strength weapons, colossal swords are still the best Elden Ring strength builds 1.07 and potentially still King. The great sword here remains the best of that lot with Incredible reach, the third-highest AR out of all the weapons before buffs and a wonderful moveset in general. Plus you can still give it the incredible ashes of war like lions claw and giants hunt which are still awesome.


2. Giant-Crusher

Giant-Crusher is still the Elden Ring patch 1.07 best strength weapon. It's still a powerhouse with what it's meant to do be the hardest-hitting block of stone you can find. In this patch, colossal weapons had some attack speeds increased and better recovery times as well. So it's surprisingly slightly better in this patch even when it was one of the best options in the game. So there's not much new to say about this, still is an incredible str weapon.


3. Nightrider Glaive

Nightrider Glaive is also one of the best Elden Ring str weapons 1.07. Awesome, fast, heavy-hitting strength weapon with simple and effective ashes of war you can slap onto it and it's extremely buffable which is how it becomes so deadly. This leads to high AR on Fast attacks with good range. It is a surprising weapon to say that it's a strong weapon. So easily still one of the best picks and yet not that much changed in this patch.


A Tier On Elden Ring Best 1.07 Strength Weapon Tier List

1. Magma Wyrm's Scalesword

We now put magma wyrm's scale sword at the top of A Tier. Because of various patches, this thing has a steady rise in power which we thought was already in a good place, to begin with. In 1.06, curved greatsword had their improved motion speed on strong and charge attacks, while also getting better recovery. In 1.07, the magma wyrm's scalesword had its ash of war giving better poise to trade with and better stamina attack as well. With it already being a fire and physical weapon, it benefits massively from fire and physical buffs leading to its very high AR. Combined with a unique moveset that the whole guillotine concept. The attack range of the base attacks is a bit low compared to other weapons but it still feels damn good to play and it's kind of a trading powerhouse. This is an underrated weapon by many.


2. Royal Greatsword

This is at an a rating but a high one. It's another colossal sword but frost-based super good DPS potential. Why don't you just spam the flip Ash of War over and over, that was improved in a previous patch that made it faster. But for some reason in 1.07, they gave it even more poise armor. So the whole animation now has hyper armor compared to most of it. Much like the greatsword, the royal greatsword receives the same buffs and nerfs as colossal swords. So Some people prefer it and some people miss their rather broken and over-relying on poke spam. This a top-tier pick for strength for sure but due to the one trick ash of war that it has that is avoidable and dodgeable in PvP someone easily. It doesn’t compete or compare to the greatsword with its build variety potential. Still a great pick and a very fun weapon.


3. Maliketh, the Black Blade

Here's a weapon that has gone upgraded in my opinion from b tier to a tier, specifically buffed in this patch. Our Black Blade now has an improved destin death effect which lasts much longer up to a minute which is awesome. That effectively reduces the enemy's health by 10% while applied and gets stacked to 20% with other destin death effects. There's the ash of war-specific buff which makes the ash of war 3 part combo faster. It's very deadly in PvP with that as a trading or combo tool. But something you can absolutely spam in PVE to melt bosses which is fantastic. If you had like the Colossal swords, it can't be blindly poke-spammed anymore. However, it is heavy hitting and its staggers foes even easier. With the promise of the destin death effect, it can be very powerful when used by right in all content and it's clearly better than it was.


4. Prelate’s Heavy Inferno Crozier

Prelate’s heavy inferno crozier is still the worst giant crusher but it is better than it was due to the slight improvements to colossal weapons and their poise plus certain attack speed improvements. It performs ever slow slightly better. Cool in design, fun to use but weaker than a giant crusher. And it serves the same purpose.


5. Ruins Greatsword

This is another high-damage strength weapon in Elden Ring 1.07 update. Ruins greatsword is a high-hitting colossal sword with all the same buffs as the other ones. This ash of war was also unchanged in this patch despite so many others getting buffs. So while still good comparatively, it's just kind of fine a solid weapon with the same reasons to use it as any other colossal sword. But it’s not as competitive as the others it, still has that unique heavy attack which is cool and the long-range slam is much like the blast from the blade.


B Tier On Elden Ring Str Build Weapons 1.07 Tier List

1. Serpent-Hunter

We put Serpent-Hunter into B grade on the Elden Ring 1.07 strength weapon list is probably the best place. It requires no proper stats to use and works in many builds because of that with its great spear Musa. So it has the perks of that great range and for example, that great running heavy which is fantastic. What's dumb about this weapon and why it's got to be a top pick and why it's here in the B grade is because of its crouch boat. They went out of their way to nerf colossal swords and their crouch pokes well. They left the one here with the serpent hunter for some reason. It's like they just forgot about it. So if you love the colossal sword poke and you're sad that it's been nerfed, just use this weapon. It's really good, it's got great range, and good AR, and it works really well in general content, Not just the one boss fight also assassin war was improved in this patch a bit now with increased power and pois damage. It's a great weapon and deserves a spot on this Elden Ring str tier list 1.07.


2. Axe of Godfrey

This was an offensively bad weapon for some time due to it being godfrey's ax but being well just terrible. However thanks to various patches and most of all 1.07 it's relevant and not bad either. Huge AR when buffed up and with a faster move set. This thing is somewhat deadly the ash of war newly improved has a much more effective stamp combo coming out much quicker. If you just tap it and the regal roar itself does huge damage. Now benefiting from the roar talisman as it should. So dealing big damage per hit even with the spasic attacks or the ash of war which can do massive bursts or be combined into a fast stomp swing with its unique heavy attacks. You can do some serious output and sort of bursts windows. It's definitely a great Elden Ring strength weapon after patch 1.07.


3. Siluria's Tree

Siluria's Tree is a great faith strength weapon 1.07 in Elden Ring which was made relevant thanks to the ash of war buffs. Its motion speed is greatly improved which alone is a big deal. But then the attack power to counterbalance the PVP nerf to ashes as well as simply straight buffing in PVE that's a big deal as well. Then there's the poise aspect that helps secure the actual attack, giving it hyper armor which actually makes it relevant and possible to use. Further, there's damage detection for the weapon itself during the ash of war that actually works. Now the detection's proper and the ash of war projectile will penetrate targets when fully charged. There are two parts to the asher war, you tap it and it does a downward holy slam for a big quick hit. Or you can fully charge it and you get that holy projectile as a ranged attack and that's what pierce is. Visually it's awesome, the weapon itself is solid and has a great spear without running heavy as we mentioned before and the range of the spear makes it just overall a solid pick with some big bursts on the ash of war.


4. Starscourge Greatsword

Starscourge greatsword is a solid magical strength based option. You can buff them up thanks to them being magic damage as well as physical in a big way, leading to awesome AR and it still has very strong stagger potential. The gravity scream of star callers cry does great damage while looking sick, but you can still interrupt it or totally avoid it in PvP punishing someone stuck in the long animation at range.


5. Fallingstar Beast Jaw

This weapon slightly improved in this patch as a colossal weapon. It gets the same buffs as the others but they are minor. It's the ash of war though, completely ignored in this patch sadly. Still, it's a strong ranged spammable ash of war at that and as a weapon, it's possible with magic damage leading to good AR. This move set Bland and the ash war can be a bit predictable but with some good potential especially in PVE where you can just blindly spam. It's strong and effective and that's why it's on this Elden Ring 1.07 strength weapon ranking and it makes it into a b tier as well.


C Tier On Elden Ring 1.07 Strength Weapon Ranked

1. Grafted Blade Greatsword

This cool as-hell weapon just design-wise, sadly just not that good. Affected like the other colossal swords by the nerfs and buffs, it's in a strange place. Especially after being target buffed in a previous patch but the AR remains much lower than the other colossal swords. Without the poke to rely on, it's just kind of fine. The ash of war was buffed in 1.07 though, oath the vengeance now has a longer period of its buff and it'll prevent staggers on bloodlust procs and frostbite pops. Interesting but not that relevant or good.


2. Staff of the Avatar

As a colossal weapon, it does get those nice buffs to its moveset and it was specifically mentioned in this patch. The ash of war that golden slam that's got better attack power and better recovery time. But the moveset is bland and the ash of war while technically better just on the lower end. It has solid AR as a weapon and the golden slam is funny but it's just not that super effective like all the weapons in this best Elden Ring strength weapon tier list. For now, it's just a reasonable pick, with good AR, and good potential output but the lowest rated weapon on this list.



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